Twisted Hunt Spring 2014

This month is time for the Twisted Hunt Spring edition for 2014!
“Magick” is the theme & royal purple is the color for the hardest hunt in SL!

I’ve snagged a few great gifts so here’s a look:

The Attic_Twisted Spring 2014 Hunt_Twisted - Magick EyesThe Attic_Twisted Spring 2014 Hunt_Twisted Magick Eyes

The Attic always has awesome Twisted gifts and no exception this time!

The Twisted gift features mesh only eyes with texture change HUD & four elements female skins.
The HUD has fourteen eye textures to select & a resizer for fitting.

The Attic : Twisted Magick eyes & Elements (air fem) skin
Creator: Blue Hoisan
Price: $0L (Twisted Spring 2014)
Souzou Eien: Celestial Sorcery Circlet
Creator: Draconias Timeless
Price: $0L (Twisted Spring 2014)
TLB_Twisted Spring 2014 Hunt_Oracle Eyes

The Little Bat is another favorite for Twisted hunt gifts!

Her hunt gift features an almost complete avatar for the ladies (does not include hair or shoes) & matching outfit for the gents.
Both contain the system only plasmic white eyes shown.

TLB_Twisted Spring 2014 Gacha_Oracle Eyes

Play TLB’s Twisted Gacha for colored versions of the Oracle eyes!
They are system only & you could win the rare fat pack for only $10L a spin.
If you get duplicates, they are transferable.

The Little Bat: Oracle eyes & skin
Creator: Drusilla Dethly
Price: $0L (Twisted Spring 2014)
LaNoir Soleil: Twisted Miranda hair (includes dragon magik crown)
Creator: sonnetsoleil & Caresia Adored
Price: $0L (Twisted Spring 2014)
The Little Bat: Oracle eyes
Creator: Drusilla Dethly
Price: $10L per play (Twisted Spring 2014 gacha)
SongBird_Twisted Spring 2014 Hunt_Arcane Consecration Eyes

SongBird comes up with nice hunt gifts as well!

Her hunt item features a forehead tattoo, arcane circle pose prop, Slink hand tattoo appliers, & glowing mesh contacts.

SongBird_Twisted Spring 2014 Gacha_Solomon's Key Eyes

You can also play her Twisted Gacha for these cool mystic-looking eyes!
They are mesh only in four designs at $50L per play with a chance at the rare fat pack.
A little warning though, these are not transferable, so play with caution.

**Update** Nimil has updated the gacha singles to be transfer but the fat pack is no trans.
Thank you, Nimil! ❤

SongBird: Arcane Consecration eyes & tattoo
Creator: Nimil Blackflag
Price: $0L (Twisted Spring 2014)
Vivid Avs: Marley Magick skin
Creator: Bryce Navarathna
Price: $0L (Twisted Spring 2014)
SongBird: Solomon’s Key eyes
Creator: Nimil Blackflag
Price: $50L per play (Twisted Spring 2014 gacha)

This is one hunt you don’t want to miss but BEWARE! It isn’t easy!

Twisted Hunt URLs

Happy hunting for those Twisted little boxes! Hunt ends March 31st, 2014.


Twisted Hunt Fall 2013 – Part II

Twisted Hunt Fall 2013 hunt prizes part 2!

Adoness_Twisted Hunt Sept 2013_Bestia - Teal Eyes

The Cat Girl
Adoness‘s Twisted hunt prize features gorgeous green & teal cattish eyes in mesh only!

Style by Kira: Giada – Kitty Girl skin
Creator: Kira Paderborn
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt Fall 2013)
hate this_Twisted Hunt Sept 2013_Human Snake Eyes

The Human Snake
hate this‘s prize features snakey eyes in two colors with system & mesh versions.
It also contains a full body scales tattoo & sideshow wagon with poses.

Mystic Canvass: Heckle – Nonsense skin
Creator: Lara Darkbyrd
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt Fall 2013)
TLB_Twisted Hunt Sept 2013_Carny Doll & Carny Devil Eyes

The Carnie Doll & Carnie Devil
The Little Bat prizes features almost complete male & female twisted carnival avatars with clothing, shoes, horns (men’s only), skins, & unique system only eyes.
Kita's Sideshow_Twisted Hunt Sept 2013_Snake Lady Eyes

The Snake Girl
Kita’s Sideshow has prizes for both male & female, each contains an outfit with the same system only snake eyes & split snake tongue.

Style by Kira: Giada – Carnival skin
Creator: Kira Paderborn
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt Fall 2013)
Senzafine & Paper Moon: Lokii teardrop earrings – Crimson Noir RARE
Creator: Synjari Myriam
Price: $50L per play (Twisted Extra Gacha Fair)

The Twisted Hunt Fall 2013 lasts for the entire month of September.
So much more to find! Hunt down those evil twisted boxes!
Twisted Fall 2013 Merchant List
Have fun & happy hunting!

Twisted Hunt Fall 2013 – Part I

Twisted Hunt Fall 2013 hunt prizes!

Goth1c0_Twisted Hunt Sept 2013_Scary Eyes

Goth1c0‘s Twisted hunt prize is the evil clown makeup with a Victorian clown collar & tophat!
The equally twisted eyes & clown nose are part of the in-store Carnevil hunt, a Twisted Hunt extra.
The eyes come with system & prim versions.
The Attic_Twisted Hunt_Sept 2013_Twisted Carnie EyesThe Attic_Twisted Hunt Sept 2013_Twisted Carnie Eyes

The Attic‘s prize features mesh only eyes HUD & female clowny skin in three tones & two makeups.
The eyes use a HUD with three irises, four scleras, color tint selector, & resize options.
ODB_Twisted Hunt Sept 2013_Twisted Clown Eyes

Ol’Dirty Bastards, a mainstay for creepy clown creations, presents matching twisted clown skins & system only eyes for men & women!
Rotten Toe_Twisted Hunt Sept 2013_Zombie Eyes

Rotten Toe‘s prize contains these system only zombie eyes plus a bloody “harlequim” mesh dress.

Style by Kira: Giada – Sad Clown 01 skin
Creator: Kira Paderborn
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt Fall 2013)

The Twisted Hunt Fall 2013 lasts for the entire month of September.
So get to looking for those twisted boxes til your eyes bleed!
Twisted Fall 2013 Merchant List

Part II will be coming up soon…
Have fun & happy hunting!

Twisted Gachas Fall 2013

Have you wondered what I’ve been doing??
I’ve been doing the Twisted Hunt Fall 2013!

For this post, I’ll start with some of the Twisted extra gachas.
Why?! Because the hunt shops have lots of eyes this time.
The theme for Fall this year is “Carnival”, as in circus… Twisted style!

Let’s start the show with Songbird:

Songbird_Twisted Gacha Sept 2013_Trypophobia Eyes

Her Twisted gacha features four fleshy eyes in circus colors in mesh only.
At $35L per play, you have a chance at getting the rare fatpack!
If sideshow freaks are more to your liking, play Kita’s Sideshow‘s gacha!

Kita's Sideshow_Twisted Gacha Sept 2013_Snake Eyes

Yes, you too can be the Human Snake with one of seven snake eyes in system versions only.
$25L per play and, if you’re lucky, you’ll slither off with a fat pack!
Carnivals can be hellish, so can The Little Bat‘s gacha!

TLB_Twisted Gacha Sept 2013_Hellfire Eyes

It features six colorful gothic eyes in system only.
The cheapest gacha so far at $10L per play with a rare fat pack!
The most Twisted gacha of them all is by Avatar Bizarre!

Avatar Bizarre_Twisted Gacha Sept 2013_Plasma Eyes

Not only does it contain eight cool plasmatic & metallic eyes in system & prim versions but also several clown pants & mesh cat masks.
You’ll probably end up with so many clown pants & masks you’ll want to shoot yourself out of a cannon (or Sredni himself) into a cage of starving rabid lions if you try to get all the eyes.
The gacha is $15L per play & no fat pack so good luck!

The brown eyes (without a highlight dot) should be fixed by now, if not, contact Sredni for a replacement.

There are still eye gachas not out yet but you bet I’ll try for them when they are ready!
Next post will be the Twisted Hunt prizes with eyes!

Twisted Hunt Fall 2013

BTW….. anyone want some clown pants? cough

TSG Sinners Wrath Hunt

One week left for the The Sinister Goth Sinners Wrath Hunt!

This is a group hunt, you must be a member of The Sinister Goth group to receive the hunt gifts.
Let’s take a look at the eyes in the hunt:

TLB_TSG Sinners Wrath Hunt_Wrath Demon Eyes

The Little Bat‘s hunt gift features an almost complete female demon avatar.
It comes with a skin, wings, horns, tail, clothing, and eyes.

The burning lava-like eyes are system only in one iris size.

Cyrious_TSG Sinners Wrath Hunt_Fire & Ash Eyes

The gift from Cyrious features a partial mesh pose prop altar, sculpted wings with animated textures, and animated eyes.

The eyes come with a dark eye base (not shown) & animated fire prim eyes matching the wings.

AI_TSG Sinners Wrath Hunt_Angelic & Arbiter Eyes

Archeon Industries gift features two system eyes.

One iris size only, one is a heavenly blue & the other a smouldering ember.

Hurry to join The Sinister Goth group & do the hunt before it ends!
Hunt Hints & Links
Hunt ends January 31st.

The Little Bat: Wrath Demon eyes & skin
Creator: Drusilla Dethly
Price: $0L (TSG group hunt – free to join)
Cyrious: Fire & Ash eyes
Creator: Nedria Cyr
Price: $0L (TSG group hunt – free to join)
BRAT[inc]: Wrath hunt skin
Creator: AzureFera
Price: $0L (TSG group hunt – free to join)
Archeon Industries: Angelic & Arbiter eyes
Creator: Prometheus Daines
Price: $0L (TSG group hunt – free to join)
Pysch0: Una (Frozen) skin
Creator: Psych0 Starship
Price: $0L (TSG group hunt – free to join)

TLB – Twisted Hunt Fall 2012

Still slowly chipping away at the Twisted Hunt Fall 2012!

The Little Bat doesn’t disappoint with these very cool & creepy hunt gifts!

You have to find two twisted boxes, one for guys & one for gals, and inside are almost complete Mr. & Ms. Slender avatars, just need to add shoes or….. hair. lol
The eyes are system versions only and really give that empty socket look for the skeletal facial features on the skins.
Don’t they look just demonically dapper in those fedoras?

Sadly, no Twisted Extras due to real life issues but you can find the Twisted Gatcha eyes from last Spring in the bargain basement down the well which you can view in my Spring 2012 hunt post HERE.

Hunt ends September 30th, 2012.

The Little Bat: Mr. & Ms. Slender avatars
Creator: Drusilla Dethly
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt)

TLB – Twisted Hunt Prize & Extras

I got a chance to do some hunting at The Little Bat for the Twisted Hunt.
These awesome eyes (plus skins, shapes, ears, & clothing) are in both the male & female separate hunt boxes.
The hunt ends March 31st, 2012.

The Little Bat: Arcane Eyes (Teal) & Arcane Drow skin
Creator: Drusilla Dethly
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt Spring 2012 gifts)

While you’re there hunting, pick up Drusilla’s creepy “Seeing Twisted” freebie!
It comes with the Twisted box prim eyes & facial tattoo.

Check out The Little Bat‘s Twisted gatcha with additional Arcane eyes!
I’m wearing the Coal color. ^.^

There are many more Twisted goodies & specials in the store but they end March 31st! Be sure to visit!

The Little Bat: Arcane Eyes (Coal) & Twisted Demon skin
Creator: Drusilla Dethly
Price: $10L (Twisted Gatcha & skin special)