Eyes for Year of the Sheep

What do sheep, goats, antelope, deer, & even horses have in common?
ANSWER: Their eyes! They all have rectangular pupils.

2015 is the Year of the Sheep (or Goat) in the Chinese Zodiac.

So let’s get started for the New Year:

Candy Mountain_Aries Eyes - Gold

Candy Mountain has a gorgeous fat pack of Aries eyes.

The pack costs $200L and the small box on your right is a group gift (join fee is $75).
Features system & mesh versions in one iris size.

If you have Utilizator’s Kemono mesh avatar, Mynx has an applier of Ram Eyes for only $99L.

Avatar Bizarre_Deer Eyes - Magenta

Avatar Bizarre has Deer eyes an assortment of colors.
Screenshot of AB’s Marketplace so you can see all of them & also available inworld in one of his multivendors.

These are $75L each in one iris size.
Features system eye base & alpha prim & mesh irises with glow, fullbright, & normal wearing options.

Laudanum Lollipops_Elder Eyes - Frigid

Laudanum Lollipops offers Elder eyes.

You can either play her gacha inworld for $35L per play or purchase from LL’s Marketplace for $40L each.
These are mesh eyes only & transferable.

By Snow_Satyr Eyes - Ice

Going to toot my own horn a little bit!
By Snow has handpainted Satyr eyes.

You can purchase them from my multivendor for only $15L each or buy the fat pack for $100L.
(Multivendor tip: Buy when your color shows on the big square!)
Feature system & mesh versions in one Iris size.


I’ve recently blogged Insufferable Dastard‘s new Goat eyes HERE.
So don’t forget those!

Other noteworthy options:
Goat Eyes by ISHY – $49L each
Satyr/Faun Eyes for Yabusaka‘s Petite Mesh avatars by Boomslang Imports – $55L fat pack


Candy Mountain – Orb & 900 Members Group Gifts

Candy Mountain_Group Gift_Orb Eyes

Mynx of Candy Mountain has two new group gift packs that she set out last week!

First up is the mini pack of Orb eyes in three colors.
These colors are group exclusive & not available in the newly released Orb packs.
Each comes with system & mesh eyes in one extra large iris size.

Candy Mountain_Group Gift_900 Members_Wrath Eyes

The next group gift is for reaching 900 group members!
This is a big pack of thirteen eyes with system & mesh versions in an extra large iris size.

These eyes would make beautiful fairy or mermaid eyes.
Many more group gifts are scattered around the very colorful shop.

Be sure to wear your group tag prior to clicking the group gift vendors.
Have a happy weekend!

Candy Mountain: Orb & Wrath group eyes
Creator: Mynx Legend
Price: $0L each (Group gifts – $75L to join)
.Birdy. @ Chapter Four: Imogen – Frost skin
Creator: nina Helix
Price: $99L per play (Chapter 4 gacha)
Aeva//Heartsick (MP): Suboki makeup tattoo
Creator: Amesha Jewell
Price: $75L

Candy Mountain – New Release Group Gifts

Such sugary sweet goodness at Candy Mountain!
Mynx has released two new eye packs and has set out special versions for group members.

The Dew eyes gift contains four anime style eyes in four colors with system & mesh versions.
One large iris size only.

The Aries eyes gift contain goat type eyes in two colors, one size, with system & mesh versions.
They will be great for satyrs & fauns, possibly even horse hybrids such as centaurs.

These colors are not included in the full packs!
The group gifts are next to the eye displays and must wear the group tag to receive them.

Candy Mountain: Dew & Aries eyes
Creator: Mynx Legend
Price: $0L (Group gifts – $75L to join)
Candy Mountain: i am experimental skin
Creator: Mynx Legend
Price: $100L (store gatcha)
Candy Mountain: Blush Blush
Creator: Mynx Legend
Price: $10L (store gatcha)
Candy Mountain: Falsies lashes
Creator: Mynx Legend
Price: $150L