LaNoir Soleil – Esoteric Eye Gacha

LaNoir Soleil_Candy Factory Gacha_[LNS] Gold Eyes

LaNoir Soleil has something new & neat at The Candy Factory January edition!

Sonn created special eyes for this event’s gachas.
Each comes with system & mesh eyes in one iris size, pretty standard but these are Materials enabled!
The image above show the system versions under my typical lighting & settings.

Let’s see what happens when you wear the mesh:
LaNoir Soleil_Candy Factory Gacha_[LNS] Gold Eyes_Materials Enabled

All images were taken with Nam’s Optimal Skin 2 windlight.
To be able to see specular & normal (bump) Materials, Advanced Lighting in your graphics preferences must be turned on.
These eyes use specular materials only & come with an eye light attachment which caused the catchlight shine shown in the second picture.

Let’s shine it up at little more:
LaNoir Soleil_Candy Factory Gacha_[LNS] Gold Eyes_Materials Enabled w-Facelight

Here I added the CG Facelight, an adjustable free facelight most people probably have somewhere in their inventory.
Look at that shine!

Keep in mind your results will vary because of lighting variables & your personal settings.
There are ten colors to play for & you’ll want them all!

Happy New Year & Good Luck!

[LNS] @ The Candy Factory: Esoteric – Gold eyes
Creator: sonnetsoleil
Price: $25L per play
Izzie’s @ TDRF: Mokatana – Lila Gold Rush skin
Creator: Izzie Button
Price: $70L (TDRF til 1-2-14)
FINESMITH: Flame Angel jewelry & accessories
Creator: yula Finesmith
Price: $5L upto $75L (Ice&Fire Holiday Hunt til 1-1-14)

eSSe STORE – Dollarbie Gift

eSSs STORE_GIFT_Realistic Eyes

eSSe STORE is a brand new store that opened just this month!

You can snag these beautiful highly detailed cocoa brown & denim blue eyes for only $1L.
It comes with system & mesh eyes in two iris sizes.

This shop will one to watch!

eSSe STORE (MP): Beatrix – Realistic GIFT eyes
Creator: eSSeWORLD
Price: $1L
Deesses: Coco – cappuccino skin
Creator: NatalieWells
Price: $0L ( Sisters Hunt 2013 – group hunt – $50L to join)

Avi-Glam – Freebies & Dollarbies

Avi-Glam_Wearable Demo_Impressive - Grey EyesAvi-Glam_Wearable Demos _Assorted Eyes

New Years is quickly approaching!
Visit Avi-Glam to grab some eyes for the upcoming party!

I’m showing all her free wearable demos & dollarbies from newest to old.
All come with system & mesh eyes, many with more than one iris size.

Her work has come a long way in through 2013 so can’t wait to see what’s coming for 2014!

Avi-Glam (MP): Assorted eyes
Creator: Kendra Parfort
Price: $0L – $1L each
Glam Affair: Mokatana – Petal (Happy Xmas <3) skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $0L (Group gift – $30L to join)

Cubic Cherry – Cherry Hunt Gift

Cubic Cherry_Where's the Cherry Hunt_Opalescenza - After the Rain Eyes

Got time for a sweet little sim-wide hunt?
Then hop over to the Where is The Cherry? hunt!

In one of the cute cherries hidden around the shops, you can find these softly hued rainbow eyes.
They are mesh only & are modify for fitting.

More cute & colorful hunt gifts are at the sim to find to chase away the Winter Blues.
Happy Hunting!

Cubic Cherry: Opalescenza – after the rain eyes
Creator: Kreao Kujisawa
Price: $0L (Where’s The Cherry Hunt til 1-4-14)
PXL: Jade – Winter skin
Creator: Hart Larsson
Price: $0L (Group gift – $250L to join)

Sterling Artistry – December 2013 Group Gift

Sterling Artistry_Group Gift December 2013_Serenity - Lustre Eyes

Silverr sent a lovely little December gift to group members!

It features lovely eyes in deep indigo blue with system, prim, & mesh versions.
The prim & mesh eyes are scripted for resize, four iris sizes, & glow settings.
Also special sizing options for mesh petite avatars.

This group gift exclusive can be found in the group notices.
Don’t forget the POE6 hunt gift & November’s free gifts toward the back of the shop!

Happy Holidays!

Sterling Artistry: Serenity – Lustre eyes
Creator: Silverr Andel
Price: $0L (Group Gift – free to join)
Mirror’s Enigma: Heather – Freedom tan skin
Creator: Ydreece Forster
Price: $0L ( Sisters Hunt 2013 – group hunt – $50L to join)
Sax Shepherd Designs @ We ❤ RP: Holiday Snow jewelry
Creator: Sax Shepherd
Price: $0L (We ❤ RP Christmas Gift)

Merry Christmas!

Snow's Xmas Card

I want to thank all my readers & fellow creators for their support for the past two years.
It’s you who make this possible & an enjoyment.

May you have have a Merry Christmas & be blessed this season!

Happy Hugs to all!

Silken Moon – KittyCatS Advent Eyes

Silken Moon_KittyCatS Advent 2013_Superbeast  - Forest EyesSilken Moon_KittyCatS Advent 2013_Superbeast Eyes

Today is the last day for most Advent calendars!
Be sure to hit on the KittyCatS Advent Calendar for kitty themed gifts!

Silken Moon has four dark cats eyes in her KittyCatS Advent gift.
They are system only & have large irises.
The gift also contains a tintable eyeshadow, eyeliner, & cute cathose.

This Advent calendar is free for all & filled with great gifts!
Past days gifts are still available but you can only get a gift one time only from each door.

Hurry to get your gifts & Merry Christmas Eve!

Silken Moon @ KittyCatS Advent: Superbeast eyes
Creator: Malicia Python
Price: $0L (Advent calendar gift)
.ploom. @ KittyCatS Advent: Maia – Frosty skin
Creator: Helyanwe Vindaloo
Price: $0L (Advent calendar gift)
Adore&Abhor @ KittyCatS Advent: Star Blush & Whiskers Liners – Pink Chateau
Creator: Sileny Noel
Price: $0L (Advent calendar gifts)

Real Eyes – Christmas Group Gift

Real Eyes_Group Gift_Reals - Penny Chiffon2 Eyes

Real Eyes sent a little Christmas gift to group members!

Lovely soft eyes in a neutral tone with a glittery sclera.
They are system only in one iris size.

Group members can find the gift in the group notices & more gifts are available at the store.
Group is free to join!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Real Eyes: Reals – Penny Chiffon2 eyes
Creator: Aire Xaris
Price: $0L (Group gift – free to join)
Pink Fuel: Sora – Flushed skin
Creator: Mochi Milena
Price: $75L (Knitting Circle holiday special)
[LNS Designs]: Silver Bells earrings – white
Creator: sonnetsoleil & Caresia Adored
Price: $25L per play (store gacha)

Chop Shop – Merry Crisis Gacha

Chop Shop_Merry Crisis Gacha_Holiday - Ultra Rare Eyes

Almost Christmas Eve!

For down-to-the-wire gift ideas, try your luck at the Merry Crisis gachas!
Chop Shop has a unique eye gacha there with a lot of eyes to play for.


Lucky me got the Holiday – Ultra Rare in red & green!
Each eye comes with system & mesh versions in a large iris size.
If your friends & family love oversized & glossy doll-like eyes, play a few times to get these for gifts since they are transferable. Only $50L per spin. Good Luck!

Happy Holiday shopping & Merry Christmas!

Chop Shop @ Merry Crisis: Holiday – Ultra RARE eyes
Creator: Asylum Utherwurldly
Price: $50L per play (event gacha til 1-3-14)
Belleza: Mya Xmas Gift skin
Creator: Shyla Diggs
Price: $0L (Christmas 2013 Group gift – $250L to join)
Krystal: Galaxy – Gold circlet & earrings
Creator: Krystal Jenkins
Price: $25L each (Advent Calender 2013)
Nox @ This Winter: Silent Night – Pine eyeshadow
Creator: Olyvia Stratten
Price: $35L (til 12-31-13)

ContraptioN @ RMK Gothic Frost Fair & GENRE

ContraptioN_RMK Frost Fair 2013_Bizarre Mask

OMG! Not about eyes!
You will definitely want to go to the RMK Gothic Frost Fair for this mask by ContrapioN.

This stunning mesh mask is materials enabled & comes with optional versions.
There is antlers only, antlered & no antlers w/head strap, antlered & no antlers w/no strap, or display versions.

This color is exclusive to the fair & will not be available once it is over!

ContraptioN_GENRE December 2013_Bramley's Monocle - CopperContraptioN_GENRE December 2013_Bramley's Monocle - Copper options

If the mask is too weird for you, head over to GENRE for a lovely little chained monocle.

The monocle has two parts, the frame with lens & the chain.
You may need to edit the chain to get it to fit to you ear like I did.
There are six metals to select from, each comes with additional gold & silver accented versions.
The fat pack has seven metals so that would be the one to buy (if you can get the vendor to work).

Get that last minute shopping in!

Happy Holiday shopping & Merry Christmas!

ContraptioN @ RMK Frost Fair: Bizarre Mask
Creator: Faust Steamer
Price: $250L (RMK Frost Fair til 12-31-13)
ContraptioN @ GENRE: Bramley’s Monocle – Copper
Creator: Faust Steamer
Price: $100L each – $500L fat pack (Dec. 2013 GENRE til 1-12-14)
AVELINE (MP): Natural – Hazel eyes
Creator: Creator: giggle Solo
Price: $0L
Calico Hair: Eira hair – Fades 1
Creator: Calico Ingmann
Price: $250L per color pack
Al Vulo! @ TDRF: Mimi – DK Milk skin
Creator: Hlin Bluebird
Price: $70L (TDRF til 1-2-14)
Aeva//Heartsick: Vintage eyebrows
Creator: Amesha Jewell
Price: $100L fat pack