Horror Haute – January Japanese Ghosts

This month’s round of Horror Haute features yōkai from Japanese folklore which is something I love.

Horror Haute 1-20-15_ImmateriA - Rokurokubi

ImmateriA @ Horror Haute has a complete avatar of a Rokurokubi.

The avatar comes with system & mesh eye versions plus a rigged version for the mesh head option.
You also get the skin, clothing, sandals, hair, & long neck mesh head all for just $200L!

Horror Haute 1-20-15_AfterMath Creations - Yuki-Onna

AfterMath Creations @ Horror Haute has items for the Yuki-Onna legend.

The shiny black eyes are included in the skin & shape vendor & are system only for $200L.
The kimono, hair, & hair accessories are $200L each.

Horror Haute 1-20-15_Crushed Violets - Tokyo Ghoul

Crushed Violets @ Horror Haute provided a mask & eyes based on the Tokyo Ghoul anime.

The mask is a facial tattoo with an eye patch attachment, collar, & plugs along with system eyes.
If you’re into cosplay, it only costs $150L.

Horror Haute 1-20-15_The Stringer Mausoleum - Deep Well Eyes

The Stringer Mausoleum @ Horror Haute has two pairs of deep black eyes.

Only showing you the Deep Well ones because they are representative of the Yūrei.
Each comes with system, prim, mesh, & petite versions.
The Deep Well – Oil eyes cost $100L while the Tentanoculous – Mirror eyes are $50L.

Stargazer Creations @ Horror Haute: Yurei skin set
Creator: Aggie Mactavish
Price: $200L

Round ends January 31st, 2015.

Happy fun with folklore!


VerseEye & Souzou Eien – Horror Haute

VerseEye & Souzou Eien_Horror Haute 3-25-14_Tetanus & Bellerophon's Gaze Eyes

Hurray for Horror Haute!

The fiery hellish eyes are by VerseEye.
They come with system, prim, mesh (three mesh sizes), & petite (Yabusaka & 11 Design) versions.

The grotesque empty eye sockets are by Souzou Eien.
There are mesh eye sockets for left, right, & both sides with matching alphas & tattoos.

These look so good together for any zombie or demon avatars.
You have til March 31st, 2014 to pick them up at their special prices!

VerseEye: Tetanus eyes
Creator: Jacks Rhys
Price: $50L (Horror Haute special)
Souzou Eien: Bellerophon’s Gaze
Creator: Draconias Timeless
Price: $100L (Horror Haute special)
Sharodie’s (MP): Vamp skin promo
Creator: Sharodie Nightfire
Price: $25L (limited quantities)
Legacy Cain: Small Horns
Creator: Custodier
Price: $50L (Horror Haute special)

Repulse – Horror Haute & New Releases

Repluse is back from a five month long hiatus and has brought new horrific releases!

First up are the Bane eyes above for this month’s round of Horror Haute.

For only $50L, you can purchase those ghoulish fleshy eyes in two color variations, one iris size, in system eyes only.

Creepy goodness for the living dead this Halloween!

Max has also released two new designs, Crow & Souless.
Each come with two color variations, system eyes in one iris size.

Whether you plan to be a hellish demon or rotting corpse for Halloween, Repluse is the place to get your wickedly macabre eyes!

I am ecstatic Max is back! \o/

Repluse: Bane eyes
Creator: Max Lexigle
Price: $50L (Horror Haute Oct.)
Repluse: Crow & Souless eyes
Creator: Max Lexigle
Price: $100L each
PXL: Kate – Skull (Rare) skin
Creator: Hart Larsson
Price: $99L (store gatcha)

Dead Apples & Kre-ations – Horror Haute

I am very very late posting the awesome eyes from this month’s week long Horror Haute sales event.
You only have one more day!

Above, are the Sinistre Horror Edition eyes by Dead Apples.
They feature nine color variations in system & mesh eyes. The mesh eyes are modify and resize scripted.

Must-haves for the upcoming Halloween season!

The Sinner eyes by Kre-ations come in two colors, prim eyes only with a system base, and are modify.
They also come with three versions of the facial tattoo makeup, with/without black lips and eyeshadow only.

These would be perfect for a more horror techno demon look.

You only have til September 30th (tomorrow) to snag these great deals! Hurry hurry!

Dead Apples: Sinistre Horror Edition eyes
Creator: Soleil Reid
Price: $200L (fat pack)
PXL: Gaia – Vintage [RARE] skin
Creator: Hart Larsson
Price: $99L (store gatcha)
A Netherworld: Darkness veins makeup
Creator: Isabeal Jupiter
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt – Fall 2012)
Kre-ations: Sinner eyes & makeup
Creator: Kreao Kujisawa
Price: $100L
PXL: Gaia – Dark skin
Creator: Hart Larsson
Price: $99L (store gatcha)
Maxi Gossamer Jewelry @ FaMESHed: Barcelona Earrings
Creator: Maxi Gossamer
Price: $199L (FaMESHed – September)