Clemmm – October Sale!

Clemmm_October 2013 Sale Wall

Clemmm‘s entire store is on sale for the entire month of October!
The entire wall, shown above & excluding the new release, are all deeply discounted!

How much discounted?? Let’s see….
Makeup Packs – 30L
Individual Eyes – 13L
Eye fatpacks – 300L (reduced from $1700L)
Horns – 30L

Items on the opposite wall are full price, so make sure you buy from the messy wall!

Clemmm_October 2013 Sale_The Whites_Eyes

My favorite eyes in the sale, The Whites.
Super creepy, fleshy looking eyes for vampires or zombies.
You can get two versions, light & dark in system & mesh.

Clemmm_October 2013 Sale_Fract - Bloodshot Eyes

These wicked bloodshot eyes are only available in the Fract fat pack.
Four variations, shadow & no shadow, with system & mesh versions.
The pack also includes ten colors of Fract eyes.

There are plenty of eyes to choose from, including past Bees Through The Seasons & Limited Bazaar offerings.

Hurry down & take a look!

Clemmm: The Whites eyes
Creator: Clem Velinov
Price: $13L (October Sale)
Clemmm: Fract – Bloodshot eyes
Creator: Clem Velinov
Price: $300L fat pack (October Sale)
Glam Affair @ TDR Fusion: Lucy – Snow – 02 skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $70L (TDRF til 10-10-13)

Chus! – Arachne Free Gift

Chus_Free Gift_Infested Arachne -Ghost EyesChus_Free Gift_Arachne Lens_Eyes

New gift from Chus!!
She’s antsy for the Hallowen season & has a gift for all!

The free gift features two pairs of eyes with spider pupils in system & mesh versions.
There are two sclera options & have one iris size only.
The coincide with the new Arachne release & these colors are not included in the fat pack.

Hurry to snag them because the freebie may be only available for a limited time!

Chus!: Arachne lenses – Ghost & Terror
Creator: Pixel Tyran
Price: $0L
~*By Snow*~: Classic Vamp skin
Creator: Snow Frostwych
Price: $10L

Real Eyes – Indian Corn Group Gift

Real Eyes_Group Gift_Very Real Indian Corn Eyes

There is a new group gift from Real Eyes out in the store!

Just in time for Fall, it is a little taste of the new Very Real eye series.
In dark russet & forest green, these stunning eyes are system only in one iris size.

You can find the group gift with many more gifts on the table just inside the entrance.
Group is free to join!

Have fun!

Real Eyes: Very Real Indian Corn eyes
Creator: Aire Xaris
Price: $0L (Group gift – free to join)
Belleza: Autumn skin
Creator: Tricky Boucher
Price: $50L (FLF 9-27-13)

IKON – September 2013 Group Gift

IKON_Group Gift Sept 2013_Perspective - Oxidation Eyes

Sneaky sneaky IKON finally put out September’s group gift yesterday & I missed the notice… again.
So I donned my warpaint!

September’s gift is from the new Perspective series he’s been laboring over for almost two months.
All that artistic labor produced these spectacular eyes in a teal/turquoise/green/brown mix.
System eyes only with five iris sizes to choose from.
The Oxidation color is one of my favorites & sure to be yours too.

The Perspective series is only available at The Boutique til October 10th.

The notice didn’t say how long the group gift will be up, so get it now!
Post your pictures wearing the new eyes to the IKON SL Flickr Group!

I guess I can put away my pitchfork now… til next time. *insert demonic laughter*

IKON: Perspective – Oxidation eyes
Creator: Ikon Innovia
Price: $0L (Group gift – free to join)
Glam Affair @ The Boutique: Neva – America 03 skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $599L
+Mab+: Warrior Queen full body makeup
Creator: Airedine Poe
Price: $64L

Amacci – Acorn Hunt Gift

Amacci_Old Europe Village Acorn Hunt_InSight - Sapphire EyesAmacci_Old Europe Village Acorn Hunt_InSight - Sapphire & Emerald Eyes

Amacci has a little hunt gift at Old Europe Village‘s Acorn Hunt & Autumn Fair!

The hunt gift contains two pair of InSight eyes in Sapphire & Emerald.
They are system only with two iris sizes.

Many more little acorn gifts are found around the stalls!
Fair & hunt ends October 14th, 2013.

Have fun!

***Links have been corrected!***

Amacci @ Old Europe: InSight – Sapphire & Emerald eyes
Creator: Carina Larsen
Price: $0L (Acorn Hunt)
Black Haus White Market @ Old Europe: Avant-Garde skin, outfit, & accessories
Creator: Jewelia Blessed
Price: $0L (Acorn Hunt)

Dead Apples – Sorrow Group Gift

Dead Apples_Group Gift_Sorrow - Blue EyesDead Apples_Group Gift_Sorrow Eyes

Dead Apples has a new location & new group gift!

Soleil treated her groupies to these magnificent eyes in four colors.
They come with system & mesh versions in one iris size.
The mesh eyes are scripted for resize & delete options.

Her group is free to join so grab these beauties quickly!
They can be found at the new store by the display on your right.

Thank you, Soleil!! ❤

Dead Apples: Sorrow eyes
Creator: Soleil Reid
Price: $0L (Group gift – free to join)
KOOQLA @ DU5: Queens (Black) skin
Creator: Rocketta Haven
Price: $800L (DU5 til 10-4-13)
SkinCare (MP): Real Tears
Creator: Claudi Koenkamp
Price: $25L

TSG – Sept. 2013 Group Gift

TSG_Group Gift Sept 2013_Neko Luvers - Jade EyesTSG_Group Gift Sept 2013_Neko Luvers Eyes

New group gift from The Sugar Garden!

VIPs get four exclusive glossy pastel neko eyes with system & mesh versions.
The details are lovely for pretty kittehs!

Not a VIP? The fee is high but previous gifts are available.

Have fun!

TSG (Group Area): Neko Luvers eyes
Creator: Eilfie Sugarplum
Price: $0L (Group gift – $350L to join)
Glam Affair @ C88: Shanna (Europa) 02 skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $188L (C88 Sept. 2013)
Izzie’s: Glossy Lip Highlights
Creator: Izzie Button
Price: $149L fatpack

.ID. – VIP & Sept. 2013 Gift Eyes

ID_Group Gift_VIP 9-18-13 Eyes

Insufferable Dastard has new gifts today!

VIP group members need to check their notices!
Inside the group gift are preview eyes for the Autumn Market Fair presented by Feebs Rascals St..
This will be a fundraiser for homeless animals that opens on Sept. 22nd, 2013.

The aqua color shown above will also be a $5L gift at the event if you’re not an .ID. VIP!
Both pairs come with system & mesh versions in one iris size.

ID_September Gift 2013_Fall Eyes

Also included in the VIP gift, the September gift for everyone!
These Fall eyes in two colors also come with system & mesh eyes.
Available at the .ID. mainstore on the counter, no group slot needed!

.ID.: Stunning (S.E.) sampler eyes & Fall eyes
Creator: Audrey Lamede
Price: $0L (Group gift – $150L to join)
Essences @ TDR Fusion: Amaterasu TDRF 02 skin
Creator: Inka Mexicola
Price: $70L (TDRF til 9-26-13)

Madrid Solo – Beta Test Group Gift

Madrid Solo_Group Gift_Venus Fly Trap - Blue Me (BETA) Eyes

Madrid Solo, creator of gorgeous makeups, made her first pair of eyes!
They were sent out to her group in the notices as a beta test.

So good for a first attempt!
The eyes are system only in one iris size.

I predict excellent eyes to come, keeping an eye out!
Join the group & give them a spin!

Madrid Solo: Venus Fly Trap – Blue Me eyes (BETA)
Creator: Madrid Solo
Price: $0L (Group gift – free to join)
The Skinnery @ Arcade: Alice 3 (champagne) skin
Creator: Umazuma Metaluna
Price: $100L per play (Arcade Sept. 2013)

IKON @ The Boutique : 5th Avenue by TLC

IKON_The Liaison Collaborative_Perspective - Scoria Eyes

IKON‘s being sneaky again with a new release at The Boutique!
This bi-monthly event by The Liaison Collaborative showcases top designer’s new products.
The theme for this round is “Fifth Avenue” for high fashion!

A new series by IKON is always in fashion, high or not. 😉
The new Perspective series will be Boutique exclusives for the duration of the event.
So don’t look for them at Ikon’s mainstore til it’s over!

IKON_The Liaison Collaborative_Perspective Eyes

Currently many to choose from at this time, each are system eyes only in five iris sizes.
Keep checking the event as it goes on since he likes to pop in and add new selections.
I’ve wearing the Scoria color because I love beautiful brown eyes!

Post your fashionable pictures wearing the new eyes to the IKON SL Flickr Group!

Event ends October 10th, 2013.

Hopefully this signals a new group gift in the future since he’s missed last month & the start of Sept.
(HINT-HINT Ikon!!! Don’t make me break out the pitchfork again! :P)

Happy shopping!

IKON @ The Boutique: Perspective eyes
Creator: Ikon Innovia
Price: $150L each
Panda Punx @ Outlet Sales Room: Tallah (Tiramisu) skin
Creator: Lluna Nitely
Price: $100L
Earthstones @ The Boutique: Addison jewelry – Spicy Gold
Creator: Abraxxa Anatine
Price: $299L
Izzie’s: Glossy Lip Highlights
Creator: Izzie Button
Price: $149L fatpack