Repulse – Assorted Hunt Eyes

Today is the LAST DAY to grab Repulse‘s hunt gift for the Zombie Popcorn 6 Hunt!
Two sets of eyes, Living Dead (two sizes) & Rotten (two colors)!

Repulse‘s Callous Eyes gift for the Tainted Heart Hunt!
Hunt ends February 29th, 2012!

Repulse‘s Infected v2 Eyes gift for the Jack or Jill Hunt Male path!
Hunt ends February 29th, 2012

Repulse‘s Slaughter Eyes V2 gift for the My Rotting Valentine Hunt!
Hunt ends March 4th, 2012!

Happy Hunting!!!

Repulse: All hunt gifts
Creator: Max Lexigle
Price: $0L
Miasnow @ FabFree Station: Zombina (bad romance) skin (part of Miasnow’s freebies)
Creator: MiaSnow Myriam
Price: $0L


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