Banana Banshee – Free*Style Dollarbie

Banana Banshee_Shop Free Style_Rebirth- Lime Eyes

It’s been awhile since visiting Shop Free*Style for anything new.
‘Lo & Behold, new eyes there I haven’t seen before by Banana Banshee!

The green & gold eyes come with system & mesh versions in one iris size.
They feature a preborn baby highlight like the poetic rebirth of nature or the universe.

Previous eyes still available at Shop Free*Style can be viewed :HERE:.

Banana Banshee @ Free*Style: Rebirth – Lime eyes
Creator: Rosemarie Indigo
Price: $1L
Pink Fuel @ Free*Style: Alena – Azure skin
Creator: Mochi Milena
Price: $50L
MOCK @ Free*Style: Party All Night/Indifference Desert Sand eyeshadow
Creator: Mocksoup Graves
Price: $0L
Squeek! @ Free*Style: Eyeliner – green
Creator: Seraph Kegel
Price: $0L fat pack
Keystone @ OMGacha: Lynthia’s Jewel – Silver x Green common
Creator: Aymee Monk
Price: $50L per play (Event ends 1-31-14)

DiGi – Optika Cheapies

DiGi Gridwear_Optika 1 & 2 glasses

While things are slow, I took the time to do futuristic themed shopping and came across DiGi.

I found these great animated tech style optics!
They come with left, right, & both versions, completely modifiable & tintable.
If you’re into sci-fi themed RP like Tron worlds, these make wonderful accessories.

The store specializes in “holographic” attachments to wear over any clothing.
Most of their products are very affordable & there are dollarbies & freebies available.

Go check it out!

DiGi Gridwear: Optika 1 & 2 glasses
Creator: Shinga Zahm
Price: $14L each
[LNS]: Esoteric – DeepBlue eyes
Creator: sonnetsoleil
Price: $25L per play
Corvus (MP): Kiana skin
Creator: Lori Stanton
Price: $500L

KMADD – Free Mesh Sampler Eyes

KMADD_FREE_Mesh Sampler Eyes w-HUD

FINALLY! KMADD has come out with mesh eyes!

To try out Maddox’s new HUD system, he’s provided a sampler demo with selections from each series.
Because there are so many (& my hubby is a needy clinger), I’m just going to show you the HUD:

KMADD_FREE_Mesh Sampler Eye HUD

See all those selections? All included in the sampler HUD & totally free!
No system versions are provided though, just the mesh eyes & HUD.
The HUD is super easy to use, you can choose one eye or both to texture change.
Also has resizer buttons which for some reason did not rez for the photo (TY EFFED UP SL).

Have Fun!

KMADD (MP): Mesh Sampler Eyes w/HUD
Creator: Maddox DuPont
Price: $0L
Morphine (Mirror’s Enigma rebranding): Kazumi Native skin
Creator: Ydreece Forster
Price: $25L – $0L (Initial purchase fee required for group invite – fee refunded to current members)
berry.berry (MP): Ultra Lush Green earrings
Creator: Wanda Starfall
Price: $10L

S0NG & Buzzeri @ Kustom9

S0NG_Kustom9 January 2014 #2_Charmmy - Vampire Eyes

A new round of Kustom 9 and new eyes from S0NG!

Sixteen realistic & fantasy colors, similar to the Inka eyes released in the previous round.
Each comes with system & mesh versions in one iris size.

S0NG_Kustom9 January 2014 #2_Charmmy Eyes

Again, the sclera may be too pinkish for some skin tones.

S0NG @ Kustom9: Charmmy – Vampire Eyes
Creator: Funeral Plutonian
Price: $50L each – $450L fat pack (Kustum9 til 1-28-14)
Essences @ Cosmetics Fair: Emma CF05 skin
Creator: Inka Mexicola
Price: $399L 5-pack
Aeva//Heartsick: Nocturne Fangs & Blood lip tattoo
Creator: Amesha Jewell
Price: N/A (check for availablity – store rebuilding)
House of Rain: Horror Holiday jet/silver jewelry set
Creator: Axi Kurmin
Price: $550L
Buzzeri_Kustom9 January 2014 #2_Hime - Greens Pack Eyes

Buzzeri‘s promo image doesn’t do her new eyes any justice at Kustom 9!

Luminous shimmering eyes sold as 2-packs.
Each 2-pack comes with two colors with system & mesh versions in one iris size.

Buzzeri_Kustom9 January 2014 #2_Hime Eyes

The left mesh eye cannot be modified for some reason, even though they are mod.
To get around the issue, copy the right mesh eye & attach to you left eyeball.

Buzzuri @ Kustom9: Hime – Ocean | Jade Eyes (greens pack)
Creator: Eleri Catlyn
Price: $99L each 2-pack (Kustum9 til 1-28-14)
*(OO)*YUKI: Momo skin
Creator: ooyuki Mint
Price: $500L

Hurry over to get these wonderful eyes at Kustom 9 before the round ends on the 28th!

Happy Shopping!

Cosmetics Fair Winter 2014

Check out the latest beauty enhancements at the Cosmetics Fair Winter Edition!
Lots of new eyeshadows, lipsticks, Slink nails appliers, & even brand new mesh heads!

Let’s see the latest from the eye designers:

TSG_Cosmetics Fair January 2014_Galaxy - Red Eyes

The Sugar Garden is showcasing a brand new fantasy series at the fair!

Sparkling eyes in twelve funky colors like colorful confetti.
Each has system & mesh versions in one iris size.

TSG_Cosmetics Fair January 2014_Galaxy Eyes

TSG @ Cosmetics Fair: Galaxy – Red Eyes
Creator: Eilfie Sugarplum
Price: $100L each – $800L fat pack
Glam Affair @ Cosmetics Fair: Mokatana – Artic 03 skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $399L
MANDALA: Fantasy Elf Ears
Creator: kikunosuke Eel
Price: $777L
Al Vulo!_Cosmetics Fair January 2014_Majestic - Dark Storm Eyes

New eyes from Al Vulo!!

Seven smokey dark toned eyes with system & mesh versions in one iris size.

Al Vulo!_Cosmetics Fair January 2014_Majestic Eyes

Al Vulo! @ Cosmetics Fair: Majestic – Dark Storm eyes
Creator: Hlin Bluebird
Price: $100L each – $400L fat pack
KOOQLA @ Cosmetics Fair: Domino skin | Z-eyeliner 02 | Domino Lips 01
Creator: Rocketta Haven
Price: $950L | $150L 3-pack | $50L each
*R+a* (MP): Blackpearl earrings & choker
Creator: Rin Ansia
Price: $10L each
Rozena_Cosmetics Fair January 2014_Dolly - Dolly Grey Eyes

The new Dolly eyes by Rozena got a little cybergoth doll treatment from me!

Six light & airy pastel colors in one iris size & system only.
The pretty eyes are sold as 3-packs.

Rozena_Cosmetics Fair January 2014_Dolly Eyes

Rozena @ Cosmetics Fair: Dolly – Dolly Grey eyes
Creator: Lindsay Rozen
Price: $150L each 3-pack
Essences @ Cosmetics Fair: Emma CF03 skin
Creator: Inka Mexicola
Price: $399L 5-pack
+Nuuna+ @ Cosmetics Fair: Mio Violet eyeshadow
Creator: Nuuna Nitely
Price: $100L fat pack
Bad Unicorn Clothing (MP): Black ear gauges
Creator: badunicorn
Price: $1L
#adored_Cosmetics Fair January 2014_Glitter Girl - Golden Goddess Eyes

Lastly, a new glittery series from #adored!

Twelve eyes in rich colors with system & mesh in one iris size.

#adored_Cosmetics Fair January 2014_Glitter Girl Eyes

#adored @ Cosmetics Fair: Glitter Girl – Golden Goddess eyes | Sleepy Shadows – Rusty needle eyeshadow
Creator: Often Adored
Price: $75L each – $800L fat pack | $150L fat pack
the Skinnery @ Cosmetics Fair: Bella skin | Golden eyebrows
Creator: Umazuma Metaluna
Price: $750L | $50L
random.Matter @ Cosmetics Fair: Glossy Chapstick – Gold
Creator: Nikohl Hax
Price: $130L fat pack
*R+a* (MP): Citrine earrings
Creator: Rin Ansia
Price: $10L

The Cosmetics Fair ends January 31st, so plenty of time to get in & shop!

Happy Shopping!

LaNoir Soleil – OWTFH Hunt Prize

LaNoir Soleil_OWTFH_Apocalypse Yesterday Mask

This awesome apocalyptic mask is by LaNoir Soleil for the Oh, What the Future Holds Hunt!

It is an original 100% mesh design & comes with a matching mesh cowl.
While no mod, it’s fairly big enough to fit most head shapes & any poke-through can be hidden with the cowl, selective alpha masking, or head tattoos/hairbases.
A welcome addition to anyone’s futuristic dystopian style or role-play!

Hunt ends January 31st, 2014.
Happy Hunting!

[LNS]: Apocalypse Yesterday mask & cowl
Creator: sonnetsoleil
Price: $0L

Madrid Solo – 6000 Members Group Gift

Madrid Solo_Group Gift 6000 Members_Realm - Green Eyes

Congratulations to Madrid Solo for (almost) reaching 6000 group members!
Only a handful left to go but Madrid got antsy & sent the celebratory group gift out early!

This gift is a little preview of her new eye series coming soon.
The eyes are a lovely mottled green with system & mesh versions in one iris size.

Group is free to join & the gift is in the notices.
Don’t miss the January group makeup gifts for men & women that can be found in the store!


Madrid Solo: Realm – Green eyes
Creator: Madrid Solo
Price: $0L (Group gift – free to join)
Essences: Emma *Gift* skin
Creator: Inka Mexicola
Price: $0L (free for all, probably for a limited time)
Lazuri (MP): Classic Pearl set earrings
Creator: Zuri Lyric
Price: $0L

IM CaPPed @ Fecal Festival

IM CaPPed_The Fecal Festival_Soul Windows - Frizzante - Prosecco Eyes

IM CaPPed has a “stall” at the Fecal Festival!
It’s not about poop like it sounds, the festival celebrates colors associated with the bathroom.
So count on lots of brown and giant rolls of pink toilet paper!

IM CaPPed_The Fecal Festival_Assorted Eyes

Victoria has a selection of various brown hued eyes in different styles.
All are system eyes & many have have light & dark scleras included.
Most of the irises are large size.
They’re only $2L each, so if you’re a lover of brown eyes, add these to your collection.

Lots of jewelry, decor, furniture, and more are at this small shopping event!
Event ends January 24th, 2014.

Don’t forget to wash your hands! ;D

IM CaPPed @ Fecal Festival: Soul Windows – Frizzante – Prosecco eyes
Creator: Victoria Bazylinski
Price: $2L
Mercury Shop (MP): Alice skin
Creator: AlMercury
Price: $19L
Alaskametro (MP): Model Pout alpha & tattoo
Creator: Alaska Metropolitan
Price: $0L
Two Sisters Treasures @ Fecal Festival: Rachel’s Riches Topaz & Amber Garnet earrings
Creator: Arabella Bellios
Price: $25L

Real Eyes – January 2014 Group Gift

Real Eyes_Group Gift_HD Lt Blue2 Eyes

RE group members need to check their notices for a new gift from Real Eyes!

This time members can get lovely eyes in a smokey greyish blue & glittery sclera.
They are system only in one iris size.

More gifts are available at the store & the group is free to join!

Don’t forget the retirement sale specials at the store!

Real Eyes: HD – Lt Blue2 eyes
Creator: Aire Xaris
Price: $0L (Group gift – free to join)
Curio: Nadia – Moondrop makeup 3 skin
Creator: Gala Phoenix
Price: $2,500L megapack all brow colors & makeups (limited time megapack price)
Calico Hair: Eira hair & headpiece
Creator: Calico Ingmann
Price: $250L per color pack

Farouche – New Lucky Board

Farouche_Lucky Board_Fee - Mix2 Eyes

Farouche finally has a new Lucky Board!

The pink & green sparkly eyes are system only in three iris sizes.
This color can only be won from the lucky board & not included in the new Fee fat packs.

Letter rotations are only five minutes so you shouldn’t have long to wait.
The lucky boards change out once new releases are made!

Farouche: Fee – Mix2 eyes
Creator: yumix Rexen
Price: $0L (Lucky Board)
Curio: Penelope – Fawn makeup 3 skin
Creator: Gala Phoenix
Price: $2,500L megapack all brow colors & makeups (limited time megapack price)