The Horror! – Horror’s Dream Horns

The Horror_Horror's Dream Horns

The Oneword event is full of dreamy cute things & then a nightmare by The Horror! appears!

Oh yeah, so blogging this!
An original mesh design, the horns are covered in eyes & texture change via HUD.
The only thing that would be better would be if they blinked. 😀

You have til January 15th to grab the gloriously grotesque horns for only $99L!

Happy 2015 Shopping!

The Horror @ Oneword: Horror’s Dream horns
Creator: horrorcherry
Price: $99L (til 1/15/2015)
IKON: Immortal – Black eyes
Creator: Ikon Innovia
Price: $150L
Glam Affair: Amberly II – Europa tone FLF 01 skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $50L (FLF 1/2/2015)
MANDALA (MP): Steking Ears Season 5
Creator: kikunosuke Eel
Price: $677L
Keystone: Mella headpiece Silver-Onyx
Creator: Aymee Monk
Price: N/A (gacha item – check store or secondary market for availability)


I’m very sorry for the lack of updates to the blog.

My mother had been very very sick & she finally lost her fight this morning at 1 am.
I’ve been with family for several days, spending time at the hospital & hospice.

My mother’s funeral is set for Wednesday the 19th.
Once all has settled & everything is back to some semblance of normalcy, I will begin to update again.

Thank you all for your support!

Merry Christmas!

Snow's Xmas Card

I want to thank all my readers & fellow creators for their support for the past two years.
It’s you who make this possible & an enjoyment.

May you have have a Merry Christmas & be blessed this season!

Happy Hugs to all!

The Loss of Two Lights

The loss of two lights…..

It is with a sad to inform you that Nomine will be closing inworld at the end of October.
Munchflower Zaius is fighting a debilitating illness & can no longer support her Second Life presence.
She has been an SL mainstay for almost 10 years, creating an amazing array of avatar creations.
Nomine’s SL Marketplace Store will be open til the end of the year.

With an even heavier heart, Squinternet Larnia, owner/creator of Donna Flora, has passed on:
What a Wonderful World
There is nothing more I can add to that.

Second Life just got a little darker.

Nomine – Back to School Sale *Extended*

Eyes 4 All

Nomine has had a huge sale all week & it’s the final weekend!
The Back to School Sale is only at Nomine’s SL Marketplace Store for $100L or less!

I’ll just show a few of my favorite eye packs:

Doll Glitter pack – Six colors
Other doll eye packs are available.
Nomine_Doll Glitter Eyes

Cat pack – Ten colors
Nomine_Cat Eyes

Mermaid pack – Eight colors
Nomine_Mermiad Eyes

Horror pack 2 – Five variations
Other horror packs are available.
Nomine_Horror Pack 2 Eyes

All eyes are one iris size & include system & mesh versions.
Mesh versions are texture change on touch & have additional alpha mesh contacts.

Seriously get in on this before the sale ends this Sunday night!
Skins, hair, makeups, mesh & regular clothing for both men & women!

Nomine’s Back to School Sale on the MP

***EDIT*** Sale has been extended through September 1st, 2013!!
Only two days left to get some real bargains!!

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Madrid Solo – July Group Gift

Madrid Solo_July 2013 Group Gift

Happy 4th of July!!!

Due to the holiday, I can’t really blog today about eyes BUT I can show you this awesome patriotic makeup available at Madrid Solo.
Wish I could sneak away from the hubby & take a proper picture for you but the promo will have to do.

It’s a unisex full face makeup layer & for group members only.
The group is free to join so if you have an empty group slot, go grab the group gift!
Not available in the notices, teleport to Madrid Solo & touch the sign with your group tag on.

Make your patriotic red, white, & blue look complete!

Sakka’s Studio – Year of the Snake Ornament

Sakkas Studio_ETO Lucky Ornament

Absolutely nothing to do with eyes but it’s so cute & lovely, I have to share!

You can get the Year of the Snake lucky ornament for only $1L at Sakka’s Studio.
It’s larger than what I’m holding & makes the perfect New Year decoration piece for your home or shop.

The mesh ornament is three prims but only two land cost when rezzed out.
So low prim, everyone can show it off!
I do not recommend sizing it smaller, it increases the land cost but does not change when larger.

I don’t know how long Sakka will have the ornament available so get it now!

Happy Year of the Snake!

Sakka’s Studio: ETO Lucky ornament
Creator: sakka Flow
Price: $1L each
MARIKO: Gain_M02 skin
Creator: S2marie
Price: $300L (New Year 50% off sale)
Sakka’s Studio: GEISHA- Kimono WN
Creator: sakka Flow
Price: $500L

Halloween and Sandy

As most of us enjoy Halloween tomorrow, trick or treating, dressing up in costumes, carving pumpkins, eating loads of candy, and scaring kids…. take a moment to remember those lost and suffering in the wake of Superstorm Sandy ravaging the east coast of the United States.

If you can, please make a donation to one of the following organizations to assist those affected by the storm:

American Red Cross
The Salvation Army

To aid the displaced and injured animals:

The Humane Society

Thoughts & prayers! ❤
-Snow Frostwych

TLB – Twisted Hunt Fall 2012

Still slowly chipping away at the Twisted Hunt Fall 2012!

The Little Bat doesn’t disappoint with these very cool & creepy hunt gifts!

You have to find two twisted boxes, one for guys & one for gals, and inside are almost complete Mr. & Ms. Slender avatars, just need to add shoes or….. hair. lol
The eyes are system versions only and really give that empty socket look for the skeletal facial features on the skins.
Don’t they look just demonically dapper in those fedoras?

Sadly, no Twisted Extras due to real life issues but you can find the Twisted Gatcha eyes from last Spring in the bargain basement down the well which you can view in my Spring 2012 hunt post HERE.

Hunt ends September 30th, 2012.

The Little Bat: Mr. & Ms. Slender avatars
Creator: Drusilla Dethly
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt)

Computer Died!

My computer died again last night.
It couldn’t have happened at the worst time! The One Voice – Gala Fundraiser starts tomorrow and had planned several posts!

I do not know when or if my pc can be repaired. I’m taking it in Monday to the shop.
Hopefully it’s just the power supply unit that burned up.

Hugs to all & wish me luck for repairs!!!