Leaf On The Wind

The Leaf On The Wind fundraising event for Scarlet Chandrayaan (Alouette creator) opened today!

Got some great donation items to show you:

Leaf on the Wind_Chop Shop - London Jack Eyes

First up is Chop Shop’s London Jack eyes.

They are beautifully done Union Jack flag eyes with system & mesh version in one iris size.
100% donation item for only $100L!

Leaf on the Wind_Songbird - London Eyes

Next is Songbird’s London eyes.

A pair of mesh eyes only with texture change HUD.
There are six colors & two iris sizes to choose from & can change the left & right eyes separately.
100% donation item for only $175L!

Leaf on the Wind_Fetch - Bloody Fun Gacha stuff

Lastly, just for kicks, Fetch’s Bloody Fun Gacha.

You can play for these super cute novelty handheld stick thingies.
It has a monocle & spectacles along with a top hat, two dapper mustaches, and four lips (not shown).
50% donation for $50L per play.

Glam Affair @ LOTW: Sia skins Artic Tone 02 & 03
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $499L each (LOTW 100% Donation)
Lolapop @ LOTW: God Save the Queen jewelry – Blue & Red sets
Creator: Lola79 Hienrichs
Price: $125L each (LOTW 75% Donation)
KoKoLoRes @ LOTW: Trouble hair
Creator: Leyla Flux
Price: $299L (LOTW 50% Donation)

Lots of other wonderful London/British themed donation items from many talented designers covering clothing, hair, accessories, furniture, poses, & more are at this event.

For more information about this fundraiser, please visit the Leaf On The Wind Official Blog.

Also visit Alouette’s Mainstore to see Scarlet’s work.

Be sure to stop by!


Lubellia – Icy Winter Dollarbie

Lubellia_Icy Winter Dollarbie

Got to love After-Christmas shopping (for Canadians, it’s Boxing Day)!
I found this sweet little dollarbie by Lubellia on the SL Marketplace.

Handpainted system eyes only in one iris size, it’s a beautiful wintry blue.

*Like my new specs? Aslan sent them to me as a Christmas gift.
I just had to show you all the delicate detailed work he puts into his creations.
They are a brand new release & expensive but oh so worth it!

Happy Holidays!

Lubellia (MP): Icy Winter eyes
Creator: Lubellia
Price: $1L
Essences: LadyDyvine skin
Creator: Inka Mexicola
Price: $0L (Christmas gift – might still be available)
.Oh!Liv. (MP): Freckles tattoo
Creator: livialexis
Price: $100L
AIR: Richelieu – Gold spectacles
Creator: Aslan Kish
Price: $700L
Maxi Gossamer: Falling Starflake jewelry
Creator: Maxi Gossamer
Price: $0L (Christmas group gift – free to join)

DiGi – Optika Cheapies

DiGi Gridwear_Optika 1 & 2 glasses

While things are slow, I took the time to do futuristic themed shopping and came across DiGi.

I found these great animated tech style optics!
They come with left, right, & both versions, completely modifiable & tintable.
If you’re into sci-fi themed RP like Tron worlds, these make wonderful accessories.

The store specializes in “holographic” attachments to wear over any clothing.
Most of their products are very affordable & there are dollarbies & freebies available.

Go check it out!

DiGi Gridwear: Optika 1 & 2 glasses
Creator: Shinga Zahm
Price: $14L each
[LNS]: Esoteric – DeepBlue eyes
Creator: sonnetsoleil
Price: $25L per play
Corvus (MP): Kiana skin
Creator: Lori Stanton
Price: $500L

Early Birding The Wash Cart Sale

The Wash Cart Sale hasn’t started yet, but if you’re an early bird, you can scope out the sale items that are already out!
All cart items are only $10L so be prepared when it officially starts Wednesday, February 20th.

Please use the teleport links in the credits at the end of the post. 😉
Here is some of my early bird booty:

Eye Candi_The Wash Cart Sale_Eyes

Eye Candi has two pairs of eyes in the Cart Sale!

One a dark chocolate brown & a pale blue so pale it’s almost grey.
Both are system eyes in one iris size only.
Other cart items include makeups, body glow, & lashes.

Wee Ones_The Wash Cart Sale_Eye Shadows

Wee Ones has these prim eye shadows at her cart!

Extremely useful, these are used over system eyes that don’t have any shading painted on them.
Upper image shows eyes without while the bottom shows eyes with the prim shadows.
They are also resize scripted.

Aiduro_The Wash Cart Sale_Pince-nez Dandy Style

Aiduro has several neat RP accessories at her cart!

First up are these sculpted pince-nez spectacles in gold that will make great basic glasses for Steampunk/Neo-Victorian avatars.

Aiduro_The Wash Cart Sale_Rage Mask

Aiduro has this demonic partial mesh mask as well.

It can be modified so you can tint different parts of the mask.
It’s perfect for barbarians, warlords, or even amazons.
You should change the attachment point for the mask, it’s currently set to attach to your spine.

Remember, The Wash Cart Sale doesn’t officially start til Wednesday, February 20th so many carts are empty!

Happy early birding!

Eye Candi @ Cart Sale: Breeze – Rich Brown & Dreams v2 – Pale Blue eyes
Creator: Georgia Schechter
Price: $10L each
Nvious @ Cart Sale: Beckett Ebony M3 skin
Creator: Gigi Ponnier
Price: $10L
N@N@ @ Cart Sale: Mandala jewelry
Creator: Natem Andel
Price: $10L
Wee Ones @ Cart Sale: Eye Shadows
Creator: Grace Selene
Price: $10L
Wee Ones @ Cart Sale: Eye Shadows
Creator: Grace Selene
Price: $10L
Eye Candi @ Cart Sale: Breeze – Rich Brown eyes
Creator: Georgia Schechter
Price: $10L
Aiduro @ Cart Sale: pince-nez Dandy Style spectacles
Creator: Jaraloy Swords
Price: $10L
Nvious @ Cart Sale: Bianca Fair M3 F skin
Creator: Gigi Ponnier
Price: $10L
Eye Candi @ Cart Sale: Dreams v2 – Pale Blue eyes
Creator: Georgia Schechter
Price: $10L each
Wee Ones @ Cart Sale: Eye Shadows
Creator: Grace Selene
Price: $10L
Aiduro @ Cart Sale: Rage Mask
Creator: Jaraloy Swords
Price: $10L
Nvious @ Cart Sale: Beckett Ebony skin
Creator: Gigi Ponnier
Price: $10L
Eye Candi @ Cart Sale: Dreams v2 – Pale Blue eyes
Creator: Georgia Schechter
Price: $10L each
Wee Ones @ Cart Sale: Eye Shadows
Creator: Grace Selene
Price: $10L

KASA @ Sannomiya Christmas & New Years Festival

KASA_HappyHolidays Gift_Glasses

The Sannomiya Christmas & New Years Festival is a quaint little holiday event with stalls from several Japanese designers.

KASA has a free gift at the festival featuring these well made stylish glasses.
The the bronze rimmed lenses are fainted shaded to give a clear view of your eyes.
They are made entirely of regular prims & not sculpted, a real testament to her skill.

KASA_LuckyBoard_Nikita Glasses

If you’re lucky, your letter just might be on Kasa’s Lucky board while picking up the gift glasses.
These clear framed round glasses are again made from regular prims.
The glasses are scripted to change the transparency, color, glow, shine of the lenses & also resize.
Excellent craftsmanship!

There are other lucky boards, gifts, gatchas, and falling glowing present boxes that you have to find the right one to get a special gift.
Stop by and take a look at some of the quality, sometimes quirky, Japanese offerings.

Festival last thru January 6th, 2013.
Happy Holidays & New Years!

KASA @ Sannomiya Festival: Happy Holidays gift glasses
Creator: Kasa Voom
Price: $0L
My Ugly Dorothy: Special 1L skin04
Creator: Sopha Portal
Price: $1L
Mayfly: Deep Sky (Teal Hazel) eyes
Creator: Arkesh Baral
Price: $0L (Group Lucky Chair – free to join)
BRILLANTE @ Sannomiya Festival: FUR hoop earrings
Creator: Reina Euler
Price: $0L (sannomiya MHF gift giver prize)
KASA @ Sannomiya Festival: Nikita glasses
Creator: Kasa Voom
Price: $0L (Lucky Board)
Mayfly: Deep Sky (Teal Hazel) eyes
Creator: Arkesh Baral
Price: $0L (Group Lucky Chair – free to join)
Rosy mood @ Sannomiya Festival: SONO Love and Peace skin
Creator: Calico Felisimo
Price: $0L (Lucky Board)

Pince-Nez Specs @ Gothmas by Gaslight

InSpiredDesigns_Gothmas by Gaslight_Grave Visions Pince Nez_Spectacles

If you like your holidays with a darker gothic Victorian theme, then visit the Gothmas by Gaslight Holiday Gacha Festival!

These pince-nez specs by InSpired Designs feature an ethereal skeleton girl in profile, reminiscent of Victorian cameos, a little skull detail on the frames, and flexi chain.

There are six colors to play for and an all-in-one rare which is texture change scripted.
They are resize scripted as well & transferable for gift giving or trading.

CPD_Gothmas by Gaslight_Pince Nez_Spectacles

These two intricate pince-nez specs by Chaos, Panic, & Disorder are scripted for changing lens opacity, lens color, and frame metal.

One is for ladies & the other for gentlemen but all can wear them. Perfect for Steampunk themes!
They are available as regular sale items and not transferable.

This is one event that’s been flying under the radar so now is the perfect time to shop & play for gothic gifts for yourself, friends, & family.
The sim is gorgeous too! Be sure to stop and take pictures of the lovely surroundings.

Gothmas by Gaslight Taxi
Festival is open to January 15th, 2013.

InSpired Designs @ Gothmas: Grave Visions Pince-nez – Corpse spectacles
Creator: Stacey Farspire
Price: $20L per play (Gothmas gatcha)
CPD @ Gothmas: Ladies’ & Gentlemen’s Pince-Nez spectacles
Creator: Lilah Munster
Price: $99L each (Gothmas vendors)
Adam n Eve: Laina Desaturated skin
Creator: sachi Vixen
Price: $0L each (Christmas 2012 gift)
IKON: Kaleido – Forest eyes
Creator: Ikon Innovia
Price: $150L
CPD @ Gothmas: Gothmas Poinsettia jewelry Set – RARE
Creator: Lilah Munster
Price: $25L per play (Gothmas gatcha)

WOMENstuff Hunt – November 2012

The WOMENstuff Hunt has begun with two hundred stores participating with many wonderful prizes to fill any woman’s wardrobe.

As always, I like to focus on the eyes so here are the few that I have found so far:

Step inSide‘s prize is a pair of soft light brown eyes with a touch of blue. One iris size, system eyes only.
They very pretty and one of the few prizes that can be unisex.

Doubling up on this image, RAWR!‘s prize is a pair of shiny greenish yellow eyes. One iris size, system eyes only.
Steinwerk has stylish mesh glasses that you can customize the lenses, frames, opacity, position (either nose or head), and resize either by the touch menu or chat commands.
These too can be unisex.

X-Sight‘s prize features chunky bright red glasses and red eyes with with a tiny heart accent in the pupil.
The glasses are resize scripted and the eyes are one iris size in system versions only.
Another possibility for unisex.

RUBY has a reputation for some of the best photo-realistic skins in Second Life from elderly to plus size.

Her prize is a complete female avatar with shape, skin (shown), eyes (shown), hair, clothing, & accessories.
The eyes are a soft greyish brown, one iris size in system version only.

*Note on the skin, I recommend it for tall thin females with A-cup breasts. It has the best ribcage details that I’ve seen. If you don’t like the face, that’s what makeup is for. 😉

Hunt ends on November 31st, 2012. Happy hunting!

Step inSide: Serenity eyes
Creator: Lany Jun
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)
SOUL.: Noa skin
Creator: sin Carcarino
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)
RAWR!: Dark Eyes – Yellow
Creator: Circe Boucher
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)
Steinwerk: Womenstuff glasses
Creator: Aveline Stein
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)
SHINE: Venice PurpleSunset skin
Creator: Love Foxdale
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)
Chop Zuey: Circus Maximus jewelry
Creator: Belle Roussel
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)
X-Sight: Fatal Attraction eyes & Material Girl Glasses
Creator: Xara Claven
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)
WoW Skins: Kelly skin
Creator: sawsan SecretSpy
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)
RUBY: Sparkle eyes Lt. Brown & Miriam2 skin
Creator: Carmella Ruby
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)

Songbird & Grim Bros. – Twisted Hunt Fall 2012

More awesomely evil stuff from the Twisted Hunt Fall 2012!

The “Darkness” theme was really taken to heart by Songbird with these black eyes and oozing oily makeup!
The eyes come in one iris size & mesh only and can be modified.

Someone get her a towel…… or a doctor!

Ahhhhh Grim Bros., the maker of all things bizarre & twisted but extremely cool, has come with these evil little goodies for the Twisted Hunt.

The fleshy cadaverous eyes are system eyes only and look very creepy behind the torturous face cage.
The cyber-goggles are neat with animated lenses and a HUD that is worn over your screen like you are looking through them plus heavy breathing sounds that can be turned on/off.
A note to the guys, the breathing sound is female, so you may want to leave it off. 😉

Keep hunting all you twisted minions!
Hunt ends September 30th, 2012.

Songbird: Purge the Darkness eyes & makeup
Creator: Nimil Blackflag
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt)
Grim Bros.: Our Darkness eyes, face cage, & goggles
Creator: Cutea Benelli
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt)
Style by Kira: Dark Serenity skin
Creator: Kira Paderborn
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt)

Mayfly & Needful Things – Summer Harvest Hunt

Hunts, hunts everywhere! It’s that time of the season!
The Summer Harvest Hunt started yesterday and there many beautiful hunt gifts!

The beautiful September Shadow eyes above are the hunt gift from Mayfly.
They feature four sclera (eye white) tones with system and mesh eyes.
There is only one iris size for the system versions but the mesh eyes are scripted for resize (size & iris size), glow, & full bright.
Be sure to read the instructions!

Another beautiful Summer Harvest Hunt gift from Needful Things!

These large warm eyes come on one size in system eyes only and come with adorable acorn earrings.

Be sure to check out Needful Things gatcha machines while hunting.

You can try your luck and get these cute glasses that perfectly match Magdalena’s hunt gift!

Hunt ends September 21st, 2012. Happy hunting!!

Mayfly: Liquid Light (September Shadow) eyes
Creator: Arkesh Baral
Price: $0L (Summer Harvest Hunt)
Aura: Briar – Grace – Honey skin
Creator: Tyr Rozenblum
Price: $450L (50% off Retirement Sale)
Needful Things: Goodbye Summer eyes & earrings
Creator: Magdalena Bergamasco
Price: $0L (Summer Harvest Hunt)
Glam Affair: Lilith – Macedonia skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $0L (Group gift – $30L to join)
Alice Project: Kiera hair
Creator: Alice Demonia
Price: $0L (Summer Harvest Hunt)
Needful Things: Funny Glasses (woddy)
Creator: Magdalena Bergamasco
Price: $40L (gatcha)

h.m.a.e.m. – Fairy Tales Glasses : FOTA Hunt

The Fairest of them All! Hunt started today and I’m loving the prizes!

These chic & fashionable glasses are the FOTA hunt prize from h.m.a.e.m..
The frames are covered with rosettes & ivy and what modern fairytale character would be without them?
There are two pairs, one is mod, the other is also mod plus resize scripted (for those who find resizing & editing difficult).
An added bonus, they are transferable for gift giving!

Many fanciful & gorgeous hunt items can be found during this hunt for you to create a beautiful fairytale avatar!
Hunt ends September 15th, 2012.

h.m.a.e.m.: Fairy Tales glasses
Creator: riri Bazar
Price: $5L (FOTA Hunt)
JeSyLiLo: SnoWhite tan skin
Creator: LiLO Glom
Price: $5L (FOTA Hunt)