Catseye – Cat Eyes

RAWR! I got these great Cat Eyes from Catseye!
The pack has 8 vibrant colors in one size and no prims.
Purrrrrrfect for nekos & anthropomorphic avatars.
Check out some of the feline avatar demos for free wearable eye samples too!

Catseye: Cat Eyes & White Tiger skin
Creator: Catty Catseye
Price: $99L fat pack – $499L avatar
TULI: Parted Lips tattoo layer
Creator: Tuli Asturias
Price: $0L
*Prim fangs by me & not for sale.

Fallen Gods – Welcome Gift Eyes

These evil Blood Eyes are in the welcome gift package at Fallen Gods!
One size and no prims.
The red facial tattoo is also in the welcome gift as well as other goodies. 😉

Fallen Gods: Blood Eyes & Cursed Face Tattoo
Creator: Alia Baroque
Price: $0L
Glam Affair: GiO Black Snow skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: N/A (Former TDR Exclusive)

Barn Owl – Bleh Eyes

Barn Owl (formerly Bleh) has all her store items temporarily for free, including her eyes!
There are ten soft shades, one size and no prims.
Hurry to get them!

Barn Owl: Bleh Eyes
Creator: Marcillia Bumblefoot
Price: $0L (Limited Offer)
Al Vulo: Leilani Gold Fish Sunkissed skin
Creator: Hlin Bluebird
Price: $0L (April Group Gift – $0L to join)

Chus! – Easter Group Gift & More

These two adorable eyes are the Easter group gift from Chus!.
Comes in one size, prim versions, and cute bunny makeup.
They are only available for a very short time so you need to hurry!

Don’t forget to check the group notices to get the two gifts shown above!
They also come in one size with prim versions.

Happy Easter!!!

Chus!: Ostern Rabbit Eyes & Makeup, Purity Eyes (Ghost), & Mogry Eyes (Amber)
Creator: Pixel Tyran
Price: $0L (Easter Group Gift – Free to join)
Hush: Paige – Babydoll skin
Creator: Hush Darkrose
Price: $0L (March Group Gift – $100L to join)