FutureWave is almost over!

Many hugs & love for the support during my difficult time lately & it’s time to get back to business.
I’ve missed most of this awesome event since it started & you only have one more day!

Beautiful Freak_FutureWave_Digital Eyes - Jade

Beautiful Freak has a FREE wearable demo/promo of her Digital Eyes at the event!

It comes with system & prim eyes in one iris size & feature a digital circuit pattern in a muted jade green.

Beautiful Freak @ FutureWave: Digital Eyes – Jade & Heavy Metal lipstick – Jade
Creator: Axi Kurmin
Price: $0L each (wearable demos)
Pink Fuel @ FutureWave: Sora – Special Edition skin
Creator: Mochi Milena
Price: $1000L
Miamai @ FutureWave: Future Headpaint 1
Creator: Monica Outlander
Price: $100L
ISD_FutureWave_DarkNet Headgear - White

@->~ISD has a dollarbie demo/promo of her DarkNet items in white!

This promo contains rigged mesh hair, head tattoo, & a cool visor with circuitry patterns.
Male & Female versions are available separately.

@->~ISD @ FutureWave: DarkNet hair, tattoo, & visor
Creator: Stacey Farspire
Price: $1L
Pink Fuel @ FutureWave: Sora – Special Edition skin w/ included black lips
Creator: Mochi Milena
Price: $1000L
Here are samples of the eyes available at FutureWave:
FutureWave_Eyes Assortment

Top six we have Beautiful Freak‘s Digital Eyes & PMD‘s Era Eyes.
The Digital eyes cost $150L for the multicolored 10-pack & $75L for each 5-color pack..
The Era eyes cost $100L each 4-pack.

Bottom six we have Chop Shop!‘s Game On! & The Orchids eyes.
These eyes are $50L each or $450L each fat pack.
Lastly, my own FutureWave offerings!

Citadel Eyes - FutureWave

The Citadel eyes are available as fat pack only for $200L.

Radar Contacts - FutureWave

The Radar Contacts are special priced for only $25L!

This is really one of the best events held in long while in my opinion.
Everything is top notch & high quality!

If you love original sci-fi & cyberpunk, do not miss this event!
Check out what people are wearing at FutureWave’s Flickr Pool.

FutureWave ends tomorrow, so get to shopping fast!


LaNoir Soleil – OWTFH Hunt Prize

LaNoir Soleil_OWTFH_Apocalypse Yesterday Mask

This awesome apocalyptic mask is by LaNoir Soleil for the Oh, What the Future Holds Hunt!

It is an original 100% mesh design & comes with a matching mesh cowl.
While no mod, it’s fairly big enough to fit most head shapes & any poke-through can be hidden with the cowl, selective alpha masking, or head tattoos/hairbases.
A welcome addition to anyone’s futuristic dystopian style or role-play!

Hunt ends January 31st, 2014.
Happy Hunting!

[LNS]: Apocalypse Yesterday mask & cowl
Creator: sonnetsoleil
Price: $0L

System Failure Game 2013


Ready to play System Failure?!

A fun event for the Halloween season, it’s a combo haunted house/game/hunt horror thing.
Your goal is to collect items that you’ll need to get through the levels to reach the end.
While you search for various items, prizes are hidden in small shields throughout the entire game.
You need to look everywhere & there are many many of them!

Here are just the eyes you can find only in the game/hunt:

Gauze_System Failure_Deity - Artemis Eyes

Gauze has one shield with eyes as well as some other hidden prizes.
It contains three variations of their Deity – Artemis eyes.
They are sculpted prim eyes only.
PMD_System Failure_Obscure Cateyes

Pin Me Down has one pair of eyes hidden in a shield.
These rather odd looking eyes come with system & mesh versions.
Rue_System Failure_Singularity - Static Eyes

.{Rue}. has six eyes hidden in six shields.
They come with system, mesh, prim, & petite versions.
These colors can only be found in the event only so find them all!
The Stringer Mausoleum_System Failure_Push to Start Eyes

The Stringer Mausoleum has six eyes hidden in six shields as well.
I’ve missed one so I’m only showing five….. nope not going back… nope, nope, nope.
They come with system, prim (legacy), mesh, & petite versions.
SongBird_System Failure_Polished Eyes

And another six eyes from Songbird hidden in six shields.
These come in mesh only versions.

All prizes are found throughout System Failure!

Don’t forget to pick up the game HUD at the front desk along with your lab coat & visitor badge.
Remember to look everywhere & click on everything to get your clues!

Good Luck & have fun!
Game ends November 17th, 2013.

Clemmm & CIA @ Limited Bazaar

Clemmm_Limited Bazaar_Humanitro - Pink EyesClemmm_Limited Bazaar_Humanitro Eyes

Hurry over to the Limited Bazaar to grab this limited fat pack from Clemmm!

The pack comes with eight colors in white or black rimmed irises with system & mesh versions.
That’s sixteen eyes in all!
They remind me of gas gauges & will look great for robotic or steampunk avatars.
CIA Designs_Limited Bazaar_Downfall Eyes

I’ll be honest, these eyes by CIA Designs do not look like her promo at all.

But you can still work with them! They are mesh only with smudged & teary mascara makeup.
I know the texture has been applied sideways but they are mod & you can fix that if you want.

Think of the possibilities!
Hurry to get them while there are some still available!

(Guys, seriously go grab that KOOQLA skin!! I mean it, he’s dreamy!)

Round ends around August 9th, 2013.
Happy shopping!

Clemmm @ Limted Bazaar: Humanitro eyes
Creator: Clem Velinov
Price: $103L fat pack (limited to 100 copies)
KOOQLA @ Limted Bazaar: River (Stardust) skin w/tattoo
Creator: Rocketta Haven
Price: $150L (limited to 100 copies)
CIA Designs @ Limted Bazaar: Downfall eyes & makeup
Creator: Ayla Stradling
Price: $59L (limited to 100 copies)
KOOQLA @ Limted Bazaar: River (Stardust) skin
Creator: Rocketta Haven
Price: $150L fat pack (limited to 100 copies)
Maxi Gossamer @ Limted Bazaar: Bridget’s Faith Heart earring
Creator: Maxi Gossamer
Price: $150L earrings & bracelets (limited to 100 copies)

D-Lab @ The Arcade June 2013

D-Lab_Arcade June 2013_Toy Cyborg Eye-Blue

Have you made it into The Arcade yet?
When you do, hit up the gacha by D-Lab!
You could win one of the toy Cyborg eye attachments & other parts.

While this sculpted cybernetic eye looks fairly normal, it holds a surprise!

D-Lab_Arcade June 2013_Toy Cyborg Eye-Blue animated

TA-DA! Click the eye & it extends into a scope & a little animated D-Lab critter pops out with binoculars!
How cute is that?!

Other parts move on touch: rabbit ears, ear covers, & hand claw.
The winged backpacks animate when flying & all parts worn & animated together looks very very cool!
There are five colors: blue, pink, yellow, green, and the rare grey.

Collect them all!

Join The Arcade in-world group to trade your gacha loot!
The Arcade Shopping Guide
Check out the yard sales to find items to complete your collections.
Unaffiliated Yard Sale List on Plurk

Buyer Beware when yard sale shopping & trading, scams do happen!

Event ends June 30th, 2013.

D-Lab @ The Arcade: toy Cyborg eye – Blue & other toy Cyborg parts
Creator: dazai Voom
Price: $25L per play (June 2013 Arcade)
Orc Inc: Blend skin – Grey
Creator: Nicole Twigvald
Price: N/A (not officially released yet)
~*By Snow*~: Cyborlyte – Teal eyes
Creator: Snow Frostwych
Price: $15L