Antielle – Enchantment Hunt August 2015

OMG! It’s been months since I made a post!
I’ve been a long, long hiatus from the blog and I may not do alot of posting like I had in the past.
It gets exhausting to be honest and I needed a real break.

BUT I have managed to do the Enchantment Hunt because, well…. MERMAIDS!

To my happiness, Antielle has mermaid eyes as a hunt gift:

Antielle - Enchantment Hunt August 2015

Antielle Mermaid Eyes - Enchantment Hunt August 2015

Six bold neon colors with three versions – System, Concave mesh, & Regular mesh.

Lumae: Adore Eione / Anemone skin
Creator: Lumiya Rae
Price: $0L (Enchantment Hunt gift)
Gaeline Creations: Jewel Celeste nose piercing (texture/color change)
Creator: Gael Streeter
Price: $0L (Enchantment Hunt gift)
MUSE: Dancing Anemone jewelry
Creator: Norina Soir
Price: $0L (Enchantment Hunt gift)


Teleport to Enchantment to get started!

Be sure to join the Enchantment group, some of the hunt prizes haven’t been configured correctly & they added three stores to the hunt today so you will need to get the updates from the group notices.

Happy Hunting!

The Wash Cart Sale

While I fight off a cold, let’s take a look at The Wash Cart Sale eyes!

Soulglitter_The Wash Cart Sale 3-1-14_Kiera Silver Eyes

Soulglitter’s cart features a semi-full female avatar!

You get a couple of skins, shapes, hair w/hairbase, physics layers, & these silvery eyes.
The eyes have system & prim versions in one iris size.

No clothing is included but lots of clothes are at the cart sale!

Soulglitter @ Cart Sale: Kiera skin & eyes
Creator: Auroris
Price: $10L
Phoebe @ Cart Sale: Moon earrings | Q7 face piercing
Creator: Phoebe Ubert
Price: $10L | $5L
ZERO COOL_The Wash Cart Sale 3-1-14_The Look - Impressionism Eyes

These pretty green eyes are at ZERO COOL’s cart!

The eyes come with system & prim eyes in one iris size.
It also has a resize hud with full bright toggle for the prims.

ZERO COOL @ Cart Sale: The Look – Impressionism eyes
Creator: Alyssalillian McMinnar
Price: $10L
Lumae (formerly Aeva//Heartsick) @ Cart Sale: Una:4 Honey / Perky Pink skin
Creator: Amesha Jewell
Price: $10L
N@N@ @ Cart Sale: Enga jewelry set
Creator: Natem Andel
Price: $10L
BLD_The Wash Cart Sale 3-1-14_Standard - Moss Green EyesBLD_The Wash Cart Sale 3-1-14_Fantasy Standard & Animal Eyes

BLD’s cart features two eye packs!

The Standard eyes are human-like & Fantasy Animal are cat or reptile-like.
Both eye packs contain four eyes with system & mesh versions.
Each also includes a hud to change full bright & glow options.

BLD @ Cart Sale: Standard eyes pack 1 & Fantasy Animal eye pack
Creator: Beliria Lumley
Price: $10L eack 4-pack
Style by Kira @ Cart Sale: Lulu skin 01I
Creator: Kira Paderborn
Price: $10L
Luminesse @ Cart Sale: Seirah Carmine jewelry set
Creator: ZanSarai
Price: $10L

If you need to update an alt or just want a bargain, head to The Wash Cart Sale!
Everything is $10L or less from avatar accessories to home decor.

The cart sale ends March 25th, 2014.

Happy Shopping!

Umedama Holic – Closing Sale

Umedama Holic_Closing Sale_Tsuya Eyes - grayishRgreenUmedama Holic_Closing Sale_Assorted Eyes

Umedama Holic is closing his inworld store & having a sale!
According to his blog, he is working on moving to the SL Marketplace but some eyes will be gone for good.

I’m showing samples from all his main series & all are $50L each.
The majority are system only with multiple iris sizes.
The Tsuya & Stray Cats series have prim eyes included that are texture change scripted.

You can also pick up a couple of dollarbies & specials on the window shelves.
The last group gift is still out & still free to join.

Umetaro will close the doors on February 25th, 2014.
Grab them before time runs out!

Umedama Holic: Assorted eyes
Creator: umetaro Mayo
Price: $50L each
Glam Affair: Valentine gift skin 02
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $0L (Group gift – $30L to join)

IM CaPPed @ Fecal Festival

IM CaPPed_The Fecal Festival_Soul Windows - Frizzante - Prosecco Eyes

IM CaPPed has a “stall” at the Fecal Festival!
It’s not about poop like it sounds, the festival celebrates colors associated with the bathroom.
So count on lots of brown and giant rolls of pink toilet paper!

IM CaPPed_The Fecal Festival_Assorted Eyes

Victoria has a selection of various brown hued eyes in different styles.
All are system eyes & many have have light & dark scleras included.
Most of the irises are large size.
They’re only $2L each, so if you’re a lover of brown eyes, add these to your collection.

Lots of jewelry, decor, furniture, and more are at this small shopping event!
Event ends January 24th, 2014.

Don’t forget to wash your hands! ;D

IM CaPPed @ Fecal Festival: Soul Windows – Frizzante – Prosecco eyes
Creator: Victoria Bazylinski
Price: $2L
Mercury Shop (MP): Alice skin
Creator: AlMercury
Price: $19L
Alaskametro (MP): Model Pout alpha & tattoo
Creator: Alaska Metropolitan
Price: $0L
Two Sisters Treasures @ Fecal Festival: Rachel’s Riches Topaz & Amber Garnet earrings
Creator: Arabella Bellios
Price: $25L

Silken Moon – KittyCatS Advent Eyes

Silken Moon_KittyCatS Advent 2013_Superbeast  - Forest EyesSilken Moon_KittyCatS Advent 2013_Superbeast Eyes

Today is the last day for most Advent calendars!
Be sure to hit on the KittyCatS Advent Calendar for kitty themed gifts!

Silken Moon has four dark cats eyes in her KittyCatS Advent gift.
They are system only & have large irises.
The gift also contains a tintable eyeshadow, eyeliner, & cute cathose.

This Advent calendar is free for all & filled with great gifts!
Past days gifts are still available but you can only get a gift one time only from each door.

Hurry to get your gifts & Merry Christmas Eve!

Silken Moon @ KittyCatS Advent: Superbeast eyes
Creator: Malicia Python
Price: $0L (Advent calendar gift)
.ploom. @ KittyCatS Advent: Maia – Frosty skin
Creator: Helyanwe Vindaloo
Price: $0L (Advent calendar gift)
Adore&Abhor @ KittyCatS Advent: Star Blush & Whiskers Liners – Pink Chateau
Creator: Sileny Noel
Price: $0L (Advent calendar gifts)

Adoness – Black Friday Sale

Adoness_Black Friday Sale 2013_Montium - Spring Bud EyesAdoness_Black Friday Sale 2013_Assorted Selected Eyes

Check out the Black Friday sale at Adoness!

Two color selections from six series have been set at 50% off!
Each features system & mesh versions, including glow & glow overlays, in one iris size.

Be sure to look for the other 50% off specials on hair, clothing, & nails!

Have fun & happy shopping!

Adoness: Selected assorted eyes
Creator: Cruella Pennell
Price: $25L – $40L each (Black Friday Sale 50% off)
.ploom.: Gia – Holiday Spice skin
Creator: Helyanwe Vindaloo
Price: $400L (SA Black Friday 50% off – must be wearing Skin Addiction group tag for discount)
Pure Poison: MeiMei – Onyx jewelry
Creator: Shaleene Kenin
Price: $60L (Black Friday Sale 70% off)

Amacci – Black Friday Sale

Amacci_Black Friday Sale 2013_LOOK Eyes - Shock Green EyesAmacci_Black Friday Sale 2013_Assorted Series Eyes

It’s Black Friday sale time at Amacci!

Selected eye series are 50% off!
Each selection from the Look, Evil Cat, Anime, & Glamour series come with eye sparkle particle prims.
All have two iris sizes in system eyes only & the Glamour has three jeweled iris choices.

This is your chance to grab the fat packs for a great price since those would be the cheapest route in the long run if you like most of the colors in a series.

Look for the purple tags! Also look for purple tagged skins & hair in the other departments!

Have fun & happy shopping!

Amacci: InSight – Look|Evil Cat|Anime|Glamour eye series
Creator: Carina Larsen
Price: $40L – $100L each | $325L – $700L fat packs (Black Friday Sale 50% off)
TULI: Jade “Radiance” Fair skin
Creator: Tuli Asturias
Price: $945L (SA Black Friday 30% off – must be wearing Skin Addiction group tag for discount)
FINESMITH: Winter Drops Snow jewelry
Creator: yula Finesmith
Price: $250L (limited edition – 5 left at time of post)

Clemmm – EUPHORIA Sale Finale

Clemmm_EUPHORIA Sale_Glaze - Experiment Eyes

You have until Sunday midnight to purchase these eyes by Clemmm at EUPHORIA’s Sale Finale!

Two pair of eyes are included with system & mesh versions.
One is dark with a slit pupil, the other light almost anime style with no pupil.

Hurry to get them at their sale price before Euphoria closes tomorrow night!

Clemmm @ Euphoria Sale: Glaze – Experimental 505 eyes
Creator: Clem Velinov
Price: $73L
KOOQLA @ Euphoria Sale: Mango – Last Night skin
Creator: Rocketta Haven
Price: $99L

System Failure Game 2013


Ready to play System Failure?!

A fun event for the Halloween season, it’s a combo haunted house/game/hunt horror thing.
Your goal is to collect items that you’ll need to get through the levels to reach the end.
While you search for various items, prizes are hidden in small shields throughout the entire game.
You need to look everywhere & there are many many of them!

Here are just the eyes you can find only in the game/hunt:

Gauze_System Failure_Deity - Artemis Eyes

Gauze has one shield with eyes as well as some other hidden prizes.
It contains three variations of their Deity – Artemis eyes.
They are sculpted prim eyes only.
PMD_System Failure_Obscure Cateyes

Pin Me Down has one pair of eyes hidden in a shield.
These rather odd looking eyes come with system & mesh versions.
Rue_System Failure_Singularity - Static Eyes

.{Rue}. has six eyes hidden in six shields.
They come with system, mesh, prim, & petite versions.
These colors can only be found in the event only so find them all!
The Stringer Mausoleum_System Failure_Push to Start Eyes

The Stringer Mausoleum has six eyes hidden in six shields as well.
I’ve missed one so I’m only showing five….. nope not going back… nope, nope, nope.
They come with system, prim (legacy), mesh, & petite versions.
SongBird_System Failure_Polished Eyes

And another six eyes from Songbird hidden in six shields.
These come in mesh only versions.

All prizes are found throughout System Failure!

Don’t forget to pick up the game HUD at the front desk along with your lab coat & visitor badge.
Remember to look everywhere & click on everything to get your clues!

Good Luck & have fun!
Game ends November 17th, 2013.

Chus! – Dolloween Hunt

Chus_Dolloween Hunt_Artifical EyesChus_Dolloween Hunt_Assorted Eyes

Each week Chus! is having a little store hunt til Halloween!
This week is Dolloween with special versions of previously released dolly eyes.

Look for eight ghostly pumpkins hidden throughout the shop.
Each contains eyes from a different dolly series in two colors.
System & mesh versions are included.

A new hunt will begin Friday the 18th so make sure you get these before then!
Happy Halloween season!

Chus!: Assorted hunt eyes
Creator: Pixel Tyran
Price: $0L each
Inkheart (MP): Alicia skin – Halloween 02
Creator: Inkheart
Price: $1L
little bones @ Fall Spooktacular: Schism – Raven/Copper RARE hair & skull makeup
Creator: Nova Faerye
Price: $25L per play (supposed to be $100L per play according to Seraphim so double check)