Amacci – Black Friday Sale Extended

Great news! Amacci has extended the Skin Addiction Black Friday Weekend Sale & her own Black Friday sale through November 26th!

The eyes above are included in the Oleana skin special for Skin Addiction Black Friday Weekend.
The sage eyes come with two iris sizes in system eyes only.
The special also contains lip tattoos, shape, hair (not shown), and cleavages for Oleana.
Important, you must be a member of the Skin Addiction group and have the SA group tag on prior to purchasing the Oleana special!
You will have to buy at full price ($950L) and then you will be auto-refunded 50% back!
Join the SA group HERE.

Now Amacci has her own storewide Black Friday sale with 50% off selected items, just look for the purple tags. No group required!

The entire Gaze series is on sale including the line fat packs & mega fat pack.
The packs are seriously the best deal, 16 eyes per line pack equals out to $30L per eye while individual eyes are $60L each and all four line packs equal to $1,900L for all while the mega pack of 64 eyes is only $1,495L which would be less than $25L per eye! I hate math btw. LOL

The eyes are system version only with two iris sizes and are quite lovely.

Alot of goodies for everyone, guys & gals, are on sale. Scoop out the hair section too!
Happy Shopping!!

Amacci: LOOK – Sage eyes & Oleana skin w/lip tattoo
Creator: Carina Larsen
Price: $475L (Skin Addiction Black Friday Sale)
Amacci: Gaze – Night eyes
Creator: Carina Larsen
Price: $60L (Black Friday 50% off Sale)
Addiction Jewelry: Delightful Dangle earrings
Creator: Atiya Masala
Price: $1L


~*By Snow*~ – New Release: Mesa Sunset Eyes

Mesa Sunset Eyes Promo

I finally finished up on these eyes just in time for the weekend!

Burnt Sienna brown eyes with a ring of six colors inspired by Southwest deserts & canyons at sunset.
Two iris sizes, system, prim, and mesh versions are all included.
The prim & mesh eyes have a touch menu to change the texture.

On sale for Black Friday Weekend at only $25L for the pack!
Monday, the price will go up to $75L.

I hope you like! HUGS & Happy shopping!

~*By Snow*~: Mesa Sunset eyes
Creator: Snow Frostwych (myself)
Price: $25L (fat pack – Black Friday Weekend Special)
Glam Affair: Cassiopea – India 06 skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $999L

Clemmm – E U P H O R I A Black Friday Sale

The E U P H O R I A Black Friday Sale got off to a late start with sim difficulties and entry issues.
For now, you must wear the E U P H O R I A group tag to get into the event.

While there, I hit up the $50L specials from Clemmm at the event.
I got these really cool Gray Glass eyes which have system & mesh versions in two iris sizes.

The second special are the Resnicket eyes which have only been sold previously at the Limited Bazaar.
You can view my old post about those eyes HERE.

The sale is for TODAY ONLY so try to get in and get some great deals!
E U P H O R I A Black Friday Taxi

Clemmm @ E U P H O R I A: Gray Glass eyes
Creator: Clem Velinov
Price: $50L (Black Friday Sale)
KOOQLA: Ojen – Tender (08) skin
Creator: Rocketta Haven
Price: $400L (Skin Addiction Black Friday Sale)
Madrid Solo @ E U P H O R I A: Cosmo makeup
Creator: Madrid Solo
Price: $50L (Black Friday Sale)

Plastik – Black Friday Special Sale

The Black Friday Sale at the Plastik has begun!

Aikea has out a special $99L sale board with male & female elven skins & unisex eye packs.

The four separate eye packs each contain three pairs of eyes in system & mesh versions.
The elven skins appear to all have eye packs included. There are just too many to show! *faints*

Hurry down to Plastik and snag some fantasy goodies before the sale ends!

Mayfly – Black Friday 50% Off Sale

Black Friday Sale at Mayfly!
Get 50% off all individual Realistic, Deep Sky, & Liquid Light eyes!
(Petite & Ephemeral Neko eyes appear to be excluded from the sale.)

The older Realistic eyes are single iris size, system versions only, with four sclera (eye white) choices.
The Deep Sky & Liquid Light eyes are sold with separate system & mesh versions so be careful of which version you’re buying.
They also come with four sclera (eye white) choices and the mesh versions are resize scripted.

The sale has already started and will continue through Black Friday – Nov. 23rd, 2012.
Happy shopping!!

Mayfly: Realistic – Expresso eyes
Creator: Arkesh Baral
Price: $25L (Black Friday Sale)
Mayfly: Deep Sky – Deep Ice & Liquid Light – November Dusk eyes
Creator: Arkesh Baral
Price: $50L each (Black Friday Sale)
Filthy: Jasmine skin
Creator: Alexandra Barcelos
Price: $50L (fat pack – Closing sale)