Songbird & Grim Bros. – Twisted Hunt Fall 2012

More awesomely evil stuff from the Twisted Hunt Fall 2012!

The “Darkness” theme was really taken to heart by Songbird with these black eyes and oozing oily makeup!
The eyes come in one iris size & mesh only and can be modified.

Someone get her a towel…… or a doctor!

Ahhhhh Grim Bros., the maker of all things bizarre & twisted but extremely cool, has come with these evil little goodies for the Twisted Hunt.

The fleshy cadaverous eyes are system eyes only and look very creepy behind the torturous face cage.
The cyber-goggles are neat with animated lenses and a HUD that is worn over your screen like you are looking through them plus heavy breathing sounds that can be turned on/off.
A note to the guys, the breathing sound is female, so you may want to leave it off. 😉

Keep hunting all you twisted minions!
Hunt ends September 30th, 2012.

Songbird: Purge the Darkness eyes & makeup
Creator: Nimil Blackflag
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt)
Grim Bros.: Our Darkness eyes, face cage, & goggles
Creator: Cutea Benelli
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt)
Style by Kira: Dark Serenity skin
Creator: Kira Paderborn
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt)


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