Skin Fair 2014

The annual Skin Fair opened a couple of days ago!

If you’re lucky to get in, there are quite a few gifts this time:

RUBY_Skin Fair 2014_Real Eyes Amazonite

Event gift from RUBY!

The gift features system only realistic blueish grey eyes & a Slink Nails applier with four colors.

RUBY @ Skin Fair : Real Eyes Amazonite & Slink Nail Applier 3 – Aqua
Creator: Carmella Ruby
Price: $0L (Skin Fair gift)
Silken Moon @ Skin Fair : Madamn Ice skin & blush
Creator: Malicia Python
Price: $0L (Skin Fair gift)
New Faces @ Skin Fair : Erotica make-up 01
Creator: Gwen Aloix
Price: $0L fat pack (Skin Fair gift)
+Nuuna+ @ Skin Fair : Chi Makeup gray
Creator: Nuuna Nitely
Price: $100L fat pack
Rozena_Skin Fair 2014_Tempt - Caribbean Bay & Yeondu Eyes

Event gift from Rozena!

Her gift features two pretty system eyes & three eyeshadows (not shown).

Rozena @ Skin Fair: Tempt – Caribbean Bay & Yeondu eyes
Creator: Lindsay Rozen
Price: $0L (Skin Fair gift)
Ab.Fab @ Skin Fair: Cherry St Patrick Special skin
Creator: Tesssa Foresight
Price: $1L (Skin Fair gift)
Tokyo Girl_Skin Fair 2014_ES12 Crystal Brown Green Eyes

Event gift from Tokyo Girl!

Fabulous gift featuring a lovely skin, several shapes, & realistic system eyes.

Tokyo Girl @ Skin Fair: Eyes ES12 – Crystal Brown Green & Hestia – Natural skin
Creator: Circe Ishtar
Price: $0L (Skin Fair gift)

The Skin Fair covers three sims with long time established creators & new designers.
Grab the many gifts & demos to find your next look!

Script limits are in force, so let’s not try to teleport in with every single scripted attachment you have in inventory, ok?

Fair ends March 30th, 2014.


Devae – Spectrum Gifts

Devae_Freebie_Spectrum - Tropicana EyesDevae_Freebie Sample_Spectrum - Tropicana Eyes

.{Rue}. is rebranding to Devae.!
Ruina’s updated & re-released an older eye series after many requests.

You can snag a FREE wearable demo set of the Spectrum eyes on the SL Marketplace only.
The set features five styles in watermelon colors with system, mesh, prim, & petite mesh versions.

Torley Linden would approve!

Devae_Group Gift_Spectrum - Fae Eyes

Purlieu of .{Rue}. group members were sent an exclusive Spectrum set shown above!
Sadly, enrollment is currently closed for the time being but if you’re a current member, check the notices ASAP!

Check out Devae.’s Marketplace Store for more Spectrum eyes!

Have fun!

Devae.: Spectrum – Tropicana eyes
Creator: Ruina Kessel
Price: $0L fat pack (wearable demo)
Glam Affair @ Arcade: Aria – Asia – Combination 03 skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $100L per play (March 2014 Arcade gacha)
Devae.: Spectrum – Fae eyes
Creator: Ruina Kessel
Price: $0L fat pack (Group gift – enrollment currently closed)

Twisted Hunt Spring 2014

This month is time for the Twisted Hunt Spring edition for 2014!
“Magick” is the theme & royal purple is the color for the hardest hunt in SL!

I’ve snagged a few great gifts so here’s a look:

The Attic_Twisted Spring 2014 Hunt_Twisted - Magick EyesThe Attic_Twisted Spring 2014 Hunt_Twisted Magick Eyes

The Attic always has awesome Twisted gifts and no exception this time!

The Twisted gift features mesh only eyes with texture change HUD & four elements female skins.
The HUD has fourteen eye textures to select & a resizer for fitting.

The Attic : Twisted Magick eyes & Elements (air fem) skin
Creator: Blue Hoisan
Price: $0L (Twisted Spring 2014)
Souzou Eien: Celestial Sorcery Circlet
Creator: Draconias Timeless
Price: $0L (Twisted Spring 2014)
TLB_Twisted Spring 2014 Hunt_Oracle Eyes

The Little Bat is another favorite for Twisted hunt gifts!

Her hunt gift features an almost complete avatar for the ladies (does not include hair or shoes) & matching outfit for the gents.
Both contain the system only plasmic white eyes shown.

TLB_Twisted Spring 2014 Gacha_Oracle Eyes

Play TLB’s Twisted Gacha for colored versions of the Oracle eyes!
They are system only & you could win the rare fat pack for only $10L a spin.
If you get duplicates, they are transferable.

The Little Bat: Oracle eyes & skin
Creator: Drusilla Dethly
Price: $0L (Twisted Spring 2014)
LaNoir Soleil: Twisted Miranda hair (includes dragon magik crown)
Creator: sonnetsoleil & Caresia Adored
Price: $0L (Twisted Spring 2014)
The Little Bat: Oracle eyes
Creator: Drusilla Dethly
Price: $10L per play (Twisted Spring 2014 gacha)
SongBird_Twisted Spring 2014 Hunt_Arcane Consecration Eyes

SongBird comes up with nice hunt gifts as well!

Her hunt item features a forehead tattoo, arcane circle pose prop, Slink hand tattoo appliers, & glowing mesh contacts.

SongBird_Twisted Spring 2014 Gacha_Solomon's Key Eyes

You can also play her Twisted Gacha for these cool mystic-looking eyes!
They are mesh only in four designs at $50L per play with a chance at the rare fat pack.
A little warning though, these are not transferable, so play with caution.

**Update** Nimil has updated the gacha singles to be transfer but the fat pack is no trans.
Thank you, Nimil! ❤

SongBird: Arcane Consecration eyes & tattoo
Creator: Nimil Blackflag
Price: $0L (Twisted Spring 2014)
Vivid Avs: Marley Magick skin
Creator: Bryce Navarathna
Price: $0L (Twisted Spring 2014)
SongBird: Solomon’s Key eyes
Creator: Nimil Blackflag
Price: $50L per play (Twisted Spring 2014 gacha)

This is one hunt you don’t want to miss but BEWARE! It isn’t easy!

Twisted Hunt URLs

Happy hunting for those Twisted little boxes! Hunt ends March 31st, 2014.

Amacci – New Release Freebie

Amacci_New Release Free Gift_Zenith - Twilight EyesAmacci_New Release_Free Gift_Zenith - Twilight Eyes

A new release gift awaits you at Amacci!

Carina has released a brand new series that’s completely different than her past eyes.
The Zenith series gift features a gorgeous stylized iris in three sizes & two sclera shades.
Along with the usual system eyes, mesh versions with HUD are included.
The HUD has texture change, resize, glow, & full bright options.

Grab the free gift sample off the wall and check out all the other colors available!

Amacci: Zenith – Twilight eyes
Creator: Carina Larsen
Price: $0L
Morphine (formerly Mirror’s Enigma): Lauren Medium skin March ’14 GG
Creator: Ydreece Forster
Price: $25L – $0L (Initial purchase fee required for group invite – fee refunded to current members)

Real Eyes – Gifts Galore

Real Eyes_Free Gift_Valentine - True Love brown EyesReal Eyes_Free Gift_Valentine - True Love Eyes

I missed Valentine’s Day while at the hospital with my mom but Real Eyes still has her Valentine gift available!

The gift contains four system eyes with a reflection of someone holding a heart shaped balloon.
I’m partial to the brown one, so pretty!

But that’s not all…

Real Eyes_Free Gifts_Assorted Eyes

There are a ton of other free gift eyes, I’m not even showing all of them!
Some are system only, some have mesh versions included along with ultra cool scleras (no iris or pupils).
One group only gift is up there, which I have labeled, in a lovely cornflower blue.

Many more gifts are at Aire’s Field of Freebies including awesome goth clothing & accessories.

More group gifts are available at the Real Eyes store & the group is free to join!
Don’t forget to slap the group MM board, only 25 slaps needed.

Real Eyes: Assorted eyes
Creator: Aire Xaris
Price: $0L (Field of Freebies gifts)
Glam Affair @ C88: Sylvia skin base | lipstick pack 02 | eyebrow pack 03
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $388L | $288L | $188L
Lazuri: Regal Desire – Magenta earrings & choker
Creator: Zuri Lyric
Price: $0L each (Cherries on Top Hunt til 2-28-14)

.ID. – February 2014 Gifts

ID_February Gift 2014_Bright - Feb Gift Eyes

While trying to catch up on notices, Insufferable Dastard has new gifts available!

First up is the February gift for everyone which can be found at the inworld store.
It contains a pair of summery eyes with three pupil options in system & mesh.

ID_VIP Group Gift 2-13-14_Bright - Blue Green & Earth Eyes

VIP members can find a new sampler in the group notices!
The sampler contains two selections from the new Bright series in turquoise & brown colors.
They have three pupil options & come in system & mesh versions.
The February gift is also included.

VIPs need to hurry because the gift is due to roll out of the notices soon!

.ID.: Bright – Feb. Gift eyes
Creator: Audrey Lamede
Price: $0L (Feb. gift for all)
.ID.: Bright – Blue Green & Earth eyes sampler
Creator: Audrey Lamede
Price: $0L (Group gift – $150 to join)
Curio: Chantelle – Pearl – Makeup 9 skin
Creator: Gala Phoenix
Price: $2,500L megapack all brow colors & makeups (limited time megapack price)
Maxi Gossamer @ C88: Lyra jewelry set
Creator: Maxi Gossamer
Price: $288L


FutureWave is almost over!

Many hugs & love for the support during my difficult time lately & it’s time to get back to business.
I’ve missed most of this awesome event since it started & you only have one more day!

Beautiful Freak_FutureWave_Digital Eyes - Jade

Beautiful Freak has a FREE wearable demo/promo of her Digital Eyes at the event!

It comes with system & prim eyes in one iris size & feature a digital circuit pattern in a muted jade green.

Beautiful Freak @ FutureWave: Digital Eyes – Jade & Heavy Metal lipstick – Jade
Creator: Axi Kurmin
Price: $0L each (wearable demos)
Pink Fuel @ FutureWave: Sora – Special Edition skin
Creator: Mochi Milena
Price: $1000L
Miamai @ FutureWave: Future Headpaint 1
Creator: Monica Outlander
Price: $100L
ISD_FutureWave_DarkNet Headgear - White

@->~ISD has a dollarbie demo/promo of her DarkNet items in white!

This promo contains rigged mesh hair, head tattoo, & a cool visor with circuitry patterns.
Male & Female versions are available separately.

@->~ISD @ FutureWave: DarkNet hair, tattoo, & visor
Creator: Stacey Farspire
Price: $1L
Pink Fuel @ FutureWave: Sora – Special Edition skin w/ included black lips
Creator: Mochi Milena
Price: $1000L
Here are samples of the eyes available at FutureWave:
FutureWave_Eyes Assortment

Top six we have Beautiful Freak‘s Digital Eyes & PMD‘s Era Eyes.
The Digital eyes cost $150L for the multicolored 10-pack & $75L for each 5-color pack..
The Era eyes cost $100L each 4-pack.

Bottom six we have Chop Shop!‘s Game On! & The Orchids eyes.
These eyes are $50L each or $450L each fat pack.
Lastly, my own FutureWave offerings!

Citadel Eyes - FutureWave

The Citadel eyes are available as fat pack only for $200L.

Radar Contacts - FutureWave

The Radar Contacts are special priced for only $25L!

This is really one of the best events held in long while in my opinion.
Everything is top notch & high quality!

If you love original sci-fi & cyberpunk, do not miss this event!
Check out what people are wearing at FutureWave’s Flickr Pool.

FutureWave ends tomorrow, so get to shopping fast!

KMADD – Free Mesh Sampler Eyes

KMADD_FREE_Mesh Sampler Eyes w-HUD

FINALLY! KMADD has come out with mesh eyes!

To try out Maddox’s new HUD system, he’s provided a sampler demo with selections from each series.
Because there are so many (& my hubby is a needy clinger), I’m just going to show you the HUD:

KMADD_FREE_Mesh Sampler Eye HUD

See all those selections? All included in the sampler HUD & totally free!
No system versions are provided though, just the mesh eyes & HUD.
The HUD is super easy to use, you can choose one eye or both to texture change.
Also has resizer buttons which for some reason did not rez for the photo (TY EFFED UP SL).

Have Fun!

KMADD (MP): Mesh Sampler Eyes w/HUD
Creator: Maddox DuPont
Price: $0L
Morphine (Mirror’s Enigma rebranding): Kazumi Native skin
Creator: Ydreece Forster
Price: $25L – $0L (Initial purchase fee required for group invite – fee refunded to current members)
berry.berry (MP): Ultra Lush Green earrings
Creator: Wanda Starfall
Price: $10L

Medieval Fantasy Hunt XI

Today starts the 11th Medieval Fantasy Hunt!
This year’s hunt explores the darker side of medieval role-play.

Amacci_Medieval Fantasy Hunt XI_Medieval Black EyesAmacci_Medieval Fantasy Hunt XI_Medieval Eyes

The hunt prize from Amacci features a pair of dark multicolored eyes.
These are system only, two iris sizes, & two sclera shades.

Amacci: LOOK – Medieval Eyes
Creator: Carina Larsen
Price: $0L (MFH XI – unisex)
Favorite Genes: MFH Lady skin & Plague face makeup
Creator: Violette Larkham
Price: $0L (MFH XI – female/male)
Goddess Fantasies_Medieval Fantasy Hunt XI_Shadow Rose + Shadow Man Eyes

Goddess Fantasies hunt prize contains different male & female outfits.
Each comes with clothing, accessories, a ghoulish full body tattoo, & system only eyes.

Goddess Fantasies: Shadow Rose & Shadow Man eyes & full body tattoo
Creator: Tattoo Lane
Price: $0L (MFH XI – female/male)
Favorite Genes: MFH Lady & Lord skin
Creator: Violette Larkham
Price: $0L (MFH XI – female/male)

This hunt is full of quality RP props, clothing, hair, & more!
Most are unisex or have male & female prizes.
The Book of Many Lies prize is particularly amusing. ;D

The Medieval Fantasy Hunt XI a free hunt & you have to be close enough to touch the hidden owl to get the items.

Hunt ends January 31th, 2014!
Happy Hunting!

Avi-Glam – Freebies & Dollarbies

Avi-Glam_Wearable Demo_Impressive - Grey EyesAvi-Glam_Wearable Demos _Assorted Eyes

New Years is quickly approaching!
Visit Avi-Glam to grab some eyes for the upcoming party!

I’m showing all her free wearable demos & dollarbies from newest to old.
All come with system & mesh eyes, many with more than one iris size.

Her work has come a long way in through 2013 so can’t wait to see what’s coming for 2014!

Avi-Glam (MP): Assorted eyes
Creator: Kendra Parfort
Price: $0L – $1L each
Glam Affair: Mokatana – Petal (Happy Xmas <3) skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $0L (Group gift – $30L to join)