Antielle – Enchantment Hunt August 2015

OMG! It’s been months since I made a post!
I’ve been a long, long hiatus from the blog and I may not do alot of posting like I had in the past.
It gets exhausting to be honest and I needed a real break.

BUT I have managed to do the Enchantment Hunt because, well…. MERMAIDS!

To my happiness, Antielle has mermaid eyes as a hunt gift:

Antielle - Enchantment Hunt August 2015

Antielle Mermaid Eyes - Enchantment Hunt August 2015

Six bold neon colors with three versions – System, Concave mesh, & Regular mesh.

Lumae: Adore Eione / Anemone skin
Creator: Lumiya Rae
Price: $0L (Enchantment Hunt gift)
Gaeline Creations: Jewel Celeste nose piercing (texture/color change)
Creator: Gael Streeter
Price: $0L (Enchantment Hunt gift)
MUSE: Dancing Anemone jewelry
Creator: Norina Soir
Price: $0L (Enchantment Hunt gift)


Teleport to Enchantment to get started!

Be sure to join the Enchantment group, some of the hunt prizes haven’t been configured correctly & they added three stores to the hunt today so you will need to get the updates from the group notices.

Happy Hunting!

Inkheart – Assorted Xmas Hunt Prizes

Inkheart_Assorted Hunt Prizes

Christmas Eve quicky post about Inkheart‘s hunt prizes!

From the top row:
The Winter Fantasy Hunt prize – $0L – 2 eyes (ends Jan. 15th 2015)
The Santa’s Slay Hunt prize – $1L – 2 eyes (ends Dec. 31st 2014)
The POE7 Hunt – $0L – 2 eyes (ends Jan. 6th 2015)
The Candy Cane 6 Hunt – $1L – 4 eyes (ends Christmas Day Dec. 25th 2014)

All prizes includes system versions only in three iris sizes.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Chop Shop – Assorted Xmas Hunt Prizes

Chop Shop_Assorted Hunt Prizes

Quicky post about Chop Shop‘s hunt prizes!

From the top:
The Silent Night Hunt prize – $1L (ends Dec. 31st 2014)
The Winter Fantasy Hunt prize – $0L (ends Jan. 15th 2015)
The Santa’s Slay Hunt prize – $1L (ends Dec. 31st 2014)
The Bleak Midwinter Hunt – $1L (ended Dec. 18th 2014 – get it while still out)

*There is a fifth prize from a hunt that ended on Dec. 20th still available too but I couldn’t find it.

All prizes included system & mesh versions in one iris size.

Good luck & Happy Holiday hunting!

Amacci – Umbrella Hunt Gift

Amacci_Old Europe Umbrella Hunt_Zenith - Umber Eyes

Amacci is participating in Old Europe’s Umbrella Hunt!

The hunt gift is a pair of her new Zenith eyes in a red wine color.
They feature a stylized iris in three sizes & two sclera shades.
System & mesh eyes with HUD for texture change, resize, glow, & full bright options are included.

Don’t forget the freebie pair previously blogged HERE.

Have fun & a great weekend!

Amacci @ Old Europe: Zenith – Umber eyes
Creator: Carina Larsen
Price: $0L (Umbrella Hunt)
Essences @ TDRF: Harper TDRF03 skin
Creator: Inka Mexicola
Price: $70L (TDRF exclusive til 4-10-14)
[LNS] Designs @ Candy Factory: Water Lotus – Red head chain
Creator: Caresia Adored
Price: N/A (Candy Factory gacha sneak-peak – opens 4-1-14)

Strawberry Kube Hunt

The Strawberry Kube Hunt is cute little hunt!
It’s not free, prizes are $5L but you can get some really nice things.

I found a couple of eyes so let’s look:

X-Sight_Strawberry Kube Hunt_Strawberry Eyes & Glasses

X-Sight‘s hunt prize features a pair of strawberry colored eyes & nerdy glasses!
The eyes are mesh only in one iris size & the glasses are resize scripted mesh.

X-Sight : Strawberry eyes & glasses
Creator: Xara Claven
Price: $5L (SKH hunt)
Sin Designs : Strawberry skin
Creator: SineFaki
Price: $5L (SKH hunt)
{W&R} : Strawberry Love Slink nails appliers
Creator: Almarea Firehawk
Price: $5L (SKH hunt)
VerseEye_Strawberry Kube Hunt_Rhapsody - Yellow Eyes

VerseEye‘s hunt prize bucked the strawberry palette!

Jacks went with dark yellow mesh only eyes in one iris size.
These would look great on the guys.

VerseEye: Rhapsody – Yellow – Dark eyes
Creator: Jacks Rhys
Price: $5L (SKH hunt)
MIA14: Ember {Trend} Winter gift skin
Creator: MiaSnow Myriam
Price: $1L
[LNS] Designs: Chained Coins headdress
Creator: Caresia Adored
Price: $0L (Nevermore Pot o’ Gold hunt – ends 4-15-14)

The majority of hunt prizes are strawberry themed but there are quite a few odd-ones-out.
Some nice outdoor decor & furniture plus I saw a couple of prizes for guys.

Slurls & Hints
Prize Previews

Hunt ends April 10th, 2014.
So get to looking for those frozen little strawberries!

Medieval Fantasy Hunt XI

Today starts the 11th Medieval Fantasy Hunt!
This year’s hunt explores the darker side of medieval role-play.

Amacci_Medieval Fantasy Hunt XI_Medieval Black EyesAmacci_Medieval Fantasy Hunt XI_Medieval Eyes

The hunt prize from Amacci features a pair of dark multicolored eyes.
These are system only, two iris sizes, & two sclera shades.

Amacci: LOOK – Medieval Eyes
Creator: Carina Larsen
Price: $0L (MFH XI – unisex)
Favorite Genes: MFH Lady skin & Plague face makeup
Creator: Violette Larkham
Price: $0L (MFH XI – female/male)
Goddess Fantasies_Medieval Fantasy Hunt XI_Shadow Rose + Shadow Man Eyes

Goddess Fantasies hunt prize contains different male & female outfits.
Each comes with clothing, accessories, a ghoulish full body tattoo, & system only eyes.

Goddess Fantasies: Shadow Rose & Shadow Man eyes & full body tattoo
Creator: Tattoo Lane
Price: $0L (MFH XI – female/male)
Favorite Genes: MFH Lady & Lord skin
Creator: Violette Larkham
Price: $0L (MFH XI – female/male)

This hunt is full of quality RP props, clothing, hair, & more!
Most are unisex or have male & female prizes.
The Book of Many Lies prize is particularly amusing. ;D

The Medieval Fantasy Hunt XI a free hunt & you have to be close enough to touch the hidden owl to get the items.

Hunt ends January 31th, 2014!
Happy Hunting!

Cubic Cherry – Cherry Hunt Gift

Cubic Cherry_Where's the Cherry Hunt_Opalescenza - After the Rain Eyes

Got time for a sweet little sim-wide hunt?
Then hop over to the Where is The Cherry? hunt!

In one of the cute cherries hidden around the shops, you can find these softly hued rainbow eyes.
They are mesh only & are modify for fitting.

More cute & colorful hunt gifts are at the sim to find to chase away the Winter Blues.
Happy Hunting!

Cubic Cherry: Opalescenza – after the rain eyes
Creator: Kreao Kujisawa
Price: $0L (Where’s The Cherry Hunt til 1-4-14)
PXL: Jade – Winter skin
Creator: Hart Larsson
Price: $0L (Group gift – $250L to join)

Invitation Only Hunt

Let’s see what I got from the Invitation Only Hunt:

The Imagined_Invitation Only Hunt_Taurus EyesThe Imagined_Invitation Only Hunt_Taurus - Eyes

The Imagined has a neat hunt gift!

It features two sculpted horns with ears & matching eyes.
The eyes are system only in one iris size, great for fauns, satyrs, & other hybrids!

the Imagined: Taurus eyes + horns
Creator: Lillia Cerise
Price: $0L (Invitation Only Hunt)
The Skinnery: Winter magic skin
Creator: Umazuma Metaluna
Price: $0L (Invitation Only Hunt)
Songbird_Invitation Only Hunt_Winter Fae Eyes

Songbird has a cute Winter gift!

It features one eyeshadow, one pair of eyes, & Slink nail appliers.
The eyes are mesh only & very icy looking for Winter fairies!

Songbird: Winter Fae set
Creator: Nimil Blackflag
Price: $0L (Invitation Only Hunt)
Akeruka @ Winter Trend 2013: Barbara Light skin
Creator: Agony Helse
Price: $0L (WTSL gift til 12-13-13)
Clemmm_Invitation Only Hunt_Violet Red Drop EyesClemmm_Invitation Only Hunt_Drop Eyes

Here is the hunt gift from Clemmm!

A trio of unique pastel eyes in system & mesh versions.
Very weird but fun!

Clemmm: Drop eyes
Creator: Clem Velinov
Price: $0L (Invitation Only Hunt)
Izzie’s: Lucie Frost skin
Creator: Izzie Button
Price: $0L (Dec. 2013 Group Gift – $250L to join)

Lots of great prizes to find, check out the Flickr to see!

Hunt Starting Point

Hunt ends December 22nd, 2013.

Happy Holiday Hunting!

KMADD & Sterling Artistry – POE6

KMADD_POE6 Hunt_Eyes

KMADD is in the Peace on Earth 6 Hunt!

His hunt gift features a funky hair, mesh tops for men & women, three face tattoos, & two pairs of eyes.
The eyes are system only in one iris size from two different series.

KMADD: Purpose – Infected sky & Presence – Gentle eyes + Emma hair & Wild face tattoo
Creator: Maddox DuPont
Price: $0L (POE6)
Dulce Secrets: Snowee – Blue Ice – Frozen skin
Creator: AnneAlyce Maertens
Price: $0L (POE6)
Bliensen + MaiTai: Ison Earrings
Creator: Plurabelle Laszlo
Price: $0L (POE6)
My Ugly Dorothy: Lovely Line06 eyeliner
Creator: Sopha Portal
Price: N/A (unknown if they will be available again)
Sterling Artistry_POE6 Hunt_Serenity - Celeste EyesSterling Artistry_POE6 Hunt_Serenity Eyes

Sterling Artistry, who’s been rather quiet lately, has a great gift for the hunt!

A huge fat pack of Serenity eyes in eighteen colors.
The eyes come in system, prim, & mesh versions.
The prim & mesh eyes are scripted for resize, four iris sizes, & glow settings.
Also special sizing options for seven types of avatars such as petites, MLPs, & Bloom Dolls

Sterling Artistry: Serenity eyes – fat pack
Creator: Silverr Andel
Price: $0L (POE6)
Amacci: Rayna (pale) – Peace skin + Klara hair
Creator: Carina Larsen
Price: $0L (POE6)
Chop Zuey: Lazy Mist jewelry
Creator: Carina Larsen
Price: $0L (POE6)

The Peace on Earth 6 Hunt is a massive hunt with over 200 stores participating!

POE6 Hunter Guide

All hunt gifts are free & you have plenty of time to find all the globes!
Hunt ends January 6th, 2014.

Happy Holiday Hunting!

~*By Snow*~ – 25 for 25 Hunt


Woot! I’m participating in the 25 for 25 Hunt December round!

My hunt prize features wintry bauble eyes in five festive colors with matching makeups.
The eyes have three iris sizes with system, prim, & mesh versions.
You can view the makeups on my Flickr & they are tintable. ;D

The hunt prizes cost $25L & there is a lot of great stuff to find!
Hints & Previews are available on [ free bird ]’s 25 for 25 Hunt post.

Find them at my ~*By Snow*~ store inworld!