Lubellia – Icy Winter Dollarbie

Lubellia_Icy Winter Dollarbie

Got to love After-Christmas shopping (for Canadians, it’s Boxing Day)!
I found this sweet little dollarbie by Lubellia on the SL Marketplace.

Handpainted system eyes only in one iris size, it’s a beautiful wintry blue.

*Like my new specs? Aslan sent them to me as a Christmas gift.
I just had to show you all the delicate detailed work he puts into his creations.
They are a brand new release & expensive but oh so worth it!

Happy Holidays!

Lubellia (MP): Icy Winter eyes
Creator: Lubellia
Price: $1L
Essences: LadyDyvine skin
Creator: Inka Mexicola
Price: $0L (Christmas gift – might still be available)
.Oh!Liv. (MP): Freckles tattoo
Creator: livialexis
Price: $100L
AIR: Richelieu – Gold spectacles
Creator: Aslan Kish
Price: $700L
Maxi Gossamer: Falling Starflake jewelry
Creator: Maxi Gossamer
Price: $0L (Christmas group gift – free to join)


AIR – Japan Fair Gift

Air_Japan Fair 2014_Pisces Glasses

Grab this stunning gift at the Japan Fair by AIR!

These delicately chained glasses are sculpted & finely textured.
The glasses come in three sizes & are fully mod for further fitting if needed.

Don’t miss this fundraising fair for the ShelterBox charity to Japan! ❤

Japan Fair Official Blog

AIR @ Japan Fair: Pisces glasses
Creator: Aslan Kish
Price: $0L (gift)
WoW Skins: Laura skin
Creator: sawsan SecretSpy
Price: $15L (Easter Egg store hunt)
hsh @ Japan Fair: Truth – Brown eyes
Creator: HAZ Starship
Price: $100L (100% Donation item)

Blow-Up & GDit @ Spring Wishes Market

Blow-Up_Feeb's Rascals St Spring Wishes Market_Real - Blue Eyes

Blow-Up has a new gacha at Feeb’s Rascals St. Spring Wishes Market!

The gacha features mesh only realistic eyes that are specular materials enabled.
Each comes with an eye alpha & a facelight that creates catchlights when Advanced Lighting is used.
You will not see the catchlights in regular graphic settings.
They are resize scripted & can change the size of one eye or both.

Blow-Up_Feeb's Rascals St Spring Wishes Market_Real Eyes Gacha

While this is a gacha, the eyes are not transferable.
Hopefully, the odds will be on your side & win the rare fat pack!

Blow-Up @ Spring Wishes Market: Real eyes – Blue
Creator: Lilith Reina
Price: $50L per play (SWM gacha)
WoW Skins: Angela Tan skin
Creator: sawsan SecretSpy
Price: $1L (MEGAstuff hunt)
[free bird] @ Spring Wishes Market: Painted Porcelain earrings – Purple Flowers
Creator: Cortez Brandriss
Price: $50L per play (SWM gacha)
GDit Jewelry_Feeb's Rascals St Spring Wishes Market_Bright it Up Glasses

GDit Jewelry has a gift at the market!

These very glam glasses are sculpted & modify for fitting.

GDit Jewelry @ Spring Wishes Market: Bright it Up glasses
Creator: Mozart Loordes
Price: $0L (SWM gift)
WoW Skins: Angela Tan skin
Creator: sawsan SecretSpy
Price: $1L (MEGAstuff hunt)
Phoebe @ Spring Wishes Market: Spring Ear Cuffs
Creator: Phoebe Ubert
Price: $0L (SWM gift)

The Feeb’s Rascals St. Spring Wishes Market has great deals, gachas, & gifts for Spring!

Head over & happy shopping til March 30th, 2014!

Strawberry Kube Hunt

The Strawberry Kube Hunt is cute little hunt!
It’s not free, prizes are $5L but you can get some really nice things.

I found a couple of eyes so let’s look:

X-Sight_Strawberry Kube Hunt_Strawberry Eyes & Glasses

X-Sight‘s hunt prize features a pair of strawberry colored eyes & nerdy glasses!
The eyes are mesh only in one iris size & the glasses are resize scripted mesh.

X-Sight : Strawberry eyes & glasses
Creator: Xara Claven
Price: $5L (SKH hunt)
Sin Designs : Strawberry skin
Creator: SineFaki
Price: $5L (SKH hunt)
{W&R} : Strawberry Love Slink nails appliers
Creator: Almarea Firehawk
Price: $5L (SKH hunt)
VerseEye_Strawberry Kube Hunt_Rhapsody - Yellow Eyes

VerseEye‘s hunt prize bucked the strawberry palette!

Jacks went with dark yellow mesh only eyes in one iris size.
These would look great on the guys.

VerseEye: Rhapsody – Yellow – Dark eyes
Creator: Jacks Rhys
Price: $5L (SKH hunt)
MIA14: Ember {Trend} Winter gift skin
Creator: MiaSnow Myriam
Price: $1L
[LNS] Designs: Chained Coins headdress
Creator: Caresia Adored
Price: $0L (Nevermore Pot o’ Gold hunt – ends 4-15-14)

The majority of hunt prizes are strawberry themed but there are quite a few odd-ones-out.
Some nice outdoor decor & furniture plus I saw a couple of prizes for guys.

Slurls & Hints
Prize Previews

Hunt ends April 10th, 2014.
So get to looking for those frozen little strawberries!

DiGi – Optika Cheapies

DiGi Gridwear_Optika 1 & 2 glasses

While things are slow, I took the time to do futuristic themed shopping and came across DiGi.

I found these great animated tech style optics!
They come with left, right, & both versions, completely modifiable & tintable.
If you’re into sci-fi themed RP like Tron worlds, these make wonderful accessories.

The store specializes in “holographic” attachments to wear over any clothing.
Most of their products are very affordable & there are dollarbies & freebies available.

Go check it out!

DiGi Gridwear: Optika 1 & 2 glasses
Creator: Shinga Zahm
Price: $14L each
[LNS]: Esoteric – DeepBlue eyes
Creator: sonnetsoleil
Price: $25L per play
Corvus (MP): Kiana skin
Creator: Lori Stanton
Price: $500L

ContraptioN @ RMK Gothic Frost Fair & GENRE

ContraptioN_RMK Frost Fair 2013_Bizarre Mask

OMG! Not about eyes!
You will definitely want to go to the RMK Gothic Frost Fair for this mask by ContrapioN.

This stunning mesh mask is materials enabled & comes with optional versions.
There is antlers only, antlered & no antlers w/head strap, antlered & no antlers w/no strap, or display versions.

This color is exclusive to the fair & will not be available once it is over!

ContraptioN_GENRE December 2013_Bramley's Monocle - CopperContraptioN_GENRE December 2013_Bramley's Monocle - Copper options

If the mask is too weird for you, head over to GENRE for a lovely little chained monocle.

The monocle has two parts, the frame with lens & the chain.
You may need to edit the chain to get it to fit to you ear like I did.
There are six metals to select from, each comes with additional gold & silver accented versions.
The fat pack has seven metals so that would be the one to buy (if you can get the vendor to work).

Get that last minute shopping in!

Happy Holiday shopping & Merry Christmas!

ContraptioN @ RMK Frost Fair: Bizarre Mask
Creator: Faust Steamer
Price: $250L (RMK Frost Fair til 12-31-13)
ContraptioN @ GENRE: Bramley’s Monocle – Copper
Creator: Faust Steamer
Price: $100L each – $500L fat pack (Dec. 2013 GENRE til 1-12-14)
AVELINE (MP): Natural – Hazel eyes
Creator: Creator: giggle Solo
Price: $0L
Calico Hair: Eira hair – Fades 1
Creator: Calico Ingmann
Price: $250L per color pack
Al Vulo! @ TDRF: Mimi – DK Milk skin
Creator: Hlin Bluebird
Price: $70L (TDRF til 1-2-14)
Aeva//Heartsick: Vintage eyebrows
Creator: Amesha Jewell
Price: $100L fat pack

D-Lab @ The Arcade June 2013

D-Lab_Arcade June 2013_Toy Cyborg Eye-Blue

Have you made it into The Arcade yet?
When you do, hit up the gacha by D-Lab!
You could win one of the toy Cyborg eye attachments & other parts.

While this sculpted cybernetic eye looks fairly normal, it holds a surprise!

D-Lab_Arcade June 2013_Toy Cyborg Eye-Blue animated

TA-DA! Click the eye & it extends into a scope & a little animated D-Lab critter pops out with binoculars!
How cute is that?!

Other parts move on touch: rabbit ears, ear covers, & hand claw.
The winged backpacks animate when flying & all parts worn & animated together looks very very cool!
There are five colors: blue, pink, yellow, green, and the rare grey.

Collect them all!

Join The Arcade in-world group to trade your gacha loot!
The Arcade Shopping Guide
Check out the yard sales to find items to complete your collections.
Unaffiliated Yard Sale List on Plurk

Buyer Beware when yard sale shopping & trading, scams do happen!

Event ends June 30th, 2013.

D-Lab @ The Arcade: toy Cyborg eye – Blue & other toy Cyborg parts
Creator: dazai Voom
Price: $25L per play (June 2013 Arcade)
Orc Inc: Blend skin – Grey
Creator: Nicole Twigvald
Price: N/A (not officially released yet)
~*By Snow*~: Cyborlyte – Teal eyes
Creator: Snow Frostwych
Price: $15L

Contraption @ Collabor88

Contraption_C88_Meltdown Shades

I just have to show you these awesome scifi shades by Contraption for Collabor88‘s May collection!

Faust is the special guest this month & he made them especially for C88.
The theme is “Rain or Shine” and they fit the theme perfectly!

100% original mesh, fully mod, they feature highly detailed textures & unique glow tips.
Perfect for futuristic styles!

You want them, you know you do!

Contraption @ C88: Meltdown shades – Rain & Shine
Creator: Faust Steamer
Price: $88L each (C88 May 2013)
League: Aria Walnut – Special Edition skin
Creator: Nena Janus
Price: $1,195L

The Event Hollywood SwagBag Gifts

Prepare to be a star at The Event Hollywood!
A replica of Hollywood, the event features the famous Chinese Theatre & Hollywood Walk of Fame lined with shops from many top designers in Second Life.

Almost all the shops have red swagbag gifts filled with glamorous gifts!
Please use the links in the credits at the bottom of the post:

Mudholland_Hollywood Event 2013_Angelina Eyes

The swagbag from Mudholland features system eyes & mole tattoo inspired by actress Angelina Jolie.

EVIAN_Hollywood Event 2013_HD Eyes 29

EVIAN (Egoisme)‘s swagbag has these realistic grey system eyes & handsome male skin.

Amacci_Hollywood Event 2013_Branch Eyes

Amacci‘s swagbag has system eyes in three colors with two iris sizes & eye sparkle attachments.

Birth_Hollywood Event 2013_Shiva - Military Green EyesBirth_Hollywood Event 2013_Shiva Eyes

The swagbag by Birth features a fat pack of thirteen system eyes in two iris sizes.

Gabriel - ZED_Hollywood Event 2013_Mesh Sunglasses

Doubling up on the swagbags from Gabriel & ZED.
Each features stylish black & white mesh sunglasses with advanced resizers.

Don’t miss this fabulous Hollywood event with gifts for men & women!
Fabulous clothing, accessories, decor, and much more!

Event ends April 14th, 2013

See you on the red carpet!

Mudholland @ The Event Hollywood: Angelina eyes & beauty mark
Creator: Raymond Loxingly
Price: $0L (SwagBag gift)
YS&YS @ TDR Fusion: Julia – Evening skin
Creator: Monicuzza Babenco
Price: $70L (TDRF 3-29-13 thru 4-10-13)
me. Jewelry @ The Event Hollywood: Diva Wood earrings
Creator: Siane Kanya
Price: $0L (SwagBag gift)
EVIAN (Egoisme) @ The Event Hollywood: HD Eyes 29 & Alessandro Pale skin
Creator: Ramses Meredith
Price: $0L (SwagBag gift)
Amacci @ The Event Hollywood: Branch eyes
Creator: Carina Larsen
Price: $0L (SwagBag gift)
Al Vulo! @ TDR Fusion: Arya – Amethyst Milk skin
Creator: Hlin Bluebird
Price: N/A (former TDRF exclusive – check for availability)
SHINE @ The Event Hollywood: Hollywood eyeshadow/Purple
Creator: Love Foxdale
Price: $0L (SwagBag gift)
Snowpaws @ The Event Hollywood: Felin Parvant earrings
Creator: Carrie Snowpaw
Price: $0L (SwagBag gift)
Birth @ The Event Hollywood: Shiva eyes – fat pack
Creator: Silent Alchemi
Price: $0L (SwagBag gift)
EVIAN (Egoisme) @ The Event Hollywood: Alessandro Pale skin
Creator: Ramses Meredith
Price: $0L (SwagBag gift)
Gabriel @ The Event Hollywood: Zebra Sunglasses (white)
Creator: Takuya Jinn
Price: $0L (SwagBag gift)
ZED @ The Event Hollywood: Mesh Sunglasses B&W Reflection
Creator: EVK
Price: $0L (SwagBag gift)
Pink Fuel @ Free*Style: Alena Azure skin
Creator: Mochi Milena
Price: $50L
Dressed by Lexi @ The Event Hollywood: Ms. Hepburn earrings
Creator: Lexi Roxan
Price: $0L (SwagBag gift)

More shopping at The Wash Cart Sale

The Wash Cart Sale officially opened Wednesday so I went back to get more goodies!

Please use the teleport links in the credits at the end of the post.

Kirei_The Wash Cart Sale_Eyes

Kirei has four pairs of pretty eyes at her cart!

These are anime styled with lots of highlights & would look great with faefolk & merfolk avatars.
They are system eyes only in one iris size.

Peeps_The Wash Cart Sale_Ice Elf AvatarPeeps_The Wash Cart Sale_Alien Avatars

Peeps‘s cart features complete fantasy avatars!

These avatars come with everything, accessories, clothing, hair, skin, shape, & eyes.
The Ice Elf eyes are system only & bold blue.
The male & female Alien’s eyes are a mixture of purple & green & system only.

Aiduro_The Wash Cart Sale_Glasses

Aiduro has a second cart that I missed the first time with retro glasses!

A cool 70’s style for the guys, gold & black rimmed glasses that are transferable.
A sweetly detailed 60’s style in dark red with rhinestone accents.
Both are modify so you can refit them.

Lots of wonderful stuff to update & outfit your avatar or home at The Wash Cart Sale!

The Cart Sale ends March 13th.

Don’t forget my previous Cart Sale post right under this one!

Kirei @ Cart Sale: LiquidGlow – Black, LiquidGlow – Rasberry, Lumi – Green, & Lumi – Blue eyes
Creator: Nya Alchemi
Price: $10L each
Style by Kira @ Cart Sale: Elora Fantasy 01H skin
Creator: Kira Paderborn
Price: $10L
Nesti Sule’ @ Cart Sale: Persian earrings
Creator: Shaydin Eliot
Price: $10L
Peeps @ Cart Sale: Ice Elf female avatar
Creator: Jennylynn Capalini
Price: $10L
Peeps @ Cart Sale: Alien female & male avatars
Creator: Jennylynn Capalini
Price: $10L each
Aiduro @ Cart Sale: 70’s Dandy glasses & Sweet60’s glasses
Creator: Jaraloy Swords
Price: $10L each
Aeva // Heartsick @ FabFree: Mew2 male skin
Creator: Amesha Jewell
Price: $0L
KMADD @ FabFree: Promise – brown 6 eyes
Creator: Maddox DuPont
Price: $0L (big sample pack)
Style by Kira @ Cart Sale: Elora 01I skin
Creator: Kira Paderborn
Price: $10L
Kirei @ Cart Sale: Lumi – Blue eyes
Creator: Nya Alchemi
Price: $10L
Dark Mouse @ FabFree: Vintage 50’s pearl jewelry
Creator: Mouse Mimistrobell
Price: $0L