Tainted Love Hunt 2013

The Tainted Love Hunt is a dark Valentine’s hunt with themes not for the faint of heart.
Hunt prizes are only $1L and feature some of the best gothic designers in Second Life.

If you find certain imagery disturbing or offensive to you, then don’t do this hunt or read further.

Below are several hunt prizes relevant to my blog, let’s start with masks!

Ezura Xue_Tainted Love Hunt 2013_Headpiece

Ezura Xue‘s prize is a wickedly cool mesh masked helmet that is resize scripted & unisex.
There is also a gift coupon for 10% off your next Ezura Xue purchase (inworld store only).

LIKKA HOUSE_Tainted Love Hunt 2013_Mask

LIKKA*HOUSE‘s prize is a jeweled masquerade sculpted mask in two sizes.

Frick_Tainted Love Hunt 2013_Cruel Skin-Eyes

Frick‘s prize is female skins in five tones, bloody lips & tears makeups, and eyes.
The bloodied eyes come in system & prim versions. These can be unisex.

DRD_Tainted Love Hunt 2013_Tainted Eye

Death Row Designs‘ prize is a single pale mesh eye and bruised eye tattoo with heart detail.

Aeva Heartsick_Tainted Love Hunt 2013_Heartsick Skin-Tattoo-Eyes

Aeva // Heartsick‘s prize is blood tears skins in two tones for both sexes, despair body tattoo, and beating heart hand pose prop.
It also comes with blackout system eyes for that empty socket look.

The majority of hunt prizes contain either male & female items or are unisex.
Some places have more than one prize to find.
Hunt Hints & Links

Hunt ends February 28th, 2013.
Happy hunting!

Ezura Xue: Tainted Headpiece
Creator: Ezura Xue
Price: $1L (Tainted Heart Hunt – unisex)
Aeva // Heartsick: Heartsick skin
Creator: Amesha Jewell
Price: $1L (Tainted Heart Hunt – male version included)
Contraption: Pseudo Amor Harness
Creator: Faust Steamer
Price: $1L (Tainted Heart Hunt – unisex)
LIKKA*HOUSE: Tainted Love Mask
Creator: Likka Noel
Price: $1L (Tainted Heart Hunt – unisex)
FK! Designs: Siouxsie skin
Creator: Frost Kit
Price: $100L (Horror Haute – ended 1/30/2013 check for availability)
Frick: Cruel eyes & skin
Creator: Fricka Morgath
Price: $1L (Tainted Heart Hunt – female only)
DRD: Tainted eye & tattoo
Creator: Jaimy Hancroft
Price: $1L (Tainted Heart Hunt – unisex)
Anymore: Kimmi Blood skin
Creator: luciana Button
Price: $100L (Horror Haute – ended 1/30/2013 check for availability)
Aeva // Heartsick: Blackout eyes, Heartsick skin, body tattoo, & beating heart
Creator: Amesha Jewell
Price: $1L (Tainted Heart Hunt – male version included)
Contraption: Pseudo Amor Harness
Creator: Faust Steamer
Price: $1L (Tainted Heart Hunt – unisex)
Nomine: Pinstripe hung mesh gown
Creator: Munchflower Zaius
Price: $1L (Tainted Heart Hunt – male suit included)

Femboy Hunt Winter 2013

Squeezed in some time to do the Femboy Hunt Winter 2013!
Aimed for men with effeminate features & style, many items can also be worn by women.

Here are a few interesting hunt items you can find during the hunt:

Pie-Tin_Femboy Hunt Winter 2013_Snow Queen Eyes

Pie-Tin has Snow Queen eyes in system & mesh versions with three iris sizes as well as glow pupil add-ons.
The hunt prize also contains a femboy shape & eyeliner (not shown).

Peippo_Femboy Hunt Winter 2013_Frost01 EyesPeippo_Femboy Hunt Winter 2013_Frost Eyes

Peippo has a fat pack of Frost eyes in six colors.
They are system versions only and have a cloudy nebulous cartoon look.

Atypical_Femboy Hunt Winter 2013_Eyeball BowAtypical_Femboy Hunt Winter 2013_Eyeball Bows

Atypical has eyeball hair bows with texture change menu on touch.
Eight iris colors to choose from the menu and with a little creative editing, since they are modify, you can turn them into prim eyes like I did. 😉

If you dare to branch out and explore something different then this is a fun hunt for you!
Clothing, skins, accessories, and more:
Femboy Hunt Hints & Links
Femboy Hunt Prize Preview

Hunt ends January 31st, 2013.
Happy Hunting!

Pie-Tin: Snow Queen eyes
Creator: Pieta Nowles
Price: $2L (Femboy Hunt)
Aeva // Heartsick: Andrej – 1 // Freeze male only skin
Creator: Amesha Jewell
Price: $2L (Femboy Hunt)
Tori-Tastic: Trapped in Glamour makeup
Creator: Victoria MacFanatic
Price: $2L (Femboy Hunt)
Peippo: Frost eyes
Creator: Pieni
Price: $2L (Femboy Hunt)
DANGO: Freckled male/female skin
Creator: Kurai Thei
Price: $2L (Femboy Hunt)
Atypical: Eyeball Bows (also modified for eyes)
Creator: Adonis Hunniton
Price: $2L (Femboy Hunt)
WoW Skins: PinkSugar female only skin
Creator: sawsan Secretspy
Price: $2L (Femboy Hunt)
Ayashi: Youya Blue hair
Creator: Ikira Frimon
Price: $2L (Femboy Hunt)

KASA @ Sannomiya Christmas & New Years Festival

KASA_HappyHolidays Gift_Glasses

The Sannomiya Christmas & New Years Festival is a quaint little holiday event with stalls from several Japanese designers.

KASA has a free gift at the festival featuring these well made stylish glasses.
The the bronze rimmed lenses are fainted shaded to give a clear view of your eyes.
They are made entirely of regular prims & not sculpted, a real testament to her skill.

KASA_LuckyBoard_Nikita Glasses

If you’re lucky, your letter just might be on Kasa’s Lucky board while picking up the gift glasses.
These clear framed round glasses are again made from regular prims.
The glasses are scripted to change the transparency, color, glow, shine of the lenses & also resize.
Excellent craftsmanship!

There are other lucky boards, gifts, gatchas, and falling glowing present boxes that you have to find the right one to get a special gift.
Stop by and take a look at some of the quality, sometimes quirky, Japanese offerings.

Festival last thru January 6th, 2013.
Happy Holidays & New Years!

KASA @ Sannomiya Festival: Happy Holidays gift glasses
Creator: Kasa Voom
Price: $0L
My Ugly Dorothy: Special 1L skin04
Creator: Sopha Portal
Price: $1L
Mayfly: Deep Sky (Teal Hazel) eyes
Creator: Arkesh Baral
Price: $0L (Group Lucky Chair – free to join)
BRILLANTE @ Sannomiya Festival: FUR hoop earrings
Creator: Reina Euler
Price: $0L (sannomiya MHF gift giver prize)
KASA @ Sannomiya Festival: Nikita glasses
Creator: Kasa Voom
Price: $0L (Lucky Board)
Mayfly: Deep Sky (Teal Hazel) eyes
Creator: Arkesh Baral
Price: $0L (Group Lucky Chair – free to join)
Rosy mood @ Sannomiya Festival: SONO Love and Peace skin
Creator: Calico Felisimo
Price: $0L (Lucky Board)

AIR – Lucky Board & Gift Glasses

AIR specializes in intricate & detailed eyeglasses. Aslan’s delicate prim work is amazing!

The Fiore glasses (top) are gorgeous with all the tiny rosettes, gems, & scrolls.
The Plantagenet monocle (second) is very elegant with the organic design & long thin chain.
They are not scripted and be modified. The monocle has left/right versions.
You can win them on the Lucky Boards!

While you wait on your letter, grab the free Dragonfly glasses gift on the table!
These scrollworked glasses have scripted color change lenses & inserts, eleven color tints to choose from, and are modify.

These very retro glasses are an older freebie from AIR that can only be purchased on the SL Marketplace.
Featuring a cat eye frame, the lenses are color change scripted with twelve color tints to choose from.
These are perfect for that vintage look!

Nothing nerdy about this stunning eyewear by AIR, so get them all!

AIR: Fiore, Plantagenet, & Dragonfly glasses
Creator: Aslan Kish
Price: $0L (lucky boards & store gift)
AIR (MP store): Black Cat glasses
Creator: Aslan Kish
Price: $0L (MP exclusive gift)
Curio: Pin Up – Apple Pie 2 skin
Creator: Gala Phoenix
Price: N/A (Store currently closed)
Essences: Koral Eyelashes tattoo
Creator: Inka Mexicola
Price: N/A (included in skin packs)
By Snow: Colour Eyes (Earth)
Creator: Snow Frostwych (myself)
Price: $15L