Horror Haute – January Japanese Ghosts

This month’s round of Horror Haute features yōkai from Japanese folklore which is something I love.

Horror Haute 1-20-15_ImmateriA - Rokurokubi

ImmateriA @ Horror Haute has a complete avatar of a Rokurokubi.

The avatar comes with system & mesh eye versions plus a rigged version for the mesh head option.
You also get the skin, clothing, sandals, hair, & long neck mesh head all for just $200L!

Horror Haute 1-20-15_AfterMath Creations - Yuki-Onna

AfterMath Creations @ Horror Haute has items for the Yuki-Onna legend.

The shiny black eyes are included in the skin & shape vendor & are system only for $200L.
The kimono, hair, & hair accessories are $200L each.

Horror Haute 1-20-15_Crushed Violets - Tokyo Ghoul

Crushed Violets @ Horror Haute provided a mask & eyes based on the Tokyo Ghoul anime.

The mask is a facial tattoo with an eye patch attachment, collar, & plugs along with system eyes.
If you’re into cosplay, it only costs $150L.

Horror Haute 1-20-15_The Stringer Mausoleum - Deep Well Eyes

The Stringer Mausoleum @ Horror Haute has two pairs of deep black eyes.

Only showing you the Deep Well ones because they are representative of the Yūrei.
Each comes with system, prim, mesh, & petite versions.
The Deep Well – Oil eyes cost $100L while the Tentanoculous – Mirror eyes are $50L.

Stargazer Creations @ Horror Haute: Yurei skin set
Creator: Aggie Mactavish
Price: $200L

Round ends January 31st, 2015.

Happy fun with folklore!


VerseEye & Souzou Eien – Horror Haute

VerseEye & Souzou Eien_Horror Haute 3-25-14_Tetanus & Bellerophon's Gaze Eyes

Hurray for Horror Haute!

The fiery hellish eyes are by VerseEye.
They come with system, prim, mesh (three mesh sizes), & petite (Yabusaka & 11 Design) versions.

The grotesque empty eye sockets are by Souzou Eien.
There are mesh eye sockets for left, right, & both sides with matching alphas & tattoos.

These look so good together for any zombie or demon avatars.
You have til March 31st, 2014 to pick them up at their special prices!

VerseEye: Tetanus eyes
Creator: Jacks Rhys
Price: $50L (Horror Haute special)
Souzou Eien: Bellerophon’s Gaze
Creator: Draconias Timeless
Price: $100L (Horror Haute special)
Sharodie’s (MP): Vamp skin promo
Creator: Sharodie Nightfire
Price: $25L (limited quantities)
Legacy Cain: Small Horns
Creator: Custodier
Price: $50L (Horror Haute special)

Madrid Solo – New Group Gifts

Madrid Solo_Group Gift_Deya - Tabu EyesMadrid Solo_Group Gift_Deya - Tabu_Eyes

New group gifts from Madrid Solo!

The gorgeous eyes above are available only in the group notices for a few more days!
A special group only color of her newly released Deya Eyes.
The gift comes with system & mesh eyes in two iris sizes & shadow options.

Madrid Solo_Group Gift Special_Tastes Like Death Eyes

These rather icky eyes can be found by group members in the pumpkin on the desk.
It comes with an equally icky matching makeup for all you zombie freaks out there!
Wear your group tag and click the pumpkin to receive the gift.

Group is free to join so hurry over to get your gifts!

Madrid Solo: Deya – Tabu eyes & Tastes Like Death eyes w/makeup
Creator: Madrid Solo
Price: $0L (Group gifts – free to join)
ROCKBERRY: Mira – Haunted C skin
Creator: Heather Beebe
Price: $90L per play (store gacha)

Mad’ – Skull Hunt Gift

Mad'_Skull Hunt - Pumpkin Town 2013_OutCh! Eyes

This is why I don’t even try to apply to blog feed syndicates… I will post gory goodness!

These macabre eyeballs by Mad’ are at Pumpkin Town’s Skull Hunt!

Eve’s hunt gift contains meaty system eyes, sculpted hanging eyeballs, & bloody eye makeup.
The hanging eyeballs are scripted to open your mouth when worn

You’ll also want to stop by her stall while hunting & snag the free zombie mask, which is really gross.

Skulls are scattered all over the town filled with other Halloween gifts!

Happy Halloween Hunting!

Mad’ @ Pumpkin Town 2013: OutCh! eyes & eye makeup
Creator: Eve Kazan
Price: $0L (The Skull Hunt)
+Nuuna+: Expo skin
Creator: Nuuna Nitely
Price: N/A (former Expo freebie – similar skins are available)
THC (MP store): Wound tattoos – full perm (additional face blood splatter)
Creator: Thoth Zsun
Price: $19L (used to be $1L)

Dimbula Rose @ Sourire -KASASAGI- Event 2013

Dimbula Rose_Sourire KASASAGI Event 2013_Erosion Skin-Eyes

Dimbula Rose has a little booth with event exclusives at the Sourire -KASASAGI- Event which is based on the Tanabata festivals in Japan.

One exclusive is her Erosion skin with eyes that are system only in one iris size.
You can purchase the combo for only $77L!
While this is more horror than star festive, she has a another skin that fits the Tanabata theme.

The event has some horror elements to it but nothing to be scared about & still child avie friendly.
If you go on the magpie quest, have a translator handy because everything is in Japanese.
The market has great deals on kimonos, yukatas, accessories, and gachas.

If you have never been to a Japanese event before, you have to go! Lots of fun!
Sourire -KASASAGI- Event Taxi

Event ends July 31st, 2013.

Dimbula Rose @ Sourire: Erosion skin & eyes
Creator: dorothy Darkfold
Price: $77L (event exclusive)

Candy Cane 4 Hunt

This is just a taste from the Candy Cane 4 Hunt!
A gridwide hunt with almost 180 merchants participating.
Most prizes are candy cane themed but not all and do include male or unisex items.
There is also an alternative hunt path just for petite mesh avatars (which I have not done).

90Degrees_CCH4_CandyCane Eyes

First up are these festive red & white eyes with candy cane, ribbon, & holly details from 90 Degrees.
Comes in two sizes with system & prim eyes.
The prims are no mod so you cannot turn off the shine or resize.
Sweet & minty fresh!


Sick of the holidays & prefer something more macabre? Then REDRUM‘s blindfold is just the thing!
Comes with a male & female version with three bloody facial tattoos.
Remember kids, never run with a sharp candy cane. You could poke your eye out!

Candy Cane 4 Prize Preview
Hunt ends Christmas Eve December 24th , 2012.

Happy Holiday Hunting!

90 Degrees: CCH4 Prize eyes
Creator: Damara Robonaught
Price: $0L (CCH4)
Vivid Avs: Snow Princess skin
Creator: Bryce Navarathna
Price: $0L (CCH4)
Raine On Me: Candy Cane full makeup
Creator: Raine Asbrink
Price: $0L (CCH4)
REDRUM: Candy Cane Blind
Creator: Mzzy Wytchwood
Price: $0L (CCH4)
90 Degrees: CCH4 Prize prim eyes
Creator: Damara Robonaught
Price: $0L (CCH4)
Razzles: Andrew SE – Negative skin
Creator: AlaricEvo
Price: $0L (CCH4)

Seven Sins Hunt

The Seven Sins Hunt, presented by Hard Alley, began yesterday and it’s filled with a mix of prizes that represent the Seven Deadly Sins.

*WARNING* Several prizes are adult themed and the sim to pick up the hunt HUD has sexual content that may be very offensive.
If you are uncomfortable with or unable to visit the Hard Alley sim, the hunt HUD is NOT required to receive the prizes.
However, hints are only given via the HUD or you can join the Hard Alley Gang group and ask for hints.

Now, on to the eyes I’ve found so far during the hunt:

The Plastik choose the sin of Avarice or Greed, represented by gold, for her hunt prize.

The prize features a complete golden yellow outfit for women, corset, pasties, boots, collar, skirt, body fade tattoos, and eyes. Most of the clothing items are mesh, make sure you have a compatible viewer to be able to use them.

The included Beam eyes come with system and alpha prim versions.
The alpha prim eyes are slightly darker than the system eyes, so it’s like getting two versions.
Wear the system eyes for a base.

Death Row Designs choose the sin of Wrath or Rage, represented by dark red.

This grotesque hunt prize features system eyes, mouth tattoo, and teeth attachment.
Great for gruesome zombies and it’s unisex!

Kre-ations selected the sin of Envy, represented by the color green.

This gift features a female skin, shape, mesh mermaid tail, and system eyes.
Be the envy of fellow merfolk with this prize!

Speaking of envy, I love this mask by Contraption! I’m completely green with envy… literally.

The prize also contains separate mesh horns & whiskers. It’s so ugly that it’s gorgeous and a must-have!

I don’t know when the hunt ends but it’s not a long hunt and you should be able to get through it rather quickly.
It’s a mixed gender hunt with some prizes for men, some for women, and several unisex items.
Seven Sins Hunt Links & Previews

Have fun & Happy Hunting!

Plastik: Haunt – VaeCollection – Beam eyes
Creator: Aikea Rieko
Price: $0L (7 Sins Hunt)
Pink Fuel: PERSONA skins – Bollywood sunset
Creator: Mochi Milena
Price: $100L
Death Row Designs: Wrath eyes, mouth tattoo, and teeth
Creator: Jaimy Hancroft
Price: $0L (7 Sins Hunt)
Pure Poison: Death Bitch skin
Creator: Shaleene Kenin
Price: N/A (former store hunt prize)
Kre-ations: Reversal – green eyes & Mermade skin
Creator: Kreao Kujisawa
Price: $0L (7 Sins Hunt)
Contraption: Leviathan Mask
Creator: Faust Steamer
Price: $0L (7 Sins Hunt)
Discord Designs: Ohna hair
Creator: Kallisti Burns
Price: $180L (essentials pack)

Sicknessthesia – Free Sickness & Dead Bloody Eyes

Sicknessthesia has wickedly cool Sickness eyes in five colors, system versions only for FREE!
The Dead Bloody eyes on the bottom are also a free gift available separately.

The bloodshot veins make these eyes awesome for zombies!

Sicknessthesia (MP store): Sickness (fat pack) & Dead Bloody eyes
Creator: Sicknessthesia
Price: $0L
Belleza: Betty Zombie skin
Creator: Tricky Bouche
Price: $50L (Fifty Linden Friday Oct. 26th, 2012)

Repulse – Horror Haute & New Releases

Repluse is back from a five month long hiatus and has brought new horrific releases!

First up are the Bane eyes above for this month’s round of Horror Haute.

For only $50L, you can purchase those ghoulish fleshy eyes in two color variations, one iris size, in system eyes only.

Creepy goodness for the living dead this Halloween!

Max has also released two new designs, Crow & Souless.
Each come with two color variations, system eyes in one iris size.

Whether you plan to be a hellish demon or rotting corpse for Halloween, Repluse is the place to get your wickedly macabre eyes!

I am ecstatic Max is back! \o/

Repluse: Bane eyes
Creator: Max Lexigle
Price: $50L (Horror Haute Oct.)
Repluse: Crow & Souless eyes
Creator: Max Lexigle
Price: $100L each
PXL: Kate – Skull (Rare) skin
Creator: Hart Larsson
Price: $99L (store gatcha)

Dead Apples & Kre-ations – Horror Haute

I am very very late posting the awesome eyes from this month’s week long Horror Haute sales event.
You only have one more day!

Above, are the Sinistre Horror Edition eyes by Dead Apples.
They feature nine color variations in system & mesh eyes. The mesh eyes are modify and resize scripted.

Must-haves for the upcoming Halloween season!

The Sinner eyes by Kre-ations come in two colors, prim eyes only with a system base, and are modify.
They also come with three versions of the facial tattoo makeup, with/without black lips and eyeshadow only.

These would be perfect for a more horror techno demon look.

You only have til September 30th (tomorrow) to snag these great deals! Hurry hurry!

Dead Apples: Sinistre Horror Edition eyes
Creator: Soleil Reid
Price: $200L (fat pack)
PXL: Gaia – Vintage [RARE] skin
Creator: Hart Larsson
Price: $99L (store gatcha)
A Netherworld: Darkness veins makeup
Creator: Isabeal Jupiter
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt – Fall 2012)
Kre-ations: Sinner eyes & makeup
Creator: Kreao Kujisawa
Price: $100L
PXL: Gaia – Dark skin
Creator: Hart Larsson
Price: $99L (store gatcha)
Maxi Gossamer Jewelry @ FaMESHed: Barcelona Earrings
Creator: Maxi Gossamer
Price: $199L (FaMESHed – September)