Plastik – Boobies Gift Eyes

Plastik_Boobies Gift_Vaele Coll-Eyre Eyes

There is a free gift out at the Plastik!

Called the “Boobies” gift, it contains a denim dress w/appliers, three boyfriend tees, and eye mini pack.
The eyes feature three realistic colors with system & mesh versions in one iris size.

I don’t know how long the gift box will be out, so hurry to grab it!

Plastik: Vaele Collection – Eyre Coll. 2 eyes
Creator: Aikea Rieko
Price: $0L
Al Vulo!: Alyss – Wonderland blonde skin
Creator: Hlin Bluebird
Price: $0L (Jan. 2013 Group gift – free to join)
alaskametro: Classic prim lashes
Creator: Alaska Metropolitan
Price: $50L

Mayfly – $60L Weekend Jan. 26 – 27

Mayfly_60LWeekend_Pomegranate Eyes_1-26-13Mayfly_60LWeekend_Eyes_1-26-13

Last January round of Mayfly‘s specials for Sixty Lindens Weekends.

I’m showing the vivid crimson Pomegranate which warms me up during the cold winter weather.
The other two colors featured are a patinaed bronze & a minty green.

The three pairs of eyes on sale are mesh only, include four sclera choices with resize scripts.
Normally priced at $99L, you can buy them for only $60L for this weekend til midnight on Sunday!

Happy weekend shopping!

Mayfly: Deep Sky – Pomegranate eyes
Creator: Arkesh Baral
Price: $60L ($60L Weekend 1-26/27-13)
Essences @ Zodiac: Wednesday Agua Phoenix skin
Creator: Inka Mexicola
Price: $200L (Zodiac – Aquarius til Feb. 13th, 2013)

Chus! – Puff Lens Group Gift or Cheapie

Chus_GroupGift_Puff Lens - Seahorse_EyesChus_GroupGift_Puff Lens_Eyes

Chus! has another goodie out!

This mini pack of eyes features four delicious colors in system & mesh versions.
If you are a group member, they’re free for you!
If you are not, you can purchase them for the super low price of $10L!

Group members need to wear the group tag & click the sign at Pixel’s display on the left.
Nonmembers can purchase the mini pack on the right.

Have fun!!

Chus!: Puff Lens eyes
Creator: Pixel Tyran
Price: $0L (Group gift – free to join) or $10L
Izzie’s @ Perfect Wardrobe: Geanna – Bubblegum skin
Creator: Izzie Button
Price: $90L

TSG Sinners Wrath Hunt

One week left for the The Sinister Goth Sinners Wrath Hunt!

This is a group hunt, you must be a member of The Sinister Goth group to receive the hunt gifts.
Let’s take a look at the eyes in the hunt:

TLB_TSG Sinners Wrath Hunt_Wrath Demon Eyes

The Little Bat‘s hunt gift features an almost complete female demon avatar.
It comes with a skin, wings, horns, tail, clothing, and eyes.

The burning lava-like eyes are system only in one iris size.

Cyrious_TSG Sinners Wrath Hunt_Fire & Ash Eyes

The gift from Cyrious features a partial mesh pose prop altar, sculpted wings with animated textures, and animated eyes.

The eyes come with a dark eye base (not shown) & animated fire prim eyes matching the wings.

AI_TSG Sinners Wrath Hunt_Angelic & Arbiter Eyes

Archeon Industries gift features two system eyes.

One iris size only, one is a heavenly blue & the other a smouldering ember.

Hurry to join The Sinister Goth group & do the hunt before it ends!
Hunt Hints & Links
Hunt ends January 31st.

The Little Bat: Wrath Demon eyes & skin
Creator: Drusilla Dethly
Price: $0L (TSG group hunt – free to join)
Cyrious: Fire & Ash eyes
Creator: Nedria Cyr
Price: $0L (TSG group hunt – free to join)
BRAT[inc]: Wrath hunt skin
Creator: AzureFera
Price: $0L (TSG group hunt – free to join)
Archeon Industries: Angelic & Arbiter eyes
Creator: Prometheus Daines
Price: $0L (TSG group hunt – free to join)
Pysch0: Una (Frozen) skin
Creator: Psych0 Starship
Price: $0L (TSG group hunt – free to join)

Clemmm – Milk & Blood Group Gift

Clemmm_Group Gift_Milk n Blood Eyes

Clemmm sent out a new gift to group members! \o/

A “work-in-progress” of sorts, these milky pink eyes come with system & mesh in one iris only.
In the notice, she states she doesn’t plan on making other colors but will take non-exclusive commissions/requests.

There is also a second WIP gift sent but I derped & forgot to take a picture.
That gift, called Fract eyes, is similar to a previous group gift, the white Fog Eyes with the tiny pupil.
If you are a group member, you can send Clem a color request for the Fract eyes as well.

Be sure to read the notices & collect your gifts!
Join fee is still $33L!

Clemmm: Milk & Blood eyes
Creator: Clem Velinov
Price: $0L (Group gift – $33L to join til whenever she changes it)
PXL: Sophia PA Decadence skin
Creator: Hart Larrson
Price: $0L (Group gift – $250L to join)
Mad Echo (MP store): Abbey piercings
Creator: Kitten Mai
Price: $1L

Real Eyes – Marylin Group Gift

RealEyes_GroupGift_Marylin Eyes-Makeup

Real Eyes sent out an awesome gift to all “The Beautiful People” in her group!

Obviously inspired by shock rocker, Marilyn Manson, the gift contains mismatched mesh eyes with three eye makeups.
The mesh eyes are copyable but no modify.
Make a copy of each and attach to the opposite eye to have two matching pairs. 😉

The Marylin gift can be found in the group notices & free to join!
Have fun!!

Real Eyes: Marylin eyes & makeups
Creator: Aire Xaris
Price: $0L (Group gift – free to join)
{alanoctis} MP store: Manson I skin
Creator: Vicious Laloix
Price: $66L

.{Rue}. – Group Gifts Galore

Rue_Group Gift_Grimalkin-Achangel EyesRue_Group Gift_Grimalkin-Delirium Eyes

Ruina has gone mad! She sent seven gifts to group members this weekend!
Two of those are Delirium color packs of the Grimalkin & Cassiopea lines.

The Grimalkin above feature multicolored eyes with slit pupils.
Give your kitty or demonic avie a wickedly cool look with these eyes!

Rue_Group Gift_Cassiopeia-Delirium Eyes

The second gift are the Cassiopeia eyes which feature colorful nebulous irises with a triple pupil.
Very otherworldly and alienesque, perfect for an assortment of fantasy avies.

Both sets contain system, prim, & mesh versions.
The prim & mesh are mod so you can resize, adjust glow, & fullbright settings.

The other five gifts are fabulous horn packs, each pack has two versions in eight colors.

The group fee is steep right now because gifts are available in the notices.
The price will drop after they rotate out in fourteen days.

Don’t miss out!

.{Rue}.: Grimalkin – Delirium eyes
Creator: Ruina Kessel
Price: $0L fatpack (Group gift – currently $500L to join)
.{Rue}.: Cassiopeia – Delirium eyes
Creator: Ruina Kessel
Price: $0L fatpack (Group gift – currently $500L to join)
.{Rue}.: Inqisitor – Booby horns
Creator: Ruina Kessel
Price: $0L fatpack (Group gift – currently $500L to join)
Ugly Duck: Swan -Lily- Wept skin (alien version)
Creator: Fade Lei
Price: $1000L (sit on the door to get to the older skins)

Mayfly – $60L Weekend Jan. 19 – 20


Another round of Mayfly‘s specials for Sixty Lindens Weekends.

Showing stunning sienna cat eyes from the Shadow Cat line of Ephemeral Neko.
The other two are a rich mossy olive green & frigid cold blue from the Deep Sky & Liquid Light lines.

The three pairs of eyes on sale are mesh only, include four sclera choices with resize scripts.
Normally priced at $99L, you can buy them for only $60L for this weekend til midnight on Sunday!

Happy weekend shopping!

Ephemeral Neko/Mayfly: Shadow Cat – Sienna | Deep Sky – Olive Hazel | Liquid Light – Artic Glacier eyes
Creator: Arkesh Baral
Price: $60L ($60L Weekend 1-19/20-13)
Oceane Body Design: Milla has a cold skin
Creator: Oceane Grumiaux
Price: $10L (CWNH Hunt)
Madrid Solo: Show Designs – Dovely full makeup
Creator: Madrid Solo
Price: $150L

Femboy Hunt Winter 2013

Squeezed in some time to do the Femboy Hunt Winter 2013!
Aimed for men with effeminate features & style, many items can also be worn by women.

Here are a few interesting hunt items you can find during the hunt:

Pie-Tin_Femboy Hunt Winter 2013_Snow Queen Eyes

Pie-Tin has Snow Queen eyes in system & mesh versions with three iris sizes as well as glow pupil add-ons.
The hunt prize also contains a femboy shape & eyeliner (not shown).

Peippo_Femboy Hunt Winter 2013_Frost01 EyesPeippo_Femboy Hunt Winter 2013_Frost Eyes

Peippo has a fat pack of Frost eyes in six colors.
They are system versions only and have a cloudy nebulous cartoon look.

Atypical_Femboy Hunt Winter 2013_Eyeball BowAtypical_Femboy Hunt Winter 2013_Eyeball Bows

Atypical has eyeball hair bows with texture change menu on touch.
Eight iris colors to choose from the menu and with a little creative editing, since they are modify, you can turn them into prim eyes like I did. 😉

If you dare to branch out and explore something different then this is a fun hunt for you!
Clothing, skins, accessories, and more:
Femboy Hunt Hints & Links
Femboy Hunt Prize Preview

Hunt ends January 31st, 2013.
Happy Hunting!

Pie-Tin: Snow Queen eyes
Creator: Pieta Nowles
Price: $2L (Femboy Hunt)
Aeva // Heartsick: Andrej – 1 // Freeze male only skin
Creator: Amesha Jewell
Price: $2L (Femboy Hunt)
Tori-Tastic: Trapped in Glamour makeup
Creator: Victoria MacFanatic
Price: $2L (Femboy Hunt)
Peippo: Frost eyes
Creator: Pieni
Price: $2L (Femboy Hunt)
DANGO: Freckled male/female skin
Creator: Kurai Thei
Price: $2L (Femboy Hunt)
Atypical: Eyeball Bows (also modified for eyes)
Creator: Adonis Hunniton
Price: $2L (Femboy Hunt)
WoW Skins: PinkSugar female only skin
Creator: sawsan Secretspy
Price: $2L (Femboy Hunt)
Ayashi: Youya Blue hair
Creator: Ikira Frimon
Price: $2L (Femboy Hunt)

TSG – Vibrant Group Gift

TSG_GroupGift_Vibrant-Radioactive Eyes

Eilfie of The Sugar Garden has a special version of her new Vibrant eyes for group members!

They feature system & mesh versions with tiny pupils in aqua green with a touch of blue & yellow.
One iris size only & the mesh eyes are no modify so fitting may be an issue.
A wonderful choice for fairies or dollies!

The group fee might be high but all gifts are top quality.
Stop by and see what Eilfie has to offer!

TSG: Vibrant – Radioactive eyes, Marina Dec. 2012 V.I.P. skin, Laquer Lips tattoo
Creator: Eilfie Sugarplum
Price: $0L (Group gifts – $350L to join)