Leaf On The Wind

The Leaf On The Wind fundraising event for Scarlet Chandrayaan (Alouette creator) opened today!

Got some great donation items to show you:

Leaf on the Wind_Chop Shop - London Jack Eyes

First up is Chop Shop’s London Jack eyes.

They are beautifully done Union Jack flag eyes with system & mesh version in one iris size.
100% donation item for only $100L!

Leaf on the Wind_Songbird - London Eyes

Next is Songbird’s London eyes.

A pair of mesh eyes only with texture change HUD.
There are six colors & two iris sizes to choose from & can change the left & right eyes separately.
100% donation item for only $175L!

Leaf on the Wind_Fetch - Bloody Fun Gacha stuff

Lastly, just for kicks, Fetch’s Bloody Fun Gacha.

You can play for these super cute novelty handheld stick thingies.
It has a monocle & spectacles along with a top hat, two dapper mustaches, and four lips (not shown).
50% donation for $50L per play.

Glam Affair @ LOTW: Sia skins Artic Tone 02 & 03
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $499L each (LOTW 100% Donation)
Lolapop @ LOTW: God Save the Queen jewelry – Blue & Red sets
Creator: Lola79 Hienrichs
Price: $125L each (LOTW 75% Donation)
KoKoLoRes @ LOTW: Trouble hair
Creator: Leyla Flux
Price: $299L (LOTW 50% Donation)

Lots of other wonderful London/British themed donation items from many talented designers covering clothing, hair, accessories, furniture, poses, & more are at this event.

For more information about this fundraiser, please visit the Leaf On The Wind Official Blog.

Also visit Alouette’s Mainstore to see Scarlet’s work.

Be sure to stop by!


ContraptioN @ RMK Gothic Frost Fair & GENRE

ContraptioN_RMK Frost Fair 2013_Bizarre Mask

OMG! Not about eyes!
You will definitely want to go to the RMK Gothic Frost Fair for this mask by ContrapioN.

This stunning mesh mask is materials enabled & comes with optional versions.
There is antlers only, antlered & no antlers w/head strap, antlered & no antlers w/no strap, or display versions.

This color is exclusive to the fair & will not be available once it is over!

ContraptioN_GENRE December 2013_Bramley's Monocle - CopperContraptioN_GENRE December 2013_Bramley's Monocle - Copper options

If the mask is too weird for you, head over to GENRE for a lovely little chained monocle.

The monocle has two parts, the frame with lens & the chain.
You may need to edit the chain to get it to fit to you ear like I did.
There are six metals to select from, each comes with additional gold & silver accented versions.
The fat pack has seven metals so that would be the one to buy (if you can get the vendor to work).

Get that last minute shopping in!

Happy Holiday shopping & Merry Christmas!

ContraptioN @ RMK Frost Fair: Bizarre Mask
Creator: Faust Steamer
Price: $250L (RMK Frost Fair til 12-31-13)
ContraptioN @ GENRE: Bramley’s Monocle – Copper
Creator: Faust Steamer
Price: $100L each – $500L fat pack (Dec. 2013 GENRE til 1-12-14)
AVELINE (MP): Natural – Hazel eyes
Creator: Creator: giggle Solo
Price: $0L
Calico Hair: Eira hair – Fades 1
Creator: Calico Ingmann
Price: $250L per color pack
Al Vulo! @ TDRF: Mimi – DK Milk skin
Creator: Hlin Bluebird
Price: $70L (TDRF til 1-2-14)
Aeva//Heartsick: Vintage eyebrows
Creator: Amesha Jewell
Price: $100L fat pack

D-Lab @ The Arcade June 2013

D-Lab_Arcade June 2013_Toy Cyborg Eye-Blue

Have you made it into The Arcade yet?
When you do, hit up the gacha by D-Lab!
You could win one of the toy Cyborg eye attachments & other parts.

While this sculpted cybernetic eye looks fairly normal, it holds a surprise!

D-Lab_Arcade June 2013_Toy Cyborg Eye-Blue animated

TA-DA! Click the eye & it extends into a scope & a little animated D-Lab critter pops out with binoculars!
How cute is that?!

Other parts move on touch: rabbit ears, ear covers, & hand claw.
The winged backpacks animate when flying & all parts worn & animated together looks very very cool!
There are five colors: blue, pink, yellow, green, and the rare grey.

Collect them all!

Join The Arcade in-world group to trade your gacha loot!
The Arcade Shopping Guide
Check out the yard sales to find items to complete your collections.
Unaffiliated Yard Sale List on Plurk

Buyer Beware when yard sale shopping & trading, scams do happen!

Event ends June 30th, 2013.

D-Lab @ The Arcade: toy Cyborg eye – Blue & other toy Cyborg parts
Creator: dazai Voom
Price: $25L per play (June 2013 Arcade)
Orc Inc: Blend skin – Grey
Creator: Nicole Twigvald
Price: N/A (not officially released yet)
~*By Snow*~: Cyborlyte – Teal eyes
Creator: Snow Frostwych
Price: $15L

Real Eyes – New Steampunk Eyes

RealEyes_Steampunk_Captain - Clock_Eyes

Steampunk you say?! Why yes, yes I do say!

Take a look at these new Steampunk eyes from Real Eyes!

The Captain eyes have a mechanical lens look & the Clock eyes have a glassy clock face, of course.
These new releases are sold separately & in mesh only versions.


Before you buy the individual eyes, check out the Steampunk Optics pack.

It includes both Steampunk eyes shown at top plus this original mesh monocle!
The monocle features a texture change menu on touch with eight lens options.

They will make great additions for Neo-Victorian/Steampunk fashion & role-play!

Real Eyes: Captain & Clock eyes
Creator: Aire Xaris
Price: $99L each
Real Eyes: Steampunk Optics
Creator: Aire Xaris
Price: $325L (includes the Captain & Clock eyes)
PXL: Kate – Wrath skin
Creator: Hart Larsson
Price: $99L (7Sins gatcha)
Elikatira: Abbey hair
Creator: Elikapeka Tiramisu
Price: 70% off til 2/23/13

AIR – Blind Gatcha & Christmas Gift

AIR_Blind_RMK  Gothic Frost Fair_2012AIR_Blind Gatcha_RMK Gothic Frost Fair_2012

AIR has this stunning gatcha at the RMK Gothic Frost Fair.

Eighteen elegant silk blindfolds embellished with jeweled filigree accents & tassels can be yours for only $40L per play!
The blindfolds are modify and can be resized to fit.
These will make wonderful Christmas gifts since they can be transferred & unisex.
They are not boxed so put them in presents before giving.

The Frost Fair ends December 31st, 2012.

AIR_Christmas Gift Monocle_2012

After playing the Blind gatcha, teleport over to AIR’s Mainstore and snag the gifts under the Christmas tree!

The icy blue gift contains a very detailed left & right monocle with tassel.
The other gift contains a lovely pair of heels.

Merry Christmas!

AIR @ RMK Gothic Frost Fair: Blind04 – Red1 blindfold
Creator: Aslan Kish
Price: $40L per play (gatcha)
AIR: Tide – Gold monocle
Creator: Aslan Kish
Price: $0L (Christmas gift)
YS & YS @ TDR Fusion: Calliope Lavender skin
Creator: Monicuzza Babenco
Price: $70L (TDR Fusion)
IKON: Eternal – Ember eyes
Creator: Ikon Innovia
Price: $150L

AIR – Lucky Board & Gift Glasses

AIR specializes in intricate & detailed eyeglasses. Aslan’s delicate prim work is amazing!

The Fiore glasses (top) are gorgeous with all the tiny rosettes, gems, & scrolls.
The Plantagenet monocle (second) is very elegant with the organic design & long thin chain.
They are not scripted and be modified. The monocle has left/right versions.
You can win them on the Lucky Boards!

While you wait on your letter, grab the free Dragonfly glasses gift on the table!
These scrollworked glasses have scripted color change lenses & inserts, eleven color tints to choose from, and are modify.

These very retro glasses are an older freebie from AIR that can only be purchased on the SL Marketplace.
Featuring a cat eye frame, the lenses are color change scripted with twelve color tints to choose from.
These are perfect for that vintage look!

Nothing nerdy about this stunning eyewear by AIR, so get them all!

AIR: Fiore, Plantagenet, & Dragonfly glasses
Creator: Aslan Kish
Price: $0L (lucky boards & store gift)
AIR (MP store): Black Cat glasses
Creator: Aslan Kish
Price: $0L (MP exclusive gift)
Curio: Pin Up – Apple Pie 2 skin
Creator: Gala Phoenix
Price: N/A (Store currently closed)
Essences: Koral Eyelashes tattoo
Creator: Inka Mexicola
Price: N/A (included in skin packs)
By Snow: Colour Eyes (Earth)
Creator: Snow Frostwych (myself)
Price: $15L