Curious Kitties – Snake Eyes 90% Off Sale

CuriousKitties_Year of the Snake Sale_Snake-Green EyesCuriousKitties_Year of the Snake Sale_Snake Eyes

Curious Kitties is having a Year of the Snake sale with 90% off on their newly released Snake eyes!

The reptilian eyes come in eight vivid colors, extra large irises, system versions only.
Wear them with demons, nekos, nagas, or other fantasy creatures.
These can also be worn with the C.K. Unreal Fuzz mesh avatars.

No time was given when the sale ends do don’t miss it!

Curious Kitties: Snake eyes
Creator: Ameshin Yossarian
Price: $10L each – $70L fatpack (Year of the Snake 90% Off Sale)
Curio: The Visitor – Nebula skin
Creator: Gala Phoenix
Price: $2000L fatpack (Welcome Back Sale – Limited time)
~*By Snow*~: Kitty eyeshadow – Blue
Creator: Snow Frostwych (myself)
Price: $10L fatpack


Sakka’s Studio – Year of the Snake Ornament

Sakkas Studio_ETO Lucky Ornament

Absolutely nothing to do with eyes but it’s so cute & lovely, I have to share!

You can get the Year of the Snake lucky ornament for only $1L at Sakka’s Studio.
It’s larger than what I’m holding & makes the perfect New Year decoration piece for your home or shop.

The mesh ornament is three prims but only two land cost when rezzed out.
So low prim, everyone can show it off!
I do not recommend sizing it smaller, it increases the land cost but does not change when larger.

I don’t know how long Sakka will have the ornament available so get it now!

Happy Year of the Snake!

Sakka’s Studio: ETO Lucky ornament
Creator: sakka Flow
Price: $1L each
MARIKO: Gain_M02 skin
Creator: S2marie
Price: $300L (New Year 50% off sale)
Sakka’s Studio: GEISHA- Kimono WN
Creator: sakka Flow
Price: $500L

SavePoint – Lavender Neko Freebie

SavePoint_Neko_Lavender Eyes

Celebrate the Year of the Snake with serpentine eyes that are a bit more cheerful!

SavePoint has a lovely lavender neko freebie that would be appropriate for snake eyes.
With narrow slits, the one iris size system eyes make a wonderful choice for fantasy nekos & nagas.

Have a Happy New Year!

SavePoint (MP Store): Neko – Lavender eyes
Creator: ylang2
Price: $0L
MARIKO: Sulli_LB skin
Creator: S2marie
Price: $0L (Lucky Board)

FDM – Dollarbie Drake Eyes

FDM_Alive Drake_Grey Light EyesFDM_Alive Drake_Grey Eyes

In keeping with the Year of the Snake theme, more snake like eyes!

This serpentine dollarbie is from les Fleurs Du Mâle.
Featuring grey system eyes in three shades with glow prims in one iris size.
The glow prims are resize scripted with a delete option.

I’ve shown what they look like with & without the glow prims in the second image.
A great option for slithering avies!

Happy Year of the Snake shopping!

FDM (MP Store): Alive Drake – Grey eyes
Creator: Aymeric Pelazzi
Price: $1L
Tableau Vivant: Andrej – Serpent skin
Creator: M4ri1yn Magic & aida Ewing
Price: N/A (former TDR item – check for availability)
EMO-tions: Bruce earring
Creator: Mirja Mills
Price: $0L (Group gift – free to join)

Over the Rainbow – Freebies

OTR_FREE_Animalistic_Heat Void Eyes

2013 will be the Year of the Snake in the Chinese Zodiac!

So on my travels, I was looking for snake eyes & came across a little shop called Over the Rainbow.
Happily, Swimmie has a free sample of the Animalistic series!
A fiery orange, the Heat Void freebie has a large iris & black sclera in a system version only.
Perfect for serpentine or neko avies!

OTR_FREE_Luminous n Serenity Eyes

Swimmie has two more free samples from the Luminous & Serenity series.
Each have large irises in system versions only.
Very lovely for elves & fairies!

If you want to buy other colors, Swimmie’s vendors are similar to mine.
They are multi-vendors, select from the small pictures on your left, when your selection shows on the large picture on your right, then Left Click & buy.
Her eyes are only $30L each!

Slither over & snag some freebie goodness!
Happy Year of the Snake!

OTR: Animalistic – Heat Void eyes
Creator: Swimmie Chaffe
Price: $0L
OTR: Luminous – Joyful Dawn & Serenity – Forbidden eyes
Creator: Swimmie Chaffe
Price: $0L
Aeva//Heartsick: Yves 3 – Jingle Bells skin
Creator: Amesha Jewell
Price: $100L (available til Jan. 2nd)
Even~Tide (MP store): Mer Scales – Copper tattoo
Creator: Eve Gaelyth
Price: $29L
My Ugly Dorothy: Lovely Line05 tattoo lashes
Creator: Sopha Portal
Price: $50L
Maxi Gossamer @ Limited Bazaar: Aztec River of Dreams jewelry
Creator: Maxi Gossamer
Price: $150L (Limited to 100)
Soedara: Exotic Berjuang Tari Bindi 2
Creator: Marbella Pronovost
Price: $40L