Cart Sale Eyes @ The Wash

Kirie @ The Cart Sale has two sets of lovely eyes at her cart. One size & no prims.

U-Neek @ The Cart Sale has these two large bright eyes (plus a huge pack of odd eyes) at her cart. One size & no prims.

Needful Things @ The Cart Sale has these two funky eyes (plus a few more) at his cart. One size & no prims.

Everything at the sale is only $10L!
The Cart Sale ends March 14th, 2012.

Kirie (Main Store): Oasis Blue & Ember Glow Brown Eyes
Creator: Nya Alchemi
Price: $10L each
U-Neek (Main Store): Spring & Sky Eyes
Creator: treebee Withnail
Price: $10L each
Needful Things (Main Store): Infected Zombie & Bio V2 Eyes
Creator: Ryan Hydraconis
Price: $10L each

U-Neek – Unique & Unusual Eyes

Are you “U-Neek”?
Treebee has some of the most unusual & funky eyes (along with skins) in Second Life.
If you’re looking to stand out in the crowd or make an artistic statement, then take a trip to U-Neek!

U-Neek: Amethyst Eyes, OOTW aqua Eyes, Yelloid Eyes
Creator: treebee Withnail
Price: $25L each
U-Neek: Spirax purple, Glo aqua, *Icometal pale skins
Creator: treebee Withnail
Price: $200L each – *N/A (former store hunt gift)
U-Neek: Metalcurl purple tattoo
Creator: treebee Withnail
Price: $50L

~*By Snow*~ – Folklore Hunt Prize

The Folklore Hunt has begun!
My prize to find is Thunderbird Eyes, facial tattoo & wings.
Four sizes and prim eyes.
Hunt ends March 13th!

By Snow: Thunderbird Eyes & facial tattoo
Creator: Snow Frostwych (myself)
Price: $1L (FH Hunt prize)
XYR (MP store): Fantasy skins V3 (Touch of Lilac) skin
Creator: Xyr Avril
Price: $0L

Repulse – Assorted Hunt Eyes

Today is the LAST DAY to grab Repulse‘s hunt gift for the Zombie Popcorn 6 Hunt!
Two sets of eyes, Living Dead (two sizes) & Rotten (two colors)!

Repulse‘s Callous Eyes gift for the Tainted Heart Hunt!
Hunt ends February 29th, 2012!

Repulse‘s Infected v2 Eyes gift for the Jack or Jill Hunt Male path!
Hunt ends February 29th, 2012

Repulse‘s Slaughter Eyes V2 gift for the My Rotting Valentine Hunt!
Hunt ends March 4th, 2012!

Happy Hunting!!!

Repulse: All hunt gifts
Creator: Max Lexigle
Price: $0L
Miasnow @ FabFree Station: Zombina (bad romance) skin (part of Miasnow’s freebies)
Creator: MiaSnow Myriam
Price: $0L

Assorted Valentine Eyes

Valentine’s Day is coming fast!
Found some great eyes with heart shaped pupils:

The first eyes by Wretch are rather rainbow gothic and come with one set of regular eyes & two prim eye sizes (M/S).

The second eyes by Shaga are in a pretty purple shade. These are in a small size, no prims, & only available through the Marketplace.

The last eyes by Tuty’s come in one size, no prims, & in lovely pink.

Wretch: Valentine Eyes
Creator: PetiteAnaiis Eleonara
Price: $1L
Shaga (MP Store): Love Eyes
Creator: Cathy Novo
Price: $1L
Tuty’s: Valentine’s Day Eyes
Creator: Tutys
Price: $0L