.la petite morte. @ Genre

la petite morte_GENRE_Doll Eyes - Mauvela petite morte_GENRE_Doll Eyes

This round of Genre focuses on Lolita styles & .la petite morte. provided a sweet little fat pack!

The fat pack features five colors with very large pupils in system & mesh with one iris size.
A fine addition for any avatar whether a cute dolly or not!

Check out the venue for Lolita dresses, shoes, hairs, skins, & accessories!

Round ends August 12th, 2013.

.la petite morte. @ Genre: Doll eyes
Creator: Voshie Paine
Price: $100L fat pack
.la petite morte. @ Genre: Peony t1 m1 skin
Creator: Voshie Paine
Price: $100L

Clemmm & CIA @ Limited Bazaar

Clemmm_Limited Bazaar_Humanitro - Pink EyesClemmm_Limited Bazaar_Humanitro Eyes

Hurry over to the Limited Bazaar to grab this limited fat pack from Clemmm!

The pack comes with eight colors in white or black rimmed irises with system & mesh versions.
That’s sixteen eyes in all!
They remind me of gas gauges & will look great for robotic or steampunk avatars.
CIA Designs_Limited Bazaar_Downfall Eyes

I’ll be honest, these eyes by CIA Designs do not look like her promo at all.

But you can still work with them! They are mesh only with smudged & teary mascara makeup.
I know the texture has been applied sideways but they are mod & you can fix that if you want.

Think of the possibilities!
Hurry to get them while there are some still available!

(Guys, seriously go grab that KOOQLA skin!! I mean it, he’s dreamy!)

Round ends around August 9th, 2013.
Happy shopping!

Clemmm @ Limted Bazaar: Humanitro eyes
Creator: Clem Velinov
Price: $103L fat pack (limited to 100 copies)
KOOQLA @ Limted Bazaar: River (Stardust) skin w/tattoo
Creator: Rocketta Haven
Price: $150L (limited to 100 copies)
CIA Designs @ Limted Bazaar: Downfall eyes & makeup
Creator: Ayla Stradling
Price: $59L (limited to 100 copies)
KOOQLA @ Limted Bazaar: River (Stardust) skin
Creator: Rocketta Haven
Price: $150L fat pack (limited to 100 copies)
Maxi Gossamer @ Limted Bazaar: Bridget’s Faith Heart earring
Creator: Maxi Gossamer
Price: $150L earrings & bracelets (limited to 100 copies)

Tori-Tastic @ Love Donna Flora

Tori-Tastic_Love Donna Flora_Exclusive - Solar Sunset Eyes

Tori-Tastic has this inexpensive exclusive for the Love Donna Flora Fundraiser!

I believe this is the first time she’s made eyes! \o/
In vivid violets, these eyes have three iris sizes in alpha mesh versions with a system eye base.
They come with a tri-colored eyeshadow, blush, & eyeshadow + blush combo makeup layers.

Show your love & support for Squinternet Larnia, owner/creator of Donna Flora, who is fighting cancer!
Love Donna Flora Official Blog
Seraphim’s Love Donna Flora Preview

Event ends August 11th, 2013.

Happy shopping!

Tori-Tastic @ Love Donna Flora: Solar Sunset eyes & makeup (Belladonna Trio)
Creator: Victoria MacFanatic
Price: $20L (Fundraiser exclusive – 100% donation)
Glam Affair @ Love Donna Flora: Lulu – Artic – 01 skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $399L (Fundraiser exclusive – 50% donation)
.Olive. @ Love Donna Flora: The Captivating Headdress
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $150L (Fundraiser vendor – 50% donation)

.ID. @ Love Donna Flora & SBF

ID_Love Donna Flora_Twinkle - Blue EyesID_Love Donna Flora_Exclusive - Twinkle Eyes

Insufferable Dastard is participating at the Love Donna Flora Fundraiser with a gorgeous fat pack!

This fundraiser exclusive pack features six pastel colors with system & mesh versions.
They have tiny pupils & one iris size only.

Show your love & support for Squinternet Larnia, owner/creator of Donna Flora, who is fighting cancer!
Love Donna Flora Official Blog
Seraphim’s Love Donna Flora Preview

Event ends August 11th, 2013.
Check out Insufferable Dastard‘s cart at the Summer Break Festival!

ID_Summer Break Festival_Skins with Eyes

The cart features four single skin packs, each with a unique look with makeups & system eyes.

ID_Summer Break Festival_Exclusive - Sunburst Eyes

Also at her cart is an exclusive fat pack of eyes!
Six summery colors with system & mesh in one iris size.

ID_Summer Break Festival_Gift + Free Demo Eyes

Don’t forget to snag the SBF exclusive gift of Mermaid eyes in an ocean aqua & the free wearable demo eyes in turquoise & brown!
Both feature system & mesh in one iris size.

Event ends August 4th, 2013.
Happy shopping!

.ID. @ Love Donna Flora: Twinkle eyes
Creator: Audrey Lamede
Price: $399L fat pack (Fundraiser exclusive – 100% donation)
Glam Affair @ Love Donna Flora: Lulu – Artic – 03 skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $399L (Fundraiser exclusive – 100% donation)
.ID. @ SBF: Single skin packs w/eyes
Creator: Audrey Lamede
Price: $199L each
.ID. @ SBF: Sunburst eyes
Creator: Audrey Lamede
Price: $99L fat pack (SBF exclusive)
.ID. @ SBF: Mermaid – Aqua eyes & Reflections – Sunset eyes
Creator: Audrey Lamede
Price: $0L each (SBF gift & wearable demo)

~*By Snow*~ – New Indogene Eyes

Indogene Eye Promos

Woot! New freebie from me!!

Eyes inspired by the Defiance TV show on Syfy!
Specifically the Indogenes, part of the Votan Collective aliens, that came to colonize Earth.

These eyes use specular mapping & to see it, you must use a Materials supported viewer!
If you don’t use one or keep your graphics on low, they will still look great, just without extra shine.
The eyes have three iris sizes with system, prim, & mesh versions.

Bonus hexagon patterned face tattoos are also included!

Have fun & enjoy!

~*By Snow*~ Indogene eyes & Hexagon face tattoos
Creator: Snow Frostwych (myself)
Price: $0L
daemora (MP) Eve (Marble) skin
Creator: WynXombii
Price: $199L

Sterling Artistry – Celadon Group Gift

Sterling Artistry_Group Gift_SterlingResin 02 - Celadon Eyes

Sterling Artistry just sent out the call about a new group gift!

Group members can purchase the gift for $1L, which will be promptly refunded back.
It features gorgeous minty blue eyes with tiny sparkles in system, prim, & mesh versions.
The prim & mesh eyes are scripted for resize, four iris sizes, & glow settings.
Also special sizing options for mesh petite avatars.

While you grab the gift, check out the group only exclusives for sale!

Group is free to join so go get ’em!

Sterling Artistry: SterlingResin (02) – Celadon eyes
Creator: Silverr Andel
Price: $1L (Group gift – free to join)
Glam Affair @ The Boutique: Katya – America 03 skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $499L (til 8-10-13)

Amitomo – Odd Eye Gacha

Amitomo_Odd eye Gacha_Two-tone1 RareAmitomo_Odd eye Gacha_Eyes

Amitomo has a new gacha at the Okinawa Summer Festival!

The gacha features fifteen eyes but I’m missing the black rare so can only show fourteen! *cries*
Four eyes are rare, the other eleven are mismatched with different left/right color combos.
They are mesh only, one iris size, no modify, and can be transferred.

Since these are no mod, fitting may be a problem if you have large size eyes.

Visit the festival & try your luck! It runs til September 1st, 2013.
Many more gachas & vendors are there!

Have fun!

Amitomo @ Okinawa Summer Festival: mesh Odd eyes
Creator: woomi Latte
Price: $50L per play
My Ugly Dorothy @ SL Fashion Week : Miss V5 skin
Creator: Sopha Portal
Price: $250L (SLFW #7 til 7-25-13 1pm SLT)
My Ugly Dorothy: Lovely Line03 eyeliner
Creator: Sopha Portal
Price: N/A (unknown if they will be available again)

Umeboshi – TGGS 2nd Anniversary

Umeboshi_TGGS_Anniversary Hunt Gift 2013_Lunar 2 Eyes

Umeboshi is participating in The Gallery Gift Shop‘s 2nd Anniversary hunt!

Her gift contains two pair of lovely Lunar eyes in periwinkle blue & earthy green.
System & mesh eyes are included in one iris size only.

Umeboshi_TGGS_Anniversary 2013_Lunar 2 Eyes

While you hunt around for all the hidden gifts, snag the new Lunar 2 packs at TGGS!

There are two 4-packs, each pack contains four colors with system & mesh eyes in one iris size.

Past packs are also available:
Ren 07 eyes
Rue Halloween eyes

You have all of July to grab the hunt gifts & shop til you drop!
Happy hunting & shopping!

Umeboshi @ TGGS: Lunar 2 – Deep & Earth2 eyes
Creator: Keiba
Price: $0L (TGGS Anniversary Hunt)
Rozena: Jun – Summer 2013 gift skin
Creator: Lindsay Rozen
Price: $0L (limited – available thru 7-19-13)
Umeboshi @ TGGS: Lunar 2 eye packs
Creator: Keiba
Price: $90L per 4-pack (TGGS July 2013)

Amitomo – New B.eyes

Amitomo_B eye_Gray EyesAmitomo_B eye_Eyes

Amitomo has new eyes available!

The B.eye eyes have a lighter sclera than the A.eyes previously blogged & clearer detailing.
There are seven colors with three iris sizes in system version only.
They look so sweet with Woomi’s new skins!

Add these to your eye collection!
Have fun!

Amitomo: B.eye eyes
Creator: woomi Latte
Price: $50L each – $250L fat pack
Amitomo: NeulA skin
Creator: woomi Latte
Price: $600L fat pack