Skin Fair 2014

The annual Skin Fair opened a couple of days ago!

If you’re lucky to get in, there are quite a few gifts this time:

RUBY_Skin Fair 2014_Real Eyes Amazonite

Event gift from RUBY!

The gift features system only realistic blueish grey eyes & a Slink Nails applier with four colors.

RUBY @ Skin Fair : Real Eyes Amazonite & Slink Nail Applier 3 – Aqua
Creator: Carmella Ruby
Price: $0L (Skin Fair gift)
Silken Moon @ Skin Fair : Madamn Ice skin & blush
Creator: Malicia Python
Price: $0L (Skin Fair gift)
New Faces @ Skin Fair : Erotica make-up 01
Creator: Gwen Aloix
Price: $0L fat pack (Skin Fair gift)
+Nuuna+ @ Skin Fair : Chi Makeup gray
Creator: Nuuna Nitely
Price: $100L fat pack
Rozena_Skin Fair 2014_Tempt - Caribbean Bay & Yeondu Eyes

Event gift from Rozena!

Her gift features two pretty system eyes & three eyeshadows (not shown).

Rozena @ Skin Fair: Tempt – Caribbean Bay & Yeondu eyes
Creator: Lindsay Rozen
Price: $0L (Skin Fair gift)
Ab.Fab @ Skin Fair: Cherry St Patrick Special skin
Creator: Tesssa Foresight
Price: $1L (Skin Fair gift)
Tokyo Girl_Skin Fair 2014_ES12 Crystal Brown Green Eyes

Event gift from Tokyo Girl!

Fabulous gift featuring a lovely skin, several shapes, & realistic system eyes.

Tokyo Girl @ Skin Fair: Eyes ES12 – Crystal Brown Green & Hestia – Natural skin
Creator: Circe Ishtar
Price: $0L (Skin Fair gift)

The Skin Fair covers three sims with long time established creators & new designers.
Grab the many gifts & demos to find your next look!

Script limits are in force, so let’s not try to teleport in with every single scripted attachment you have in inventory, ok?

Fair ends March 30th, 2014.


MENstuff Hunt 2013

Just a couple of things from the MENstuff Hunt 2013 as I have not gone through it completely.
With almost 150 designers participating, it’s one of the most anticipated hunts of the year for men!

KMADD_MENstuff Hunt 2013_FROST - Pale Frost & Cold Sky Eyes

I can always count on KMADD for awesome hunt gifts!

This gift contains two piercing eyes in system only & one iris size & two full sets of hair & hairbases.
RUBY_MENstuff Hunt 2013_Sarge - Real Eyes Turquoise

RUBY Skins can be counted on for quality mature/older skins for those not afraid to show a little age.

This hunt gift features a rugged ex-marine Sargent avatar with skin, shape, patriotic boxers, & eyes.
The eyes are a dull greyish turquoise in system version only.

Oh yes, he comes with a smoking cigar & a marine logo tattoo on his chest, SEMPER FI!

I am sure I missed quite bunch but this gives you just a tiny taste for what you can find!

MENstuff Hunt 2013 Slurls & Hints

Hunt ends September 3rd, 2013 so pace yourself out there, guys.
Happy Hunting!

KMADD: FROST – Pale Frost & Cold Sky eyes
Creator: Maddox Dupont
Price: $0L (MENstuff Hunt 2013)
LaVie: Santino skin
Creator: Pompeja Rossini
Price: $0L (MENstuff Hunt 2013)
Jaryth’s Barber Shop: Rocker Chops facial hair
Creator: Jarythe
Price: $0L (MENstuff Hunt 2013)
RUBY Skins: Sarge avatar w/eyes
Creator: Carmella Ruby
Price: $0L (MENstuff Hunt 2013)

WOMENstuff Hunt – December 2012

The WOMENstuff Hunt for December has two hundred stores participating with many wonderful prizes to fill your winter & holiday wardrobe.

I’m very late getting to this post with so many events, hunts, advents, etc at this time of year.

RUBY_WOMENstuff_Dec_Mrs Claus

You still have time to get the precious Mrs. Claus full avatar by RUBY to wear on Christmas Day.

I really do love her elderly skins and this avie is so sweet & endearing.
Complete with a full Santa dress, shoes, earrings, hair, hat, glasses, skin, shape, & eyes.
The eyes are a soft grey & look a bit mischievous behind the wire rimmed glasses.

X-Sight_WOMENstuff_Dec_Eyes n Glasses

X-Sight has another pairing of eyes & glasses like in her November hunt prize.

This time, chunky candy cane striped glasses & baby blue eyes with a snowflake in the pupil.
The glasses are resize scripted and the eyes are one iris size in system versions only.

TwoSistersTreasures_WOMENstuff_Dec_Burma Ruby

Two Sisters Treasures‘ prize features a stunning masquerade mask with matching jewelry.

The black satin mask is embellished with gold & ruby decorations with gold feathers & resize scripted.
Very elegant for any formal holiday parties.

Many vendors still have November’s hunt items as well so look for both.
This hunt is ending very soon on December 31st, 2012!

Merry Christmas!

RUBY: Mrs. Claus full avatar
Creator: Carmella Ruby
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)
X-Sight: Candy Cane Lane glasses & Winter’s Breath eyes
Creator: Xara Claven
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)
Essences: Soleil skin
Creator: Inka Mexicola
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)
Two Sisters Treasures: Burma Ruby mask & jewelry
Creator: Arabella Bellios
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)
Shakeup! @ Arcade: Paris mesh eyes – RARE
Creator: Carrie Janick
Price: $25L per play (Arcade gatcha – closes Dec. 31st, 2012.)
Zoul Creations: Lynn 03 Beige – Christmas skin
Creator: Shantia Soulstar
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)

WOMENstuff Hunt – November 2012

The WOMENstuff Hunt has begun with two hundred stores participating with many wonderful prizes to fill any woman’s wardrobe.

As always, I like to focus on the eyes so here are the few that I have found so far:

Step inSide‘s prize is a pair of soft light brown eyes with a touch of blue. One iris size, system eyes only.
They very pretty and one of the few prizes that can be unisex.

Doubling up on this image, RAWR!‘s prize is a pair of shiny greenish yellow eyes. One iris size, system eyes only.
Steinwerk has stylish mesh glasses that you can customize the lenses, frames, opacity, position (either nose or head), and resize either by the touch menu or chat commands.
These too can be unisex.

X-Sight‘s prize features chunky bright red glasses and red eyes with with a tiny heart accent in the pupil.
The glasses are resize scripted and the eyes are one iris size in system versions only.
Another possibility for unisex.

RUBY has a reputation for some of the best photo-realistic skins in Second Life from elderly to plus size.

Her prize is a complete female avatar with shape, skin (shown), eyes (shown), hair, clothing, & accessories.
The eyes are a soft greyish brown, one iris size in system version only.

*Note on the skin, I recommend it for tall thin females with A-cup breasts. It has the best ribcage details that I’ve seen. If you don’t like the face, that’s what makeup is for. 😉

Hunt ends on November 31st, 2012. Happy hunting!

Step inSide: Serenity eyes
Creator: Lany Jun
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)
SOUL.: Noa skin
Creator: sin Carcarino
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)
RAWR!: Dark Eyes – Yellow
Creator: Circe Boucher
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)
Steinwerk: Womenstuff glasses
Creator: Aveline Stein
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)
SHINE: Venice PurpleSunset skin
Creator: Love Foxdale
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)
Chop Zuey: Circus Maximus jewelry
Creator: Belle Roussel
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)
X-Sight: Fatal Attraction eyes & Material Girl Glasses
Creator: Xara Claven
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)
WoW Skins: Kelly skin
Creator: sawsan SecretSpy
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)
RUBY: Sparkle eyes Lt. Brown & Miriam2 skin
Creator: Carmella Ruby
Price: $0L (WOMENstuff Hunt)