AIR – Lucky Board & Gift Glasses

AIR specializes in intricate & detailed eyeglasses. Aslan’s delicate prim work is amazing!

The Fiore glasses (top) are gorgeous with all the tiny rosettes, gems, & scrolls.
The Plantagenet monocle (second) is very elegant with the organic design & long thin chain.
They are not scripted and be modified. The monocle has left/right versions.
You can win them on the Lucky Boards!

While you wait on your letter, grab the free Dragonfly glasses gift on the table!
These scrollworked glasses have scripted color change lenses & inserts, eleven color tints to choose from, and are modify.

These very retro glasses are an older freebie from AIR that can only be purchased on the SL Marketplace.
Featuring a cat eye frame, the lenses are color change scripted with twelve color tints to choose from.
These are perfect for that vintage look!

Nothing nerdy about this stunning eyewear by AIR, so get them all!

AIR: Fiore, Plantagenet, & Dragonfly glasses
Creator: Aslan Kish
Price: $0L (lucky boards & store gift)
AIR (MP store): Black Cat glasses
Creator: Aslan Kish
Price: $0L (MP exclusive gift)
Curio: Pin Up – Apple Pie 2 skin
Creator: Gala Phoenix
Price: N/A (Store currently closed)
Essences: Koral Eyelashes tattoo
Creator: Inka Mexicola
Price: N/A (included in skin packs)
By Snow: Colour Eyes (Earth)
Creator: Snow Frostwych (myself)
Price: $15L


Contraption – Copycat Visor & Pince Nez Specs : One Voice

I just have to show off the awesome creations from Contraption at the One Voice – Gala Fundraiser Event!
Isn’t this visor just the coolest?! It’s 100% mesh and comes with a face sock tattoo.
It is exclusive to the event so definitely get it for the cyberpunk in you!

Faust’s second item in the event are the Pince Nez specs! Simply perfect for Victorian & Steampunk fans!
These highly detailed specs are 100% mesh and you can choose from eight colors or buy the special edition fat pack.

The event ends July 22nd, 2012!

Contraption @ One Voice Fundraiser: Copycat Visor & face sock tattoo – Pince Nez Specs (copper)
Creator: Faust Steamer
Price: $250L (One Voice Exclusive) – $250L each / $1500L fat pack (One Voice)
Glam Affair @ One Voice Fundraiser: Roza – One Voice for Gala skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $499L (One Voice Exclusive)
Mock @ One Voice Fundraiser: Nude Lip Jelle makeup
Creator: Mocksoup Graves
Price: $100L grab bag (One Voice)
By Snow @ One Voice Fundraiser: Deep Eyes (Charcoal)
Creator: Snow Frostwych (myself)
Price: $25L (One Voice Exclusive)