Hihis & Welcome!

I’m Snow Frostwych, owner of By Snow in Second Life.
I design & sell original eyes in my modest shop.
If you ask me why would I create a blog that showcases & promotes other eye creators along with my own stuff, well quite simply… variety is the spice of life or, in this case, Second Life!

Styles & taste differ so why not show other options that are out there on the grid?
I’m not afraid of competition & I enjoy seeing other creator’s work.

I hope you enjoy my postings & have fun!!


*** All photos are taken with medium viewer graphics & optimized Windlight settings. ***
Only post processing is resizing & composition.

** Disclaimer(s) **
I am not affiliated with any other blogs or bloggers.
I do not get paid nor ask for review copies for this blog. If I like it, I’ll buy it.
I reserve the right to blog about anything I please (even the cheese sandwich I had for lunch).

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