The Mens Dept. – January 2015

Mens Dept January 2015_ID - Winter Eyes

Get the chills from Insufferable Dastard @ The Mens Dept.

Audrey is featuring a cool set of Winter eyes in ten vibrant colors.

Mens Dept January 2015_ID - Winter Eyes - Steel

They come in system & mesh versions with light & dark sclera choices in one iris size.
Individually, they cost $99L each or purchase the fat pack for $849L.

Mens Dept January 2015_ContraptioN - Machinist's Goggles

Be sure to snag these awesome goggles by ContraptioN @ The Mens Dept.

Highly detailed & materials ready, textures for different parts can be changed via touch menu.
A display model is provided for decor as well.
For the sales event, the cost is only $125L.

Tellaq @ TMD: Lee Avatar (skin shown only – includes shape & clothing)
Creator: Bahattin Bruh
Price: $300L

Great high quality products for men or unisex are available right now til the end of the month!
Visit the TMD Official Blog for more information.

Happy Shopping!


The Stringer Mausoleum @ Genre

The Stringer Mausoleum_Genre _Clockwork Visions Eyes

The Stringer Mausoleum is at Genre, a themed sales event!
Current theme is glorious Steampunk!

Helena has a trio of mechanical clockwork eyes available.
In three metals, they come with system, prim (legacy), mesh, & petite versions.

The Stringer Mausoleum_Genre _Clockwork Visions - Wearable Demo

She also has a free wearable demo in green & purple.

Steampunk fans need to hit this round like no tomorrow, lots of great items all $100L or under!

Round ends November 12th, 2013.

TSM @ Genre: Clockwork Visions eyes
Creator: Helena Stringer
Price: $35L each – $75L fatpack – $0L demo
Essences @ TDR Fusion: Qopi 02 skin
Creator: Inka Mexicola
Price: $70L (TDRF til 10-24-13)
Bliensen + MaiTai @ Genre: Industrial Revolution 2.0 earrings
Creator: Plurabelle Laszlo
Price: $100L
The Annex @ Genre: Steampunk gown collar & hat
Creator: TheAnnex/Voshie Paine
Price: $100L

Early Birding The Wash Cart Sale

The Wash Cart Sale hasn’t started yet, but if you’re an early bird, you can scope out the sale items that are already out!
All cart items are only $10L so be prepared when it officially starts Wednesday, February 20th.

Please use the teleport links in the credits at the end of the post. 😉
Here is some of my early bird booty:

Eye Candi_The Wash Cart Sale_Eyes

Eye Candi has two pairs of eyes in the Cart Sale!

One a dark chocolate brown & a pale blue so pale it’s almost grey.
Both are system eyes in one iris size only.
Other cart items include makeups, body glow, & lashes.

Wee Ones_The Wash Cart Sale_Eye Shadows

Wee Ones has these prim eye shadows at her cart!

Extremely useful, these are used over system eyes that don’t have any shading painted on them.
Upper image shows eyes without while the bottom shows eyes with the prim shadows.
They are also resize scripted.

Aiduro_The Wash Cart Sale_Pince-nez Dandy Style

Aiduro has several neat RP accessories at her cart!

First up are these sculpted pince-nez spectacles in gold that will make great basic glasses for Steampunk/Neo-Victorian avatars.

Aiduro_The Wash Cart Sale_Rage Mask

Aiduro has this demonic partial mesh mask as well.

It can be modified so you can tint different parts of the mask.
It’s perfect for barbarians, warlords, or even amazons.
You should change the attachment point for the mask, it’s currently set to attach to your spine.

Remember, The Wash Cart Sale doesn’t officially start til Wednesday, February 20th so many carts are empty!

Happy early birding!

Eye Candi @ Cart Sale: Breeze – Rich Brown & Dreams v2 – Pale Blue eyes
Creator: Georgia Schechter
Price: $10L each
Nvious @ Cart Sale: Beckett Ebony M3 skin
Creator: Gigi Ponnier
Price: $10L
N@N@ @ Cart Sale: Mandala jewelry
Creator: Natem Andel
Price: $10L
Wee Ones @ Cart Sale: Eye Shadows
Creator: Grace Selene
Price: $10L
Wee Ones @ Cart Sale: Eye Shadows
Creator: Grace Selene
Price: $10L
Eye Candi @ Cart Sale: Breeze – Rich Brown eyes
Creator: Georgia Schechter
Price: $10L
Aiduro @ Cart Sale: pince-nez Dandy Style spectacles
Creator: Jaraloy Swords
Price: $10L
Nvious @ Cart Sale: Bianca Fair M3 F skin
Creator: Gigi Ponnier
Price: $10L
Eye Candi @ Cart Sale: Dreams v2 – Pale Blue eyes
Creator: Georgia Schechter
Price: $10L each
Wee Ones @ Cart Sale: Eye Shadows
Creator: Grace Selene
Price: $10L
Aiduro @ Cart Sale: Rage Mask
Creator: Jaraloy Swords
Price: $10L
Nvious @ Cart Sale: Beckett Ebony skin
Creator: Gigi Ponnier
Price: $10L
Eye Candi @ Cart Sale: Dreams v2 – Pale Blue eyes
Creator: Georgia Schechter
Price: $10L each
Wee Ones @ Cart Sale: Eye Shadows
Creator: Grace Selene
Price: $10L

Real Eyes – New Steampunk Eyes

RealEyes_Steampunk_Captain - Clock_Eyes

Steampunk you say?! Why yes, yes I do say!

Take a look at these new Steampunk eyes from Real Eyes!

The Captain eyes have a mechanical lens look & the Clock eyes have a glassy clock face, of course.
These new releases are sold separately & in mesh only versions.


Before you buy the individual eyes, check out the Steampunk Optics pack.

It includes both Steampunk eyes shown at top plus this original mesh monocle!
The monocle features a texture change menu on touch with eight lens options.

They will make great additions for Neo-Victorian/Steampunk fashion & role-play!

Real Eyes: Captain & Clock eyes
Creator: Aire Xaris
Price: $99L each
Real Eyes: Steampunk Optics
Creator: Aire Xaris
Price: $325L (includes the Captain & Clock eyes)
PXL: Kate – Wrath skin
Creator: Hart Larsson
Price: $99L (7Sins gatcha)
Elikatira: Abbey hair
Creator: Elikapeka Tiramisu
Price: 70% off til 2/23/13

Pince-Nez Specs @ Gothmas by Gaslight

InSpiredDesigns_Gothmas by Gaslight_Grave Visions Pince Nez_Spectacles

If you like your holidays with a darker gothic Victorian theme, then visit the Gothmas by Gaslight Holiday Gacha Festival!

These pince-nez specs by InSpired Designs feature an ethereal skeleton girl in profile, reminiscent of Victorian cameos, a little skull detail on the frames, and flexi chain.

There are six colors to play for and an all-in-one rare which is texture change scripted.
They are resize scripted as well & transferable for gift giving or trading.

CPD_Gothmas by Gaslight_Pince Nez_Spectacles

These two intricate pince-nez specs by Chaos, Panic, & Disorder are scripted for changing lens opacity, lens color, and frame metal.

One is for ladies & the other for gentlemen but all can wear them. Perfect for Steampunk themes!
They are available as regular sale items and not transferable.

This is one event that’s been flying under the radar so now is the perfect time to shop & play for gothic gifts for yourself, friends, & family.
The sim is gorgeous too! Be sure to stop and take pictures of the lovely surroundings.

Gothmas by Gaslight Taxi
Festival is open to January 15th, 2013.

InSpired Designs @ Gothmas: Grave Visions Pince-nez – Corpse spectacles
Creator: Stacey Farspire
Price: $20L per play (Gothmas gatcha)
CPD @ Gothmas: Ladies’ & Gentlemen’s Pince-Nez spectacles
Creator: Lilah Munster
Price: $99L each (Gothmas vendors)
Adam n Eve: Laina Desaturated skin
Creator: sachi Vixen
Price: $0L each (Christmas 2012 gift)
IKON: Kaleido – Forest eyes
Creator: Ikon Innovia
Price: $150L
CPD @ Gothmas: Gothmas Poinsettia jewelry Set – RARE
Creator: Lilah Munster
Price: $25L per play (Gothmas gatcha)

AIR – Blind Gatcha & Christmas Gift

AIR_Blind_RMK  Gothic Frost Fair_2012AIR_Blind Gatcha_RMK Gothic Frost Fair_2012

AIR has this stunning gatcha at the RMK Gothic Frost Fair.

Eighteen elegant silk blindfolds embellished with jeweled filigree accents & tassels can be yours for only $40L per play!
The blindfolds are modify and can be resized to fit.
These will make wonderful Christmas gifts since they can be transferred & unisex.
They are not boxed so put them in presents before giving.

The Frost Fair ends December 31st, 2012.

AIR_Christmas Gift Monocle_2012

After playing the Blind gatcha, teleport over to AIR’s Mainstore and snag the gifts under the Christmas tree!

The icy blue gift contains a very detailed left & right monocle with tassel.
The other gift contains a lovely pair of heels.

Merry Christmas!

AIR @ RMK Gothic Frost Fair: Blind04 – Red1 blindfold
Creator: Aslan Kish
Price: $40L per play (gatcha)
AIR: Tide – Gold monocle
Creator: Aslan Kish
Price: $0L (Christmas gift)
YS & YS @ TDR Fusion: Calliope Lavender skin
Creator: Monicuzza Babenco
Price: $70L (TDR Fusion)
IKON: Eternal – Ember eyes
Creator: Ikon Innovia
Price: $150L

Contraption – Steam7 Hunt

The Steam7 Hunt has been going on all month and I really haven’t had hunting time for it but there was one store I had to go look and that’s Contraption!

If you’ve seen my previous posts about Faust’s work, you know he always makes the most detailed incredible work in all of Second Life.
His gift for this hunt is no different and my pictures certainly don’t do it justice.

The marvelous mesh wrap-a-round goggles connected to a highly detailed backpack comes in two fitting sizes for both male & female avatars. The mesh is modify so you can edit it for a more perfect fit.
It’s beautifully designed in Victorian Steampunk fashion with intricate engraving & industrial elements.

If you love the Steampunk genre then you must get the gear before the hunts ends on September 30th, 2012. Only one week left! Happy hunting!

Contraption *New Location*: The Time Watcher’s Gear
Creator: Faust Steamer
Price: $0L (Steam7 Hunt)
Style by Kira: Amber Skin 01 Special#1 skin
Creator: Kira Paderborn
Price: $0L (Steam7 Hunt)
LoQ: Ouzu Hair & shaved hairbase – Caramel
Creator: Gia Pawpad
Price: $0L (Subscriber gift)
BlakOpal Designs: Hawkesworth Lady Outfit – Gold
Creator: blakopal Galicia
Price: $0L

Contraption & The Attic – Twisted Hunt Fall 2012

The Twisted Hunt Fall 2012 is going strong and loving the fantastic & imaginative hunt gifts!

My personal favorite is from Contraption and it is an incredible mesh headpiece!
Faust is an extremely talented creator and his attention to detail is bar-none.
The headpiece features Victorian etched scrollwork with bronze spikes inserted into the eyes, skull, & spine.
There are three versions, a display piece, unscripted headpiece, and pose-lock headpiece.
The pose-lock version stiffens your head & neck into a rigid position when you click it (click it again to release).

There is an actual rare genetic disease named Fatal Familial Insomnia.
I wouldn’t want to try a real headpiece like that for treatment. Yikes!

The Attic has mesh eyes for the Twisted Hunt Fall 2012.

There are two hunt gifts to find, one is for regular avatars & the other is for Yabusaka’s mesh petite avatars.
The eyes come in mesh versions only and feature a texture change HUD with choices for four different scleras (eye whites) & irises.
They can also be resized and has a color picker to tint the eyes via the HUD.
These are so beautiful & versatile, you must get them!

Keep hunting, twisted minions, and have fun!!
Hunt ends September 30th, 2012.

Contraption: The Fatal Familial Insomniac headpiece
Creator: Faust Steamer
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt)
Illusory: Love – Caramel – Smoked skin
Creator: Crushed Clarity
Price: $500L (Retirement sale)
dekade: shaved hair base
Creator: Kira Ahn
Price: N/A (Store closed)
The Attic: Twisted Edition mesh eyes
Creator: Blue Hoisan
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt)
Aeva//Heartsick: Myth – Twisted skin
Creator: Amesha Jewell
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt)
Cute Poison: Beauty Destroyed piercings
Creator: Sae Luan
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt)

Contraption – Copycat Visor & Pince Nez Specs : One Voice

I just have to show off the awesome creations from Contraption at the One Voice – Gala Fundraiser Event!
Isn’t this visor just the coolest?! It’s 100% mesh and comes with a face sock tattoo.
It is exclusive to the event so definitely get it for the cyberpunk in you!

Faust’s second item in the event are the Pince Nez specs! Simply perfect for Victorian & Steampunk fans!
These highly detailed specs are 100% mesh and you can choose from eight colors or buy the special edition fat pack.

The event ends July 22nd, 2012!

Contraption @ One Voice Fundraiser: Copycat Visor & face sock tattoo – Pince Nez Specs (copper)
Creator: Faust Steamer
Price: $250L (One Voice Exclusive) – $250L each / $1500L fat pack (One Voice)
Glam Affair @ One Voice Fundraiser: Roza – One Voice for Gala skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $499L (One Voice Exclusive)
Mock @ One Voice Fundraiser: Nude Lip Jelle makeup
Creator: Mocksoup Graves
Price: $100L grab bag (One Voice)
By Snow @ One Voice Fundraiser: Deep Eyes (Charcoal)
Creator: Snow Frostwych (myself)
Price: $25L (One Voice Exclusive)