~*By Snow*~ – New Patriotic Dollarbies

Stars n Stripes PromoCanadian Candy Promo

North America will be celebrating two holidays, Canada Day (July 1st) & USA’s 4th of July!
I’ve made two special dollarbies for the occasions.

Each features colors from USA’s & Canada’s flags & flag emblems.
Star ‘n Stripes with star highlights & Canadian Candy with maple leaf highlights.
Each has three iris sizes with system, prim, & mesh versions.

Have safe & happy holidays, North America!

~*By Snow*~ Stars ‘n Stripes & Canadian Candy eyes
Creator: Snow Frostwych (myself)
Price: $1L each
Glam Affair @ Arcade Lulu 05 skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $100L per play (Arcade gacha – ends 6-30-13)
Glamorize (MP) Arista eye makeup 2
Creator: Yoko Leeeroy
Price: $33L fat pack
My Ugly Dorothy Lovely Line06 eyeliner
Creator: Sopha Portal
Price: N/A (unknown if they will be available again)
Glamorize (MP) Champagne lips – Starlet Scarlet
Creator: Yoko Leeeroy
Price: $25L fat pack
Izzie’s Glossy Lip Highlights
Creator: Izzie Button
Price: $149L fatpack

Amitomo – Reopened!

Amitomo_A eye_Blue EyesAmitomo_A eye_Eyes

Amitomo has reopened!
One of the popular Asian skin designers, she’s back with new products.

One of those are the very soft A.eye eyes with a darker sclera than most are used to but common among Asian styles.
There are seven colors with three iris sizes in system version only.

Stop by for a fresh new look!
Have fun!

Amitomo: A.eye eyes
Creator: woomi Latte
Price: $40L each – $200L fat pack
Amitomo: Mayo skin
Creator: woomi Latte
Price: $600L fat pack

Sterling Artistry – $10L Weekly Special & a Story

Sterling Artistry_Weekly $10L Sale_Beach Glass Eyes

This weekly round for the Sterling Artistry Candy Shop’s $10L special features these lovely eyes in blues & greens, that are reminiscent of colorful glass shards, in system version only.

Back in early April, I had popped into Sterling Artistry to snag the monthly gifts & landed right next to what I thought was a palm tree… but instead, it was Silverr Andel the owner!

He looked like this:
Silverr Andel all furry

Of course, I was thinking “What the……?!” but we started chatting a bit and he so sweetly asked me to model these very eyes for an upcoming sale.
It was a bit weird having a big fuzzy black fluff ball take your picture. O.o’
Got to love the quirkiness!

And now, almost two months later, he finally published his promo!
Beach Glass with Snow ;)

He did a fabulous job & makes me look so pretty!
BIG HUGS & Thank you, Silverr!

(BTW, if anyone knows what skin I’m wearing in his pic, let me know because it’s driving me nuts!)

You have one week to purchase these for $10L & don’t forget the monthly gifts & hunt prizes at the Sterling Artistry Mainstore in the sky!

Sterling Artistry Candy Shop: DazzleEyes – Beach Glass
Creator: Silverr Andel
Price: $10L (Weekly special – til 7-6-13)
TULI: Sayuri / pearl 03 skin
Creator: Tuli Asturias
Price: $1,500L Elementary pack
Persefona: Peacock – Green earrings
Creator: Persefona
Price: $0L

Plastik – Annual 50% Off Sale

Plastik_50% Off Sale_Astrali - Yen EyesPlastik_50% Off Sale_Astrali Eyes

Get your bodies over to Plastik for the Annual 50% Off Sale!

For brevity, I’m only showing the new Astrali collection because Aikea has a massive eye wall!
I picked out six of my favorites & each have system, prim, & mesh versions.

Plastik_50% Off Sale_Astrali Eyes All

They are designed around real nebulae & are glorious!
Fourteen different eyes in all & the only eyes in the sale that contain both prim & mesh.

A quick rundown of the other eyes in the sale:
Vaele Collection – Three eyes in each pack with system & mesh – Price: $129L each
Haunt Collection – Monster/creature eyes with system & prims – Price: $59L each
Jaded & Jaded II Collections – Vivid human/fairy/cat eyes, system & alpha prims – Price: $49L each
Jerusalem Collection – Earthy human eyes with system & alpha prims – Price: $49L each
Maleficus Collection – Sharingan & dark sclera fantasy eyes, system & alpha prims – Price: $99L each
Oni Collection – Dark eyes with white shaded sclera, system & alpha prims – Price: $99L each
Frozen Soul Collection – Colorful icy eyes with system & alpha prims – Price: $99L each
Brains Collection – Zombie/horror eyes with system only – Price: $99L each

All eyes have one iris size only.

If you’re a savvy shopper, check out the Discount Wall for previous event & sales specials!
Several include eyes, like the prior FLF Stratus skin blogged HERE.
Everything on the Discount Wall is $149L so you can grab a bargain!

Everything else (except petites) is 50% off!
Skins (male & female), eyes, clothing, accessories, elf ears, horns, & so much more.
Some items will be retired to make room for new stuff!

Sale ends July 25th, 2013 & limited to the in-world store only.

Happy shopping & have fun!

Plastik: Astrali assorted eyes
Creator: Aikea Rieko
Price: $109L each (50% off til 7-25-13)
Plastik: Astrali – Lune skin & Soul Ink Reloaded – Daah tattoo (the spots)
Creator: Aikea Rieko
Price: $699L (50% off til 7-25-13)
Plastik: Demon Fades – Tattoo/Face-Aanh makeup
Creator: Aikea Rieko
Price: $149L (Discount wall sale til 7-25-13)

[okkbye] is saying Goodbye!

[okkbye] is retiring all her stuff!
Whether that means she’s closing for good or not, I don’t know, but what I do know is this is your last chance to grab her eyes as they will never be available again……ever.

okkbye_Closing Sale_Wild - Hazel Eyesokkbye_Closing Sale_Wild Eyes

The above Wild eyes come in six natural colors, one iris size, with system & mesh versions.
The mesh eyes are modify, which is great for resizing & fitting.

okkbye_Closing Sale_Incognito Eyes

Incognito eyes were her first eye release.
In thirteen colors, each has one iris size with system & mesh eyes.
The mesh eyes unfortunately are no mod so they won’t fit everybody.

The last eye in the above image is a wearable tester for $10L if you want to try them out.
The tester color is also included the fat pack!

okkbye_Closing Sale_Hypno Toad Eyes

My favorites of the sale, the Hypno Toad eyes! I love the Burtonesque spirls!
They come in four versions with system & mesh eyes.
The mesh eyes say no mod but you can mod them while being worn.

Everything is $60L (except certain fat packs) in the retirement sale.
Lots of freckle & mole layers, makeups, tattoos, cute clothing, & accessories.

You have til June 29th, 2013 to snag up the stuff before it’s gone!

[okkbye]: Wild eyes
Creator: Elisaokkbye
Price: $60L each – $330L fat pack
[okkbye]: Incognito eyes
Creator: Elisaokkbye
Price: $60L each – $370L 6-packs – $599L fat pack (all 13 eyes)
[okkbye]: Hypno Toad eyes
Creator: Elisaokkbye
Price: $60L 4-pack
Natural Beauty (MP): Sissy skin
Creator: Miah McAuley
Price: $0L
[okkbye]: imPERFECTIONS freckles & moles
Creator: Elisaokkbye
Price: $60L
Dead Apples (temp location): Lipgloss
Creator: Soleil Reid
Price: $50L
My Ugly Dorothy: Lovely Line03 eyeliner
Creator: Sopha Portal
Price: N/A (unknown if they will be available again)

Curious Kitties – Icy Watermelon Freebie

Curious Kitties_Summerfest_Icy Watermelon Eyes

I am so glad Curious Kitties brought back these limited edition eyes for Summer!.

The system only eyes have a very large iris in watermelon colors.
They can be worn with C.K.’s Unreal Fuzz mesh avatars as well.

If you’re a Torley Linden fan, you must get them!

Look around Curious Kitties for other watermelon themed freebies & more.

Curious Kitties: Icy Watermelon eyes
Creator: Ameshin Yossarian
Price: $0L (limited time)
My Ugly Dorothy @ TDR Fusion: Pink Gem skin
Creator: Sopha Portal
Price: $70L (TDRF til 7-4-13)
elymode: Summer mix – watermelon eyeshadow
Creator: elysium Eilde
Price: $90L fat pack
MIASNOW (MP): Dolly freckles
Creator: Creator: MiaSnow Myriam
Price: $1L
Harmony Deschanel: Torley’s Juicy Watermelon necklace
Creator: Harmony Deschanel
Price: $0L

Sterling Artistry – June 2013 Gifts & Hunt

Sterling Artistry_Group Gift_Earth - Clay Eyes

Sterling Artistry has out gifts for June!
Yeah, a little late in the month but who cares! Gimme mah gifties!

Group members can purchase the Earth-Clay eyes (above) for $1L at the special group vendor.
The $1L will be auto-refunded back, so yes it is free for groupies.
It features warm earthy brown eyes in system, prim, & mesh versions.
The prim & mesh eyes are scripted for resize, four iris sizes, & glow settings.

Remember to wear your group tag prior to paying the vendor!

Sterling Artistry_June Gift 2013_Eyes

The free June gifts for everybody are two multicolored eyes with a bird highlight.
They include prim versions for regular avatars, petite mesh avatars, Bloom Dolls, Immortals mesh avatars, & MLPs (My Little Pony/Bronies avatars).
The prim eyes are scripted for resize & glow on/off.

Look for the display rack towards the back of the shop near the group area.
Sterling Artistry_Midsummer Night's Dream Hunt 4_GlitterFae - Dusk EyesSterling Artistry_Midsummer Night's Dream Hunt 4_GlitterFae - Zesty Eye pack

Silverr is participating in the Midsummer Night’s Dream Hunt 4, a wonderful fantasy hunt!
This is a pay hunt with prizes costing only $1L & has paths for regular & petite avatars.

The GlitterFae eyes above feature an oval iris in six pastel colors with system, prim, & mesh versions.
They would look lovely on faeries & mermaids!

Sterling Artistry_Midsummer Night's Dream Hunt 4_StarryFae - Gleam Eye pack

The StarryFae eyes look like star confetti!
They also feature a oval iris & heart pupil in six pastel colors with system, prim, & mesh versions.

The prim & mesh eyes in both prizes are scripted for texture change, resize, iris size, & glow settings.

Be sure to stop by Sterling Artistry this weekend & grab the goodies!

Sterling Artistry: Earth – Clay eyes
Creator: Silverr Andel
Price: $1L (Group gift – free to join)
Sterling Artistry: June Pastime & June Mystique eyes
Creator: Silverr Andel
Price: $0L
YS & YS @ TDR Fusion: Penelope 05 Eyecat skin
Creator: Monicuzza Babenco
Price: $70L (TDRF til 7-4-13)
Glamorize (MP): Bindi Beauty – Bindi 2 tattoo
Creator: Yoko Leeeroy
Price: $10L 5-pack
Lazuri @ Old Europe: Crescendo jewelry
Creator: Zuri Lyric
Price: $0L (Old Europe Starfish Hunt – ends 7-15-13)
Sterling Artistry: GlitterFae – Zesty & StarryFae – Gleam eye packs
Creator: Silverr Andel
Price: $1L each (Midsummer Night’s Dream 4 hunt)
Kastle Rock Couture: Midsummer Night’s Dream skin
Creator: Spooky Mistwallow
Price: $1L (Midsummer Night’s Dream 4 hunt)

TSG – June 2013 Group Gift

TSG_Group Gift June 2013_Dark Skies Eyes

The Sugar Garden has out a new group gift & this time I got the notice!

These are gorgeous! Being a brown-eyed girl myself, I love them lots.
The group gift comes with two browns, system & mesh eyes in one iris size only.
With luscious gloss & details they’re perfect for ethnic or dolly avies!

VIPs can pick their gift up at the store.
Not a VIP? The fee is high but previous gifts are available.

Have fun!

TSG: Dark Skies eyes
Creator: Eilfie Sugarplum
Price: $0L (Group gift – $350L to join)
the Skinnery @ Arcade: Poppi – Diabolique (toffee) skin
Creator: Umazuma Metaluna
Price: $100L per play (Arcade gacha – ends 6-30-13)

Second Pride Festival Gifts

The Second Pride Festival is an event to help support the many LGBT communities within Second Life.

At the festival you will find shopping, community info, fun events, and of course a hunt.
Below are some of the gifts you will find among the various shops & vendors:

Orbz_Second Pride Festival Gift_Second Pride Eyes

At Jaryth’s Barber Shop’s booth, a nice gift of rainbow colored eyes by Orbz!

The gift features mesh eyes & a system layer (which is not the same) with optional highlight attachments plus an alpha glitch prim in case your hair conflicts with the eyes.
Sterling Artistry_Second Pride Festival Gift_Wisteria Trio & Special Mix Eyes

At Sterling Artistry’s booth, he has a couple of gifts!

The event gift is a trio of vibrant purple eyes in system layers only & two buttons.
The second gift features muted multicolored eyes with system, prim, & mesh versions.
The prim & mesh eyes are scripted for resize & four iris sizes.
Amacci_Second Pride Festival Gift_Pride 1 - 2 Eyes

At Amacci’s booth, a duo of Look eyes in masculine tones.

They come in two iris sizes (system only) & optional particle sparkles.
Razzle_Second Pride Festival Gift_Color Explosion Eyes

At Razzle’s booth, the gift contains pretty rainbow system eyes.
Now, once you’ve gotten the gifts from the vendor shops, grab your hunt HUD at one of the kiosks on the Second Pride Sim.

There are forty cute yellow stars hidden simwide at the event.
Click the squares on the HUD to find out which store & section to look.
You have to find all forty & fill your hunt HUD up to receive all the hunt prizes.

Here are a couple of prizes:

Razzle_Second Pride Rainbow Road Hunt Prize_Spectrum Eyes

Another colorful eye from Razzle.
This one contains system & mesh versions!

Orbz_Second Pride Rainbow Road Hunt Prize_Andromeda - Baby Blues Eyes

Orbz‘ hunt prize features grey blue eyes in three sclera (eye white) shades.
System & mesh versions are included.

Other prizes include clothing, shoes, art, accessories, decor, and much more!

This is a great event whatever your orientation!
Straight guys, don’t be scared, there are lots of male clothing shops.
If you’ve ever complained about not finding any new clothes, now you have no excuse.

Get your rainbow on & go have some fun!

Event ends June 23rd, 2013.

Orbz @ Second Pride Festival: Second Pride eyes
Creator: Jaryth
Price: $0L (Second Pride gift)
Glam Affair @ TGGS: Roza – I’m Crazy skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $499L (3-pack)
Madrid Solo: Vixen eyeshadow
Creator: Madrid Solo
Price: $150L fat pack
Sterling Artistry @ Second Pride Festival: Wisteria trio & Special Mix eyes
Creator: Silverr Andel
Price: $0L (Second Pride gifts)
Amacci @ Second Pride Festival: LOOK – Pride 1 & 2 eyes
Creator: Carina Larsen
Price: $0L (Second Pride gift)
Razzle @ Second Pride Festival: Color Explosion eyes
Creator: AlaricEvo
Price: $0L (Second Pride gift)

.ID. , Ibanez, & Ikon! Oh My!

Prepare for fairly lengthy post featuring three top eye creators!

First up, gifts from Insufferable Dastard!

ID_June Gift 2013_Galaxy Eyes

Audrey has set out the gift for June!
It features violet bi-colored eyes with system & mesh versions in one iris size.
The eye white has a blueish tone giving these more of a fae/alien look.

This gift is free for everyone, all you need to is pop by the shop & get it!

ID_Group Gift_VIP 6-16-13 Eyes

She also released four new series & sent out a group gift sampler to her VIPs!
The sampler gift features one selection from each of the new releases plus the June gift.

If you didn’t receive or haven’t joined yet, check the group notices!
Ibanez_New Release_Lumious - Violet Outburst EyesIbanez_New Release_Assorted Lumious Eyes

Speaking of new releases, Ibanez has a new series as well!
I don’t often get to show Annie’s awesome eyes since she moved exclusively to the MP.
This time I didn’t miss them!

The new Luminous line features unique & colorful multicolored eyes with system & prim eyes.
They come in one iris size only.
There are twenty four colors in all & just showing my favorites.

Great eyes for Summer!
IKON_New Release_Ascension - Daemon EyesIKON_New Release_Assorted Ascension Eyes

To round out the triple “I” threat of new releases, IKON added new colors for the Ascension series!
The Ascension series premiered at the Numberology event & now available at his mainstore.

The new colors feature seven pales & seven darks, each have system eyes with five iris sizes.
(Much to my amusement, he named the pales after spirits like “Ghost”, “Wraith”, & “Banshee”, etc.) 😛

The special 6-pack, previously blogged, is also available! YAY!

That’s all for now, I’m beat!
Go shopping, get some new peepers & enjoy yourselves!

Have a great week everybody!

.ID.: Galaxy eyes
Creator: Audrey Lamede
Price: $0L (June gift)
.ID.: VIP new release sample eyes
Creator: Audrey Lamede
Price: $0L (Group gift – $150L to join)
Glam Affair @ Arcade: Lulu 04 skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $100L per play (Arcade gacha – ends 6-30-13)
Ibanez (MP): Luminous eyes
Creator: Audrey Lamede
Price: $99L each
Glam Affair @ Arcade: Lulu 10 RARE skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $100L per play (Arcade gacha – ends 6-30-13)
IKON: Ascension eyes
Creator: Ikon Innovia
Price: $150L each
Glam Affair @ Arcade: Lulu 12 RARE skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $100L per play (Arcade gacha – ends 6-30-13)