Frick – Halloween Hunt 2013

Frick_Halloween Hunt 2013_Cruel Eyes - PurpleFrick_Halloween Hunt 2013_Cruel Eyes

I love the yearly Halloween hunt at Frick!
This year, she has ten witch hats to find all over her store.

Five of those have creepy eyes in Halloween colors.
Each contains system, mesh, & petite prim eyes (for Yabusaka’s petite mesh avies).
They are color matched to the makeups in the other five hats.

Frick’s Halloween Hunt Flickr

Happy Halloween Hunting!

Frick: Cruel eyes & Maexxna|Creepy Bits makeups
Creator: Fricka Morgath
Price: $1L each (Halloween Hunt 2013)
JOLI @ SYSP: Nicole – Elphaba-Green skin
Creator: Aisling Caiben
Price: $99L (SYSP Oct. 2013)


Chus! – Arachne Free Gift

Chus_Free Gift_Infested Arachne -Ghost EyesChus_Free Gift_Arachne Lens_Eyes

New gift from Chus!!
She’s antsy for the Hallowen season & has a gift for all!

The free gift features two pairs of eyes with spider pupils in system & mesh versions.
There are two sclera options & have one iris size only.
The coincide with the new Arachne release & these colors are not included in the fat pack.

Hurry to snag them because the freebie may be only available for a limited time!

Chus!: Arachne lenses – Ghost & Terror
Creator: Pixel Tyran
Price: $0L
~*By Snow*~: Classic Vamp skin
Creator: Snow Frostwych
Price: $10L

Fallen Gods – Arachnos Halloween Lucky Fortune

Fallen Gods has a special Halloween Lucky Fortune out!

Should you and another lucky sitter get a 100% match, you both receive the Arachnos partial avatars for men & women.
They feature skins, spider legs attachments, loincloths, system eyes, with prim chest and forehead eyes.

Fallen Gods Arachnos Post

The Blood system eyes are also in the FG Welcome Gift previously blogged HERE if you fail to get a match on the Lucky Fortune.

The Arachnos Halloween Lucky Fortune will be available til November 10th, 2012.
Teleport all your friends to try your luck!

Fallen Gods: Arachnos Blood eyes, multiple forehead eyes, & female skin
Creator: Alia Baroque
Price: $0L (Lucky Fortune – limited time)

~*By Snow*~ – New Releases

Just a quick post to show my newest eyes for Halloween!

The newest of the new are the Black Widow & Black Spider eyes.
They come in three iris sizes with system, prim, & mesh versions.
Also included are the spider forehead eyes tattoos, three versions – one forehead eyes only & two forehead eyes w/makeups in black or white webs, plus additional spider back tattoos in black or white webs.

The Necropsy Infect & Plague eyes are the previous new release.
These come in one iris size only with system, prim, & mesh versions.

The prim & mesh eyes are modify for resizing & positioning.

Happy Halloween!

~*By Snow*~: Black Widow & Black Spider eyes w/tattoos
Creator: Snow Frostwych (myself)
Price: $25L each
~*By Snow*~: Classic Vamp (Alabaster) skin
Creator: Snow Frostwych (myself)
Price: $10L
Magically Aluring (MP store): Spiderweb earrings
Creator: Alura Magic
Price: $75L
~*By Snow*~: Necropsy Infect & Plague eyes
Creator: Snow Frostwych (myself)
Price: $15L each
Modish: Doomed Tan skin
Creator: Ele Brandi
Price: N/A (former GSP item)
Candy Mountain: Fangs tattoo
Creator: Mynx Legend
Price: $10L (gatcha)