New in 2013 Hunt

The New in 2013 Hunt showcases new products for the new year, like a preview of sorts.
So if you want to get a jump on the New Year, then don’t miss this hunt!

IKON_New in 2013 Hunt_CandyApple-CandyCane_Eyes

IKON has two prizes at separate locations in the hunt. \o/

I adore the colors of these eyes!
Candy apple red & stripey candy cane system eyes in five iris sizes.
So yummy!

This is the first time I’ve seen Ikon in a hunt & about fainted when I got the notice!

UMEBOSHI_New in 2013 Hunt_Yue Bicolor-Mirror_Eyes

Umeboshi has a sweet pair of pale blue eyes in the hunt prize.

The pretty blue eyes come in three iris sizes with system & mesh versions.
The mesh eyes have resize scripts but they do not change the mesh size at all.
They can still be resized manually through the Edit menu.

AZOURY_New in 2013 Hunt_Lunette SADNESS Verte

AZOURY‘s hunt prize are these sleek mesh sunglasses.

Stylish modern design in black & forest green accents, they will look great on everyone.
The promo states they are copiable but are not. The resize scripting does work though.

The New in 2013 Hunt has prizes for men, women, and unisex!
It’s not a hard hunt or a long one (yay!) and plenty of time to complete it.
New in 2013 Hints
New in 2013 Previews

Hunt ends January 20th, 2013.

IKON: Eternal – CandyApple eyes
Creator: Ikon Innovia
Price: $0L (New in 2013 Hunt)
IKON @ Epicosity: CandyCane eyes
Creator: Ikon Innovia
Price: $0L (New in 2013 Hunt)
Glam Affair @ C88: Amberly – Europa Frostbite – 01 skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $188L (C88 December)
Umeboshi: Yue Bicolored – Mirror eyes
Creator: Keiba
Price: $0L (New in 2013 Hunt)
Mother Goose’s: Suzanne-1L skin
Creator: milok Hermit
Price: $1L
My Ugly Dorothy: Lovely Line04 tattoo lashes
Creator: Sopha Portal
Price: $50L
AZOURY: Lunette SADNESS Verte sunglasses
Creator: Mayhem Seetan
Price: $0L (New in 2013 Hunt)
Genesis Creations (MP store): Hope Gift – December skin
Creator: Ravage Genesis
Price: $0L


Sterling Artistry – December Gifts

SterlingArtistry_December Gift_2012 Eyes

It has been several months since Sterling Artistry last updated & I am ecstatic over seeing new gifts out for December!

The December gift contains two pairs of system eyes in one iris size only & a unisex crescent choker.
They are located in the blue candy canes at the center platform.

SterlingArtistry_Happy Holiday Gift_2012 Eyes

There is also a special holiday gift box with six eyes, cookies, candy cane mouthie, fireplace (holiday & everyday versions) with snuggle poses, and single static poses for male & female.
The eyes are system only in one iris size.
Gift is located by the “What’s New” counter.

SterlingArtistry_Candy Shop Freebie_Eyes

You can snag another gift in the freebies & landmarks kiosk at Sterling Artistry’s Candy Shop
It contains one pair of eyes & manicure fingernail glove layer.

Be sure to stop by and grab the gifty goodies!
Happy Holidays!

Sterling Artistry: December gift & Happy Holiday gift eyes
Creator: Silverr Andel
Price: $0L
Sterling Artistry’s Candy Shop: Candy Shop gift eyes
Creator: Silverr Andel
Price: $0L
Ooh-la-licious: Chocolate/Cranberry Panache! skin
Creator: Oohlala Sassoon
Price: $0L (POE5)

Adore&Abhor – Hunting For Winter

Adore&Abhor_HuntingForWinter_Holiday Eyes

These eyes are from Adore&Abhor for the Hunting For Winter hunt.

Two pairs of system version with one iris size eyes in bright holiday colors.
Quite beautiful and reminiscent of Christmas lights!

Hunt ends January 7th, 2013.

Adore&Abhor: Holiday – Ivy & Holly eyes
Creator: Airedine Poe
Price: $0L (Hunting For Winter)
Diamond Style: Misha skin
Creator: Cristal Triellis
Price: $0L (POE5)

SL Marketplace Holiday Freebies

CerridwensCauldron_Yule EyesSavePoint_Holy Night EyesDtD_2009 Christams Eyes

Quicky post!
These are a few holiday eyes freebies found on the Second Life Marketplace.
From red & green Christmas colors to deep pools of indigo, perfect for winter & holiday cheer!

Happy Holidays!

Cerridwen’s Cauldron (MP store): Yule eyes
Creator: Ragnell Silversmith
Price: $0L
Aeva//Heartsick: Jaci 4 – Mistletoe Kiss skin
Creator: Amesha Jewell
Price: $100L (available til Jan. 2nd)
SavePoint (MP store): Holy Night eyes
Creator: ylang2
Price: $0L
Glam Affair @ Arcade: Renee – Fairy Tales 01 skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $125L per play (Arcade gatcha – ends Dec. 31st)
DtD (MP store): Stardust – Xmas eyes
Creator: Yoel Savira
Price: $0L
Essences *New Location*: Amelie – Bittersweet skin
Creator: Inka Mexicola
Price: $0L (Dec. 2012 Group gift – $1L to join)