Real Eyes – Hathaway & More Group Gifts

Real Eyes_Group Gift_Hathaway Skin & Eyes

Real Eyes has a special group gift for a very limited time!

The special gift includes a skin Aire had made a few years ago & luscious dark brown system eyes.

Group members need to wear their tag & click the board at Aire’s Field of Freebies!

Real Eyes_Group Gift_Ghost Hues & Emeralds Eyes

Almost missed this group gift pack!
This gift has these six beautiful system eyes as well as the Hathaway eyes shown at top.

Group members need to check the notices to grab the gift before it rotates out!

BIG hugs for your generosity, Aire! ❤

Real Eyes: Hathaway eyes & skin | assorted Ghost Hue & Emerald eyes
Creator: Aire Xaris
Price: $0L (Group gifts – free to join)

Mayfly – My 60L Secret March 28th – 31st

Mayfly_My 60L Secret 3-28-14 thru 3-31-14_ Assorted Eyes

It’s My 60L Secret weekend at Mayfly!

Snag these lovely eyes in blues & greens for only $60L each.

The Hazy Rainshower & Northern Dawn eyes feature system & resize scripted mesh versions with four sclera options & the Absinthe Shadow eyes feature mesh eyes only scripted with pupil, cornea reflection, eyelid shadowing, & resize options.

You have til midnight on Monday to get them at the discounted price.
Happy weekend shopping!

Mayfly: Deep Sky – Hazy Rainshower, Liquid Light – Northern Dawn, & Luminous Absinthe Shadow eyes
Creator: Arkesh Baral
Price: $60L (My 60L Secret 3-28-13 thru 3-31-13)
Essences @ TDRF: Harper TDRF01 skin
Creator: Inka Mexicola
Price: $70L (TDRF exclusive til 4-10-14)

Amacci – Umbrella Hunt Gift

Amacci_Old Europe Umbrella Hunt_Zenith - Umber Eyes

Amacci is participating in Old Europe’s Umbrella Hunt!

The hunt gift is a pair of her new Zenith eyes in a red wine color.
They feature a stylized iris in three sizes & two sclera shades.
System & mesh eyes with HUD for texture change, resize, glow, & full bright options are included.

Don’t forget the freebie pair previously blogged HERE.

Have fun & a great weekend!

Amacci @ Old Europe: Zenith – Umber eyes
Creator: Carina Larsen
Price: $0L (Umbrella Hunt)
Essences @ TDRF: Harper TDRF03 skin
Creator: Inka Mexicola
Price: $70L (TDRF exclusive til 4-10-14)
[LNS] Designs @ Candy Factory: Water Lotus – Red head chain
Creator: Caresia Adored
Price: N/A (Candy Factory gacha sneak-peak – opens 4-1-14)

VerseEye & Souzou Eien – Horror Haute

VerseEye & Souzou Eien_Horror Haute 3-25-14_Tetanus & Bellerophon's Gaze Eyes

Hurray for Horror Haute!

The fiery hellish eyes are by VerseEye.
They come with system, prim, mesh (three mesh sizes), & petite (Yabusaka & 11 Design) versions.

The grotesque empty eye sockets are by Souzou Eien.
There are mesh eye sockets for left, right, & both sides with matching alphas & tattoos.

These look so good together for any zombie or demon avatars.
You have til March 31st, 2014 to pick them up at their special prices!

VerseEye: Tetanus eyes
Creator: Jacks Rhys
Price: $50L (Horror Haute special)
Souzou Eien: Bellerophon’s Gaze
Creator: Draconias Timeless
Price: $100L (Horror Haute special)
Sharodie’s (MP): Vamp skin promo
Creator: Sharodie Nightfire
Price: $25L (limited quantities)
Legacy Cain: Small Horns
Creator: Custodier
Price: $50L (Horror Haute special)

Blow-Up & GDit @ Spring Wishes Market

Blow-Up_Feeb's Rascals St Spring Wishes Market_Real - Blue Eyes

Blow-Up has a new gacha at Feeb’s Rascals St. Spring Wishes Market!

The gacha features mesh only realistic eyes that are specular materials enabled.
Each comes with an eye alpha & a facelight that creates catchlights when Advanced Lighting is used.
You will not see the catchlights in regular graphic settings.
They are resize scripted & can change the size of one eye or both.

Blow-Up_Feeb's Rascals St Spring Wishes Market_Real Eyes Gacha

While this is a gacha, the eyes are not transferable.
Hopefully, the odds will be on your side & win the rare fat pack!

Blow-Up @ Spring Wishes Market: Real eyes – Blue
Creator: Lilith Reina
Price: $50L per play (SWM gacha)
WoW Skins: Angela Tan skin
Creator: sawsan SecretSpy
Price: $1L (MEGAstuff hunt)
[free bird] @ Spring Wishes Market: Painted Porcelain earrings – Purple Flowers
Creator: Cortez Brandriss
Price: $50L per play (SWM gacha)
GDit Jewelry_Feeb's Rascals St Spring Wishes Market_Bright it Up Glasses

GDit Jewelry has a gift at the market!

These very glam glasses are sculpted & modify for fitting.

GDit Jewelry @ Spring Wishes Market: Bright it Up glasses
Creator: Mozart Loordes
Price: $0L (SWM gift)
WoW Skins: Angela Tan skin
Creator: sawsan SecretSpy
Price: $1L (MEGAstuff hunt)
Phoebe @ Spring Wishes Market: Spring Ear Cuffs
Creator: Phoebe Ubert
Price: $0L (SWM gift)

The Feeb’s Rascals St. Spring Wishes Market has great deals, gachas, & gifts for Spring!

Head over & happy shopping til March 30th, 2014!

Strawberry Kube Hunt

The Strawberry Kube Hunt is cute little hunt!
It’s not free, prizes are $5L but you can get some really nice things.

I found a couple of eyes so let’s look:

X-Sight_Strawberry Kube Hunt_Strawberry Eyes & Glasses

X-Sight‘s hunt prize features a pair of strawberry colored eyes & nerdy glasses!
The eyes are mesh only in one iris size & the glasses are resize scripted mesh.

X-Sight : Strawberry eyes & glasses
Creator: Xara Claven
Price: $5L (SKH hunt)
Sin Designs : Strawberry skin
Creator: SineFaki
Price: $5L (SKH hunt)
{W&R} : Strawberry Love Slink nails appliers
Creator: Almarea Firehawk
Price: $5L (SKH hunt)
VerseEye_Strawberry Kube Hunt_Rhapsody - Yellow Eyes

VerseEye‘s hunt prize bucked the strawberry palette!

Jacks went with dark yellow mesh only eyes in one iris size.
These would look great on the guys.

VerseEye: Rhapsody – Yellow – Dark eyes
Creator: Jacks Rhys
Price: $5L (SKH hunt)
MIA14: Ember {Trend} Winter gift skin
Creator: MiaSnow Myriam
Price: $1L
[LNS] Designs: Chained Coins headdress
Creator: Caresia Adored
Price: $0L (Nevermore Pot o’ Gold hunt – ends 4-15-14)

The majority of hunt prizes are strawberry themed but there are quite a few odd-ones-out.
Some nice outdoor decor & furniture plus I saw a couple of prizes for guys.

Slurls & Hints
Prize Previews

Hunt ends April 10th, 2014.
So get to looking for those frozen little strawberries!

Real Eyes – Irish Group Gift

Real Eyes_St Patrick's Group Gift_Irish Pride Eyes

Still looking for the perfect St. Patrick’s Day eyes to show your Irish Pride?
If you’re group member of Real Eyes, Aire’s got them for you!

This special group gift features two system only eyes in one iris size.
One has the flag of Ireland, the other a lovely mossy green color.
St. Patty’s hats are also included, one for men (gives Guinness beer) & a stylish one with netting for women.

More group gifts are available at the Real Eyes store & the group is free to join!

Keep those Irish eyes smiling!

Real Eyes: Irish Pride eyes
Creator: Aire Xaris
Price: $0L (Group gift – free to join)
.Birdy. @ Skin Fair: May (peaches) skin
Creator: nina Helix
Price: $899L
ellabella: Nuala jewelry – Irish set
Creator: ellantha Larsson
Price: $0L (Group gift – free to join)

VIPs Creations – St. Patrick’s Gifts

VIPs Creations_FREE_Patrick's Day Eyes - Clover & Green

VIPs Creations has several St. Patrick’s Day freebies just in time for tomorrow!

You can get two beautiful green system eyes with a clover or regular pupil.
These are available separately so pick your favorite or both.

Check out the rest of the listings for free shamrock face tattoos, hats, & a pair of sneakers.

Have a Happy & Safe St. Patrick’s!

VIPs Creations (MP): Patrick’s Day – Clover & Green eyes & Shamrock tattoo Face5
Creator: bee Tizzy
Price: $0L each
WoW Skins @ Luck of the Irish Gacha: Grace Tan 02 skin RARE
Creator: sawsan SecretSpy
Price: $100L per play (down on the third level)
~*By Snow*~: Shamrock Medallion jewely – Gold
Creator: Snow Frostwych
Price: $50L

Adore&Abhor – Anniversary Gift

Adore&Abor_Anniversary Gift_Introduction Eyes

Hurry over to Adore&Abhor’s Anniversary!

You can grab these cute purple & brown eyes with duo makeup for free.
They have system & mesh versions in one iris size.

Other creators have joined the celebration with special edition items!

Ends after March 16th, 2014 so don’t wait!

Adore&Abhor: Introduction eyes & Anniversary Duo makeup
Creator: Sileny Noel
Price: $0L (Anniversary gift)
Pink Fuel @ A&A Anniversay: Sora – Sugoi skin
Creator: Mochi Milena
Price: $300L (Anniversary Special Edition)
Alice Project @ A&A Anniversay: Steph hair
Creator: Alice Demonia
Price: $50L (Anniversary Special Edition)

Skin Fair 2014

The annual Skin Fair opened a couple of days ago!

If you’re lucky to get in, there are quite a few gifts this time:

RUBY_Skin Fair 2014_Real Eyes Amazonite

Event gift from RUBY!

The gift features system only realistic blueish grey eyes & a Slink Nails applier with four colors.

RUBY @ Skin Fair : Real Eyes Amazonite & Slink Nail Applier 3 – Aqua
Creator: Carmella Ruby
Price: $0L (Skin Fair gift)
Silken Moon @ Skin Fair : Madamn Ice skin & blush
Creator: Malicia Python
Price: $0L (Skin Fair gift)
New Faces @ Skin Fair : Erotica make-up 01
Creator: Gwen Aloix
Price: $0L fat pack (Skin Fair gift)
+Nuuna+ @ Skin Fair : Chi Makeup gray
Creator: Nuuna Nitely
Price: $100L fat pack
Rozena_Skin Fair 2014_Tempt - Caribbean Bay & Yeondu Eyes

Event gift from Rozena!

Her gift features two pretty system eyes & three eyeshadows (not shown).

Rozena @ Skin Fair: Tempt – Caribbean Bay & Yeondu eyes
Creator: Lindsay Rozen
Price: $0L (Skin Fair gift)
Ab.Fab @ Skin Fair: Cherry St Patrick Special skin
Creator: Tesssa Foresight
Price: $1L (Skin Fair gift)
Tokyo Girl_Skin Fair 2014_ES12 Crystal Brown Green Eyes

Event gift from Tokyo Girl!

Fabulous gift featuring a lovely skin, several shapes, & realistic system eyes.

Tokyo Girl @ Skin Fair: Eyes ES12 – Crystal Brown Green & Hestia – Natural skin
Creator: Circe Ishtar
Price: $0L (Skin Fair gift)

The Skin Fair covers three sims with long time established creators & new designers.
Grab the many gifts & demos to find your next look!

Script limits are in force, so let’s not try to teleport in with every single scripted attachment you have in inventory, ok?

Fair ends March 30th, 2014.