Eyes for Year of the Sheep

What do sheep, goats, antelope, deer, & even horses have in common?
ANSWER: Their eyes! They all have rectangular pupils.

2015 is the Year of the Sheep (or Goat) in the Chinese Zodiac.

So let’s get started for the New Year:

Candy Mountain_Aries Eyes - Gold

Candy Mountain has a gorgeous fat pack of Aries eyes.

The pack costs $200L and the small box on your right is a group gift (join fee is $75).
Features system & mesh versions in one iris size.

If you have Utilizator’s Kemono mesh avatar, Mynx has an applier of Ram Eyes for only $99L.

Avatar Bizarre_Deer Eyes - Magenta

Avatar Bizarre has Deer eyes an assortment of colors.
Screenshot of AB’s Marketplace so you can see all of them & also available inworld in one of his multivendors.

These are $75L each in one iris size.
Features system eye base & alpha prim & mesh irises with glow, fullbright, & normal wearing options.

Laudanum Lollipops_Elder Eyes - Frigid

Laudanum Lollipops offers Elder eyes.

You can either play her gacha inworld for $35L per play or purchase from LL’s Marketplace for $40L each.
These are mesh eyes only & transferable.

By Snow_Satyr Eyes - Ice

Going to toot my own horn a little bit!
By Snow has handpainted Satyr eyes.

You can purchase them from my multivendor for only $15L each or buy the fat pack for $100L.
(Multivendor tip: Buy when your color shows on the big square!)
Feature system & mesh versions in one Iris size.


I’ve recently blogged Insufferable Dastard‘s new Goat eyes HERE.
So don’t forget those!

Other noteworthy options:
Goat Eyes by ISHY – $49L each
Satyr/Faun Eyes for Yabusaka‘s Petite Mesh avatars by Boomslang Imports – $55L fat pack



FutureWave is almost over!

Many hugs & love for the support during my difficult time lately & it’s time to get back to business.
I’ve missed most of this awesome event since it started & you only have one more day!

Beautiful Freak_FutureWave_Digital Eyes - Jade

Beautiful Freak has a FREE wearable demo/promo of her Digital Eyes at the event!

It comes with system & prim eyes in one iris size & feature a digital circuit pattern in a muted jade green.

Beautiful Freak @ FutureWave: Digital Eyes – Jade & Heavy Metal lipstick – Jade
Creator: Axi Kurmin
Price: $0L each (wearable demos)
Pink Fuel @ FutureWave: Sora – Special Edition skin
Creator: Mochi Milena
Price: $1000L
Miamai @ FutureWave: Future Headpaint 1
Creator: Monica Outlander
Price: $100L
ISD_FutureWave_DarkNet Headgear - White

@->~ISD has a dollarbie demo/promo of her DarkNet items in white!

This promo contains rigged mesh hair, head tattoo, & a cool visor with circuitry patterns.
Male & Female versions are available separately.

@->~ISD @ FutureWave: DarkNet hair, tattoo, & visor
Creator: Stacey Farspire
Price: $1L
Pink Fuel @ FutureWave: Sora – Special Edition skin w/ included black lips
Creator: Mochi Milena
Price: $1000L
Here are samples of the eyes available at FutureWave:
FutureWave_Eyes Assortment

Top six we have Beautiful Freak‘s Digital Eyes & PMD‘s Era Eyes.
The Digital eyes cost $150L for the multicolored 10-pack & $75L for each 5-color pack..
The Era eyes cost $100L each 4-pack.

Bottom six we have Chop Shop!‘s Game On! & The Orchids eyes.
These eyes are $50L each or $450L each fat pack.
Lastly, my own FutureWave offerings!

Citadel Eyes - FutureWave

The Citadel eyes are available as fat pack only for $200L.

Radar Contacts - FutureWave

The Radar Contacts are special priced for only $25L!

This is really one of the best events held in long while in my opinion.
Everything is top notch & high quality!

If you love original sci-fi & cyberpunk, do not miss this event!
Check out what people are wearing at FutureWave’s Flickr Pool.

FutureWave ends tomorrow, so get to shopping fast!

~*By Snow*~ – 25 for 25 Hunt


Woot! I’m participating in the 25 for 25 Hunt December round!

My hunt prize features wintry bauble eyes in five festive colors with matching makeups.
The eyes have three iris sizes with system, prim, & mesh versions.
You can view the makeups on my Flickr & they are tintable. ;D

The hunt prizes cost $25L & there is a lot of great stuff to find!
Hints & Previews are available on [ free bird ]’s 25 for 25 Hunt post.

Find them at my ~*By Snow*~ store inworld!

~*By Snow*~ – White Walker Eyes


I have a new gift out!

These eyes were requested by a fan of A Game of Thrones!
They are based on the Others, called “White Walkers” in the TV show.

“… tall and gaunt with flesh pale as milk and blue eyes, deeper and bluer than human eyes, burning like ice, as bright as blue stars, and as cold.”

The eyes have three iris sizes with system, prim, & mesh versions in light & dark versions.

Pick them up at my ~*By Snow*~ store inworld!

~*By Snow*~ – New Indogene Eyes

Indogene Eye Promos

Woot! New freebie from me!!

Eyes inspired by the Defiance TV show on Syfy!
Specifically the Indogenes, part of the Votan Collective aliens, that came to colonize Earth.

These eyes use specular mapping & to see it, you must use a Materials supported viewer!
If you don’t use one or keep your graphics on low, they will still look great, just without extra shine.
The eyes have three iris sizes with system, prim, & mesh versions.

Bonus hexagon patterned face tattoos are also included!

Have fun & enjoy!

~*By Snow*~ Indogene eyes & Hexagon face tattoos
Creator: Snow Frostwych (myself)
Price: $0L
daemora (MP) Eve (Marble) skin
Creator: WynXombii
Price: $199L

~*By Snow*~ – New Patriotic Dollarbies

Stars n Stripes PromoCanadian Candy Promo

North America will be celebrating two holidays, Canada Day (July 1st) & USA’s 4th of July!
I’ve made two special dollarbies for the occasions.

Each features colors from USA’s & Canada’s flags & flag emblems.
Star ‘n Stripes with star highlights & Canadian Candy with maple leaf highlights.
Each has three iris sizes with system, prim, & mesh versions.

Have safe & happy holidays, North America!

~*By Snow*~ Stars ‘n Stripes & Canadian Candy eyes
Creator: Snow Frostwych (myself)
Price: $1L each
Glam Affair @ Arcade Lulu 05 skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $100L per play (Arcade gacha – ends 6-30-13)
Glamorize (MP) Arista eye makeup 2
Creator: Yoko Leeeroy
Price: $33L fat pack
My Ugly Dorothy Lovely Line06 eyeliner
Creator: Sopha Portal
Price: N/A (unknown if they will be available again)
Glamorize (MP) Champagne lips – Starlet Scarlet
Creator: Yoko Leeeroy
Price: $25L fat pack
Izzie’s Glossy Lip Highlights
Creator: Izzie Button
Price: $149L fatpack

~*By Snow*~ – Aquitaine Eyes


I have a new exclusive 5-pack at the Festival of King Richard medieval fair!

It features five pale colors in three iris sizes with system, prim, & mesh versions.
The prim & mesh eyes use simple HUDS (heads up displays) to change eye color.
They’re separated by iris size, so be sure you use the correct HUD with the matching eye versions.

Buy the pack for only $75L!

The festival began today and will run thru May 12th, 2013.
Many events have been scheduled with live performers, jousting, rides, games, & fireworks.
Don’t forget shopping for medieval themed items at the market!

Pick up a schedule at the gate:
Festival of King Richard

Hopefully, I’ll see you there! ❤

~*By Snow*~ – Shamrock Eyes 2013

BySnow_Shamrock 2013 Eyes

Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day and I have new Shamrock eyes for 2013 available in my shop!
Two versions in light greens, one with clover confetti on the eye whites & one without.
They are single iris size with system, prim, & mesh versions.

Past years’ Shamrock eyes are available as well: Older Shamrock Eyes

Happy St. Patrick’s Day & Irish Blessings!

By Snow: Shamrock Eyes 2013
Creator: Snow Frostwych (myself)
Price: $0L (Free til Monday 3/18/13)
Ugly Duck @ Skin Fair 2013: Experiment in Colors – Greens skin
Creator: Fade Lei
Price: $1000L fat pack (Skin Fair 2013)
Redbird: Sienna / Bold Brow Tints / Green
Creator: LittleRedBird (Audrey Lamede)
Price: N/A (store closed)

~*By Snow*~ – Valentine Eyes 2013


My annual Valentine edition eyes are now available at my Inworld Store!

I went rather oddball with these for a more metallic look.
This year’s eyes feature two colors, one iris size, prim, mesh, & system versions.

They will be free inworld til February 15th, 2013!
If you’d like to purchase them for your sweetheart, buy them as a gift from my MP Store.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Week!

~*By Snow*~: Valentine 2013 eyes
Creator: Snow Frostwych (myself)
Price: $0L (Free inworld til 2/15/13)
TULI: Claire – pearl – Maybe (Valentine 2013) skin
Creator: Tuli Asturias
Price: $599L (Cupcakes V-Day Event til 2/15/13)
Izzie’s: Glossy Lip Highlights
Creator: Izzie Button
Price: $149L fatpack

iTouch Fantasy Hunt

The iTouch Fantasy Hunt has been going on since January 21st and still plenty of time left!

Hunt prizes are $1L each & features items for petites, mermaids, fairies, angels, decor, & accessories.
Below are the eyes in the hunt:

DarDesigns_iTouchFantasyHunt_Fantasy Template Eyes

Dar Designs hunt prize features three full perm eye textures.

They are 256 x 256, standard size for the SL avatar eye texture size.
Wear them as is or upload & edit in your image editing program to really make them pop!
Remember, this is a builder’s item and not to be given out for free or resold as your own templates.

BySnow_iTouchFantasyHunt_Wolven Eyes

My own prize for the hunt, I’m only showing two colors since I have previews on Flickr:
Wolven Prize Preview
Wolven Makeup Preview

They feature five colors in two pupil sizes with system, prim, & mesh eyes & makeups.

The iTouch Fantasy Hunt ends February 21st, 2013.
Hints & Links
Prize Previews

Dar Designs: Fantasy eye textures
Creator: Karinio Scorfield
Price: $1L (Fantasy Hunt)
Tori’s Stylez: Fantasy Ice skin
Creator: torid Silverweb
Price: $1L (Fantasy Hunt)
~*By Snow*~: Wolven eyes & makeup tattoo
Creator: Snow Frostwych (myself)
Price: $1L (Fantasy Hunt)
Niekra’s Dreams: Frost Elf male skin
Creator: Niekra Torvalar
Price: $1L (female version included – Fantasy Hunt)