Contraption @ Collabor88

Contraption_C88_Meltdown Shades

I just have to show you these awesome scifi shades by Contraption for Collabor88‘s May collection!

Faust is the special guest this month & he made them especially for C88.
The theme is “Rain or Shine” and they fit the theme perfectly!

100% original mesh, fully mod, they feature highly detailed textures & unique glow tips.
Perfect for futuristic styles!

You want them, you know you do!

Contraption @ C88: Meltdown shades – Rain & Shine
Creator: Faust Steamer
Price: $88L each (C88 May 2013)
League: Aria Walnut – Special Edition skin
Creator: Nena Janus
Price: $1,195L


The Event Hollywood SwagBag Gifts

Prepare to be a star at The Event Hollywood!
A replica of Hollywood, the event features the famous Chinese Theatre & Hollywood Walk of Fame lined with shops from many top designers in Second Life.

Almost all the shops have red swagbag gifts filled with glamorous gifts!
Please use the links in the credits at the bottom of the post:

Mudholland_Hollywood Event 2013_Angelina Eyes

The swagbag from Mudholland features system eyes & mole tattoo inspired by actress Angelina Jolie.

EVIAN_Hollywood Event 2013_HD Eyes 29

EVIAN (Egoisme)‘s swagbag has these realistic grey system eyes & handsome male skin.

Amacci_Hollywood Event 2013_Branch Eyes

Amacci‘s swagbag has system eyes in three colors with two iris sizes & eye sparkle attachments.

Birth_Hollywood Event 2013_Shiva - Military Green EyesBirth_Hollywood Event 2013_Shiva Eyes

The swagbag by Birth features a fat pack of thirteen system eyes in two iris sizes.

Gabriel - ZED_Hollywood Event 2013_Mesh Sunglasses

Doubling up on the swagbags from Gabriel & ZED.
Each features stylish black & white mesh sunglasses with advanced resizers.

Don’t miss this fabulous Hollywood event with gifts for men & women!
Fabulous clothing, accessories, decor, and much more!

Event ends April 14th, 2013

See you on the red carpet!

Mudholland @ The Event Hollywood: Angelina eyes & beauty mark
Creator: Raymond Loxingly
Price: $0L (SwagBag gift)
YS&YS @ TDR Fusion: Julia – Evening skin
Creator: Monicuzza Babenco
Price: $70L (TDRF 3-29-13 thru 4-10-13)
me. Jewelry @ The Event Hollywood: Diva Wood earrings
Creator: Siane Kanya
Price: $0L (SwagBag gift)
EVIAN (Egoisme) @ The Event Hollywood: HD Eyes 29 & Alessandro Pale skin
Creator: Ramses Meredith
Price: $0L (SwagBag gift)
Amacci @ The Event Hollywood: Branch eyes
Creator: Carina Larsen
Price: $0L (SwagBag gift)
Al Vulo! @ TDR Fusion: Arya – Amethyst Milk skin
Creator: Hlin Bluebird
Price: N/A (former TDRF exclusive – check for availability)
SHINE @ The Event Hollywood: Hollywood eyeshadow/Purple
Creator: Love Foxdale
Price: $0L (SwagBag gift)
Snowpaws @ The Event Hollywood: Felin Parvant earrings
Creator: Carrie Snowpaw
Price: $0L (SwagBag gift)
Birth @ The Event Hollywood: Shiva eyes – fat pack
Creator: Silent Alchemi
Price: $0L (SwagBag gift)
EVIAN (Egoisme) @ The Event Hollywood: Alessandro Pale skin
Creator: Ramses Meredith
Price: $0L (SwagBag gift)
Gabriel @ The Event Hollywood: Zebra Sunglasses (white)
Creator: Takuya Jinn
Price: $0L (SwagBag gift)
ZED @ The Event Hollywood: Mesh Sunglasses B&W Reflection
Creator: EVK
Price: $0L (SwagBag gift)
Pink Fuel @ Free*Style: Alena Azure skin
Creator: Mochi Milena
Price: $50L
Dressed by Lexi @ The Event Hollywood: Ms. Hepburn earrings
Creator: Lexi Roxan
Price: $0L (SwagBag gift)

New in 2013 Hunt

The New in 2013 Hunt showcases new products for the new year, like a preview of sorts.
So if you want to get a jump on the New Year, then don’t miss this hunt!

IKON_New in 2013 Hunt_CandyApple-CandyCane_Eyes

IKON has two prizes at separate locations in the hunt. \o/

I adore the colors of these eyes!
Candy apple red & stripey candy cane system eyes in five iris sizes.
So yummy!

This is the first time I’ve seen Ikon in a hunt & about fainted when I got the notice!

UMEBOSHI_New in 2013 Hunt_Yue Bicolor-Mirror_Eyes

Umeboshi has a sweet pair of pale blue eyes in the hunt prize.

The pretty blue eyes come in three iris sizes with system & mesh versions.
The mesh eyes have resize scripts but they do not change the mesh size at all.
They can still be resized manually through the Edit menu.

AZOURY_New in 2013 Hunt_Lunette SADNESS Verte

AZOURY‘s hunt prize are these sleek mesh sunglasses.

Stylish modern design in black & forest green accents, they will look great on everyone.
The promo states they are copiable but are not. The resize scripting does work though.

The New in 2013 Hunt has prizes for men, women, and unisex!
It’s not a hard hunt or a long one (yay!) and plenty of time to complete it.
New in 2013 Hints
New in 2013 Previews

Hunt ends January 20th, 2013.

IKON: Eternal – CandyApple eyes
Creator: Ikon Innovia
Price: $0L (New in 2013 Hunt)
IKON @ Epicosity: CandyCane eyes
Creator: Ikon Innovia
Price: $0L (New in 2013 Hunt)
Glam Affair @ C88: Amberly – Europa Frostbite – 01 skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $188L (C88 December)
Umeboshi: Yue Bicolored – Mirror eyes
Creator: Keiba
Price: $0L (New in 2013 Hunt)
Mother Goose’s: Suzanne-1L skin
Creator: milok Hermit
Price: $1L
My Ugly Dorothy: Lovely Line04 tattoo lashes
Creator: Sopha Portal
Price: $50L
AZOURY: Lunette SADNESS Verte sunglasses
Creator: Mayhem Seetan
Price: $0L (New in 2013 Hunt)
Genesis Creations (MP store): Hope Gift – December skin
Creator: Ravage Genesis
Price: $0L

Swallow – Free Shades Metropolis

Swallow_Free_Metropolis Shades

Looking for shades that are très chique?
Then pay a visit to Swallow and snag these free mesh sunglasses.

The shades feature chocolatey brown frames with an urban cityscape lens reflection.
They are modify and can be fitted with ease.
Perfect for metropolitan fashionistas with style!

Swallow: Shades Metropolis Gold & Brown
Creator: luciayes Magi
Price: $0L
Al Vulo!: Eleonor – Son of Flowers skin
Creator: Hlin Bluebird
Price: $0L (Group gift – free to join)

WOMENstuff Hunt – November 2012

The WOMENstuff Hunt has begun with two hundred stores participating with many wonderful prizes to fill any woman’s wardrobe.

As always, I like to focus on the eyes so here are the few that I have found so far:

Step inSide‘s prize is a pair of soft light brown eyes with a touch of blue. One iris size, system eyes only.
They very pretty and one of the few prizes that can be unisex.

Doubling up on this image, RAWR!‘s prize is a pair of shiny greenish yellow eyes. One iris size, system eyes only.
Steinwerk has stylish mesh glasses that you can customize the lenses, frames, opacity, position (either nose or head), and resize either by the touch menu or chat commands.
These too can be unisex.

X-Sight‘s prize features chunky bright red glasses and red eyes with with a tiny heart accent in the pupil.
The glasses are resize scripted and the eyes are one iris size in system versions only.
Another possibility for unisex.

RUBY has a reputation for some of the best photo-realistic skins in Second Life from elderly to plus size.

Her prize is a complete female avatar with shape, skin (shown), eyes (shown), hair, clothing, & accessories.
The eyes are a soft greyish brown, one iris size in system version only.

*Note on the skin, I recommend it for tall thin females with A-cup breasts. It has the best ribcage details that I’ve seen. If you don’t like the face, that’s what makeup is for. 😉

Hunt ends on November 31st, 2012. Happy hunting!

Step inSide: Serenity eyes
Creator: Lany Jun
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)
SOUL.: Noa skin
Creator: sin Carcarino
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)
RAWR!: Dark Eyes – Yellow
Creator: Circe Boucher
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)
Steinwerk: Womenstuff glasses
Creator: Aveline Stein
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)
SHINE: Venice PurpleSunset skin
Creator: Love Foxdale
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)
Chop Zuey: Circus Maximus jewelry
Creator: Belle Roussel
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)
X-Sight: Fatal Attraction eyes & Material Girl Glasses
Creator: Xara Claven
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)
WoW Skins: Kelly skin
Creator: sawsan SecretSpy
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)
RUBY: Sparkle eyes Lt. Brown & Miriam2 skin
Creator: Carmella Ruby
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)