Eyes 2C – Dollarbie Zebra Eyes

I hoped over to Eyes 2C and snagged these Zebra eyes since I’m wearing stripes today!
Check out all the other dollarbies on the second floor!

Eyes 2C: Zebra Eyes 2C
Creator: 2C Runo
Price: $1L
Dutch Touch: Amber V2 Dark skin
Creator: Iki Ikarus
Price: $350L
Glamorize: Feel It! Eye Makeup
Creator: Yoko Leeeroy
Price: $10L fat pack

Farouche – NewCosmos LB Prize

These lovely soft green eyes can be won at one of Farouche‘s lucky boards.
So try your luck!

Farouche: NewCosmos GreenLB eyes
Creator: yumix Rexen
Price: $0L lucky board
Curio: GP Happy Holidays 2011 Skin (Angel)
Creator: Gala Phoenix
Price: $0L to group members – $250L to join group
(Currently Free to Join at the time of this post! Check Notices!)
Glamorize: Arista Eye Makeup 2
Creator: Yoko Leeeroy
Price: $30L fat pack

!MU – Star Eyes

A friend sent me to !MU‘s tiny shop and I picked up the sparkly Star eyes pack.
This pack has six eye colors and are large sized. Great price for only $80L!
While you’re there, pick up the free gifts!

!MU: Star Eyes – Purple
Creator: Mutsu Fang
Price: $80L fat pack
Belleza: Chloe Group Skin
Creator: Tricky Boucher
Price: Price: $0L to group members – $250L to join group

Ephermeral Neko – Sample Neko Eyes

Purrrfectly pretty neko eyes from Ephemeral Neko!
This free wearable demo comes with several prim eye sizes & two eye white versions. Meow! =^.^=

Ephemeral Neko: Free Sample Neko eyes (Moonglow)
Creator: Arkesh Baral
Price: $0L
Ploom @ KittyCatS Advent Calendar: Snow Kitten Skin
Creator: Helyanwe Vindaloo
Price: $0L (KittyCatS 2011 Advent Calendar gift)

Catmonster – Free Samples & Group Gift

The first three are free samples from Catmonster!
The green & blue combo KOMEDIA (Sea) eyes on the bottom is the current group gift.
Group is free to join.
Very pretty eyes & each set comes with two sizes!

Catmonster: SAAGA (Thistle), DRAAMA (Bronze), KOMEDIA (Emerald & Sea) eyes
Creator: Xbaquiyalo Etchegaray
Price: $0L

Catmonster – GxG2 Hunt Eyes

I stumbled across Catmonster while looking for cardinals of all things.
The Gothmas by Gaslight 2011 hunt gift has four versions of the Frozen eyes in two sizes.
The hunt ends January 15, 2012!
The shop also has free samples & a group gift which I’ll post later on but don’t let that stop you from grabbing them now. 😉

Catmonster: SAAGA eyes Frozen
Creator: Xbaquiyalo Etchegaray
Price: $0L (GxG2 Hunt prize)

~*By Snow*~ – Sparkling Champagne Eyes

My last gift for 2011!
These sparkling pink & gold eyes come in three sizes plus prims!
Free until the New Year! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!

By Snow: Sparkling Champagne Eyes
Creator: Snow Frostwych (myself)
Price: $0L (until 2012)
PXL: Gaia SK Limited Edition skin
Creator: Hart Larsson
Price: N/A

Repulse – CCH3 & VSC Hunt Eyes

Artic eyes by Repulse for the Candy Cane 3 hunt.
The hunt ends December 25th, 2011!

Raven eyes by Repulse for the A Very Scary Christmas hunt.
The hunt ends December 31st, 2011!

Not much time left for these wonderful eyes!! Don’t miss out!

Repulse: Artic & Raven eyes
Creator: Max Lexigle
Price: $0L (CCH3 & AVSC Hunts)

Glamorize – Cheapie Fat Packs

Every avatar should pay a visit to Glamorize! The eye fat packs are super cheap!
I only shown one eye from each pack above and range from five eyes up to twenty eyes in a pack.
Be sure to also check the steals & deals on shapes, skins & make up layers (tons of make ups O.O)!

Glamorize: Assorted Eyes fat packs, Moni Skin Tone C, & Boom Boom Make Up
Creator: Yoko Leeeroy & Coco Nikita
Price: $10L, $15L, $20L eye packs

Umedama Holic – 1st Anniversary Gifts

I meant to post these yesterday but got distracted…. >.<
You can grab these lovely anniversary gift Crystal Eyes in three sizes at Umedama Holic!
Walk straight ahead from the landing point til you see the gifts board.
I don’t know how long they will be out so hurry!

Umedama Holic: Crystal Eyes (MossGreen & Sea)
Creator: Umetaro Mayo
Price: $0L