The Mens Dept. – January 2015

Mens Dept January 2015_ID - Winter Eyes

Get the chills from Insufferable Dastard @ The Mens Dept.

Audrey is featuring a cool set of Winter eyes in ten vibrant colors.

Mens Dept January 2015_ID - Winter Eyes - Steel

They come in system & mesh versions with light & dark sclera choices in one iris size.
Individually, they cost $99L each or purchase the fat pack for $849L.

Mens Dept January 2015_ContraptioN - Machinist's Goggles

Be sure to snag these awesome goggles by ContraptioN @ The Mens Dept.

Highly detailed & materials ready, textures for different parts can be changed via touch menu.
A display model is provided for decor as well.
For the sales event, the cost is only $125L.

Tellaq @ TMD: Lee Avatar (skin shown only – includes shape & clothing)
Creator: Bahattin Bruh
Price: $300L

Great high quality products for men or unisex are available right now til the end of the month!
Visit the TMD Official Blog for more information.

Happy Shopping!


Dark Katz Hunt 4

The Dark Katz Hunt is in it’s fourth year!
This is a hunt geared towards the SL Neko avatar style which can range from grunge to sweet.

This hunt brought back a bit of nostalgia from my neko days, seeing old familiar stores still alive & kicking & many new upcoming ones to keep it all fresh.

Let’s check out the eye related prizes in the hunt!
hsh_DKH4_Long+G-glay Eyes

The prize at :: hsh :: consists of a single system eye in a natural yellow-green toned grey.
The iris is large & oval to give you that catty look.

There is also a good sized eye collection in the shop!
Zombie Suicide_DKH4_Summer Eyes

Zombie Suicide‘s prize is a pair of dark gothy eyes!
In deep pink & midnight blue, they come with system & mesh in one iris size only.

Also check out her eye collection while looking for the prize giver!
Impish_DKH4_Neko EyesImpish_DKH4_Neko Eyes Options

Impish has a lot of potential! The coolest thing about her prize is the HUD.

These lavender blue neko eyes come with system & prim eyes in three iris sizes & three pupil slits.
The prim eyes use a special HUD to change the eye textures: iris size, pupil slit, & on/off glow.
They are also modify to resize the prims to fit.

Very, very cool!
K_gs_DKH4_Fledermaus Goggles

One of the more surprising prizes, K_gs gives the gift of uber-cool goggles!
These highly detailed aviator goggles are 100% mesh, resize scripted with four levels of opacity.

Steampunk fans will want to get a hold of this fantastic prize!

All hunt prizes are $0L & many are unisex or have prizes for males & females.
At the Starting Point, get a hunt HUD to teleport to hunt locations rather than landmarks in the prizes.

DKH4 Hints & Links

Hunt ends July 31st, 2013.

Get your inner feline on & go hunting!

:: hsh ::: Long+G-glay eyes
Creator: HAZ Starship
Price: $0L (DKH4 – unisex)
:: hsh ::: Honey 02 – kiss skin
Creator: HAZ Starship
Price: $0L (Lucky board)
Tameless: Tameless Piercing DKH exclusive
Creator: Nita Bracken
Price: $0L (DKH4 – unisex)
LoveCats: Scratch that Itch necklace (part of a complete outfit)
Creator: LoveCat Thei
Price: $0L (DKH4 – male & female)
Zombie Suicide: Summer eyes
Creator: Isis Zamin
Price: $0L (DKH4 – unisex)
Al Vulo! @ TDR Fusion: Ylenia – Provocateur skin
Creator: Hlin Bluebird
Price: $70L (TDRF exclusive 7-5-13 til 7-18-13)
Tameless: Tameless Piercing DKH exclusive
Creator: Nita Bracken
Price: $0L (DKH4 – unisex)
Impish: Neko eyes
Creator: Nix Marabana
Price: $0L (DKH4 – unisex)
Essences @ The Chapter Four: Noodles – Blue Moon skin
Creator: Inka Mexicola
Price: $80L per play (Chapter Four gacha)
Tameless: Tameless Piercing DKH exclusive
Creator: Nita Bracken
Price: $0L (DKH4 – unisex)
K_gs: Fledermaus goggles
Creator: koguma Kumaki
Price: $0L (DKH4 – unisex)
Al Vulo! @ TDR Fusion: Ylenia – Provocateur skin
Creator: Hlin Bluebird
Price: $70L (TDRF exclusive 7-5-13 til 7-18-13)
:: hsh ::: Long+L-glay eyes
Creator: HAZ Starship
Price: $0L (Group gift – $150L to join)

Contraption – Twisted Krissmuss Hooligan

Contraption_TwistedKrissmus_Hooligan GogglesContraption_TwistedKrissmus_Hooligan Hat-Antlers-Goggles

Contraption has awesome items for the Twisted Krissmuss holiday shopping tour!

Faust has created these very detailed winter mesh goggles with scripted color change lenses & position (up or down).
Very versatile for Steampunk or military themes.
In addition to the goggles, you can also purchase the mesh Hooligan hat with antlers.
The hat is available in three colors with two versions in each.
The mesh antlers are really cool with tintable glow tips & included with the hats.

These items are transferable for gift giving.
Seriously, do not pass these up!

Tour ends January 4th, 2013.

Contraption: Hooligan goggles
Creator: Faust Steamer
Price: $100L (Twisted Krissmuss)
Contraption: Hooligan hat & antlers
Creator: Faust Steamer
Price: $100L (Twisted Krissmuss)
Aeva // Heartsick: Yves – Jingle Bells skin
Creator: Amesha Jewell
Price: $100L (available til Jan. 2nd, 2013)

Umeboshi & Zibska – TGGS October

Hooray!! Umeboshi has an exclusive Halloween eye pack at The Gallery Gift Shop for October.

The pack of four Rue eyes, in awesome Halloween colors, comes with system & mesh versions in one iris size only.
They are transferable and would make great gifts for someone’s special huggle monster!

I love funky eyewear and just had to have these goggles by Zibska at The Gallery Gift Shop!

Very couture & fun, the mesh goggles feature a texture change menu on touch which change four zones to your choice of eleven colors, also selections for resize, shine, & user permissions.
The goggles are transferable as well.

Visit The Gallery Gift Shop October collection today!

Umeboshi @ TGGS: Halloween Rue eyes
Creator: Keiba
Price: $50L (4-pack)
Rockberry: Skylar Halloween skin
Creator: Heather Beebe
Price: $0L (Oct. Group gift – free to join)
Zibska @ TGGS: Ambroise Goggles
Creator: Zib Scaggs
Price: $75L
WoW Skins @ Boho Fair: Dalia BCF skin
Creator: sawsan SecretSpy
Price: $1L (Boho Fair gift)
Exile: Breeze hair
Creator: Kavar Cleanslate
Price: $250L (color pack) – $1000L (fat pack)

Contraption – Steam7 Hunt

The Steam7 Hunt has been going on all month and I really haven’t had hunting time for it but there was one store I had to go look and that’s Contraption!

If you’ve seen my previous posts about Faust’s work, you know he always makes the most detailed incredible work in all of Second Life.
His gift for this hunt is no different and my pictures certainly don’t do it justice.

The marvelous mesh wrap-a-round goggles connected to a highly detailed backpack comes in two fitting sizes for both male & female avatars. The mesh is modify so you can edit it for a more perfect fit.
It’s beautifully designed in Victorian Steampunk fashion with intricate engraving & industrial elements.

If you love the Steampunk genre then you must get the gear before the hunts ends on September 30th, 2012. Only one week left! Happy hunting!

Contraption *New Location*: The Time Watcher’s Gear
Creator: Faust Steamer
Price: $0L (Steam7 Hunt)
Style by Kira: Amber Skin 01 Special#1 skin
Creator: Kira Paderborn
Price: $0L (Steam7 Hunt)
LoQ: Ouzu Hair & shaved hairbase – Caramel
Creator: Gia Pawpad
Price: $0L (Subscriber gift)
BlakOpal Designs: Hawkesworth Lady Outfit – Gold
Creator: blakopal Galicia
Price: $0L

Songbird & Grim Bros. – Twisted Hunt Fall 2012

More awesomely evil stuff from the Twisted Hunt Fall 2012!

The “Darkness” theme was really taken to heart by Songbird with these black eyes and oozing oily makeup!
The eyes come in one iris size & mesh only and can be modified.

Someone get her a towel…… or a doctor!

Ahhhhh Grim Bros., the maker of all things bizarre & twisted but extremely cool, has come with these evil little goodies for the Twisted Hunt.

The fleshy cadaverous eyes are system eyes only and look very creepy behind the torturous face cage.
The cyber-goggles are neat with animated lenses and a HUD that is worn over your screen like you are looking through them plus heavy breathing sounds that can be turned on/off.
A note to the guys, the breathing sound is female, so you may want to leave it off. 😉

Keep hunting all you twisted minions!
Hunt ends September 30th, 2012.

Songbird: Purge the Darkness eyes & makeup
Creator: Nimil Blackflag
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt)
Grim Bros.: Our Darkness eyes, face cage, & goggles
Creator: Cutea Benelli
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt)
Style by Kira: Dark Serenity skin
Creator: Kira Paderborn
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt)