AIR – Japan Fair Gift

Air_Japan Fair 2014_Pisces Glasses

Grab this stunning gift at the Japan Fair by AIR!

These delicately chained glasses are sculpted & finely textured.
The glasses come in three sizes & are fully mod for further fitting if needed.

Don’t miss this fundraising fair for the ShelterBox charity to Japan! ❤

Japan Fair Official Blog

AIR @ Japan Fair: Pisces glasses
Creator: Aslan Kish
Price: $0L (gift)
WoW Skins: Laura skin
Creator: sawsan SecretSpy
Price: $15L (Easter Egg store hunt)
hsh @ Japan Fair: Truth – Brown eyes
Creator: HAZ Starship
Price: $100L (100% Donation item)


D-Lab @ The Arcade June 2013

D-Lab_Arcade June 2013_Toy Cyborg Eye-Blue

Have you made it into The Arcade yet?
When you do, hit up the gacha by D-Lab!
You could win one of the toy Cyborg eye attachments & other parts.

While this sculpted cybernetic eye looks fairly normal, it holds a surprise!

D-Lab_Arcade June 2013_Toy Cyborg Eye-Blue animated

TA-DA! Click the eye & it extends into a scope & a little animated D-Lab critter pops out with binoculars!
How cute is that?!

Other parts move on touch: rabbit ears, ear covers, & hand claw.
The winged backpacks animate when flying & all parts worn & animated together looks very very cool!
There are five colors: blue, pink, yellow, green, and the rare grey.

Collect them all!

Join The Arcade in-world group to trade your gacha loot!
The Arcade Shopping Guide
Check out the yard sales to find items to complete your collections.
Unaffiliated Yard Sale List on Plurk

Buyer Beware when yard sale shopping & trading, scams do happen!

Event ends June 30th, 2013.

D-Lab @ The Arcade: toy Cyborg eye – Blue & other toy Cyborg parts
Creator: dazai Voom
Price: $25L per play (June 2013 Arcade)
Orc Inc: Blend skin – Grey
Creator: Nicole Twigvald
Price: N/A (not officially released yet)
~*By Snow*~: Cyborlyte – Teal eyes
Creator: Snow Frostwych
Price: $15L