Lubellia – Icy Winter Dollarbie

Lubellia_Icy Winter Dollarbie

Got to love After-Christmas shopping (for Canadians, it’s Boxing Day)!
I found this sweet little dollarbie by Lubellia on the SL Marketplace.

Handpainted system eyes only in one iris size, it’s a beautiful wintry blue.

*Like my new specs? Aslan sent them to me as a Christmas gift.
I just had to show you all the delicate detailed work he puts into his creations.
They are a brand new release & expensive but oh so worth it!

Happy Holidays!

Lubellia (MP): Icy Winter eyes
Creator: Lubellia
Price: $1L
Essences: LadyDyvine skin
Creator: Inka Mexicola
Price: $0L (Christmas gift – might still be available)
.Oh!Liv. (MP): Freckles tattoo
Creator: livialexis
Price: $100L
AIR: Richelieu – Gold spectacles
Creator: Aslan Kish
Price: $700L
Maxi Gossamer: Falling Starflake jewelry
Creator: Maxi Gossamer
Price: $0L (Christmas group gift – free to join)


Horrorfestive 2014 Gachas

This event is flying under the holiday radar!
If “happy” is not quite the thing for you this season, stop by Horrorfest 2014 for deliciously darker holiday themed items.

I’m going to focus on the gachas at the event but be sure to shop around!

Horrorfestive 2014_Spyralle Chaos Gacha

Like your eyes a little weird? Then Spyralle’s gacha has them for you!

For only $25L per play, you can win these fractal designed eyes in psychedelic colors.
They are system eyes only in one size & transferable for gifts to your weirdly ones.

Spyralle @ Horrorfestive: Chaos eyes #4
Creator: Kerryth Tarantal
Price: $25L per play
la petite morte: India T1 Albino skin
Creator: Voshie Paine
Price: $600L
Horrorfestive 2014_Chop Shop Grey Angel & Wyntr Gacha

Chop Shop’s gacha features two different styles of eyes that are quite lovely!

It’s $50L per play for the common Grey Angel & RARE Wyntr eyes.
Each has system & mesh versions in one iris size.

Chop Shop @ Horrorfestive: Wyntr Red RARE eyes
Creator: Asylum Utherwurldly
Price: $50L per play
the Skinnery @ Arcade: Leigh 6 (honey) skin
Creator: Umazuma Metaluna
Price: $75L per play
Horrorfestive 2014_Devae Wild Hunt Gacha

Oh yeah, you have to play Devae’s gacha for these stunning fantasy eyes!

For a paultry $15 per play, each contains system, mesh, prim, & petite versions in one iris size.
They are great for all you fauns & satyrs out there!

You can try out a free wearable demo at the stall as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Devae @ Horrorfestive: Wild Hunt – Astrology eyes
Creator: Ruina Kessel
Price: $15L per play
PixyStix @ Horrorfestive: Snow Bear skin
Creator: Pixy Snook
Price: $300L

Check out the Horrorfestive 2014 Official Blog for awesome pictures & event information.


Cosmetics Fair Winter 2014

Check out the latest beauty enhancements at the Cosmetics Fair Winter Edition!
Lots of new eyeshadows, lipsticks, Slink nails appliers, & even brand new mesh heads!

Let’s see the latest from the eye designers:

TSG_Cosmetics Fair January 2014_Galaxy - Red Eyes

The Sugar Garden is showcasing a brand new fantasy series at the fair!

Sparkling eyes in twelve funky colors like colorful confetti.
Each has system & mesh versions in one iris size.

TSG_Cosmetics Fair January 2014_Galaxy Eyes

TSG @ Cosmetics Fair: Galaxy – Red Eyes
Creator: Eilfie Sugarplum
Price: $100L each – $800L fat pack
Glam Affair @ Cosmetics Fair: Mokatana – Artic 03 skin
Creator: aida Ewing
Price: $399L
MANDALA: Fantasy Elf Ears
Creator: kikunosuke Eel
Price: $777L
Al Vulo!_Cosmetics Fair January 2014_Majestic - Dark Storm Eyes

New eyes from Al Vulo!!

Seven smokey dark toned eyes with system & mesh versions in one iris size.

Al Vulo!_Cosmetics Fair January 2014_Majestic Eyes

Al Vulo! @ Cosmetics Fair: Majestic – Dark Storm eyes
Creator: Hlin Bluebird
Price: $100L each – $400L fat pack
KOOQLA @ Cosmetics Fair: Domino skin | Z-eyeliner 02 | Domino Lips 01
Creator: Rocketta Haven
Price: $950L | $150L 3-pack | $50L each
*R+a* (MP): Blackpearl earrings & choker
Creator: Rin Ansia
Price: $10L each
Rozena_Cosmetics Fair January 2014_Dolly - Dolly Grey Eyes

The new Dolly eyes by Rozena got a little cybergoth doll treatment from me!

Six light & airy pastel colors in one iris size & system only.
The pretty eyes are sold as 3-packs.

Rozena_Cosmetics Fair January 2014_Dolly Eyes

Rozena @ Cosmetics Fair: Dolly – Dolly Grey eyes
Creator: Lindsay Rozen
Price: $150L each 3-pack
Essences @ Cosmetics Fair: Emma CF03 skin
Creator: Inka Mexicola
Price: $399L 5-pack
+Nuuna+ @ Cosmetics Fair: Mio Violet eyeshadow
Creator: Nuuna Nitely
Price: $100L fat pack
Bad Unicorn Clothing (MP): Black ear gauges
Creator: badunicorn
Price: $1L
#adored_Cosmetics Fair January 2014_Glitter Girl - Golden Goddess Eyes

Lastly, a new glittery series from #adored!

Twelve eyes in rich colors with system & mesh in one iris size.

#adored_Cosmetics Fair January 2014_Glitter Girl Eyes

#adored @ Cosmetics Fair: Glitter Girl – Golden Goddess eyes | Sleepy Shadows – Rusty needle eyeshadow
Creator: Often Adored
Price: $75L each – $800L fat pack | $150L fat pack
the Skinnery @ Cosmetics Fair: Bella skin | Golden eyebrows
Creator: Umazuma Metaluna
Price: $750L | $50L
random.Matter @ Cosmetics Fair: Glossy Chapstick – Gold
Creator: Nikohl Hax
Price: $130L fat pack
*R+a* (MP): Citrine earrings
Creator: Rin Ansia
Price: $10L

The Cosmetics Fair ends January 31st, so plenty of time to get in & shop!

Happy Shopping!

Farouche – New Lucky Board

Farouche_Lucky Board_Fee - Mix2 Eyes

Farouche finally has a new Lucky Board!

The pink & green sparkly eyes are system only in three iris sizes.
This color can only be won from the lucky board & not included in the new Fee fat packs.

Letter rotations are only five minutes so you shouldn’t have long to wait.
The lucky boards change out once new releases are made!

Farouche: Fee – Mix2 eyes
Creator: yumix Rexen
Price: $0L (Lucky Board)
Curio: Penelope – Fawn makeup 3 skin
Creator: Gala Phoenix
Price: $2,500L megapack all brow colors & makeups (limited time megapack price)

Amacci – Black Friday Sale

Amacci_Black Friday Sale 2013_LOOK Eyes - Shock Green EyesAmacci_Black Friday Sale 2013_Assorted Series Eyes

It’s Black Friday sale time at Amacci!

Selected eye series are 50% off!
Each selection from the Look, Evil Cat, Anime, & Glamour series come with eye sparkle particle prims.
All have two iris sizes in system eyes only & the Glamour has three jeweled iris choices.

This is your chance to grab the fat packs for a great price since those would be the cheapest route in the long run if you like most of the colors in a series.

Look for the purple tags! Also look for purple tagged skins & hair in the other departments!

Have fun & happy shopping!

Amacci: InSight – Look|Evil Cat|Anime|Glamour eye series
Creator: Carina Larsen
Price: $40L – $100L each | $325L – $700L fat packs (Black Friday Sale 50% off)
TULI: Jade “Radiance” Fair skin
Creator: Tuli Asturias
Price: $945L (SA Black Friday 30% off – must be wearing Skin Addiction group tag for discount)
FINESMITH: Winter Drops Snow jewelry
Creator: yula Finesmith
Price: $250L (limited edition – 5 left at time of post)

Clemmm – EUPHORIA Sale Finale

Clemmm_EUPHORIA Sale_Glaze - Experiment Eyes

You have until Sunday midnight to purchase these eyes by Clemmm at EUPHORIA’s Sale Finale!

Two pair of eyes are included with system & mesh versions.
One is dark with a slit pupil, the other light almost anime style with no pupil.

Hurry to get them at their sale price before Euphoria closes tomorrow night!

Clemmm @ Euphoria Sale: Glaze – Experimental 505 eyes
Creator: Clem Velinov
Price: $73L
KOOQLA @ Euphoria Sale: Mango – Last Night skin
Creator: Rocketta Haven
Price: $99L

Farouche – Vampire & Demon Eyes

Farouche_Vampire & Demon EyesFarouche_Vampire & Demon Eyes_Iris Sizes

Things are a little slow so paid a visit to Farouche!
I saw these two eyes on each side of the doorway & snagged the beauties up.

They are gorgeously glassy with five iris sizes in system versions only.
Great for vampy dolls & demons!

You can also check out the Lucky Boards to win more lovely eyes.
Have fun!

Farouche: Unisex Vampire & Demon eyes
Creator: yumix Rexen
Price: $50L each
Aeva // Heartsick: Kawaii – Lullaby – Vampire & Deity : Djinn : Linear skins
Creator: Amesha Jewel
Price: $50L each (Discount section)
My Ugly Dorothy: Lovely Line06 eyeliner
Creator: Sopha Portal
Price: N/A (unknown if they will be available again)

Curious Kitties – Firework Group Gift

Curious Kitties_August 2013 Group Gift_Fireworks Eyes

New group gift from Curious Kitties!

These very large eyes in reds, pinks & purples come in a system version only and can be used with the Unreal Fuzz Kittenz mesh avatars available in the store.
They will also make great eyes for faefolk & merfolk.

Group is free to join and gift is available at the group gift vendor.
Get it before it switches out in about a week!

Curious Kitties: Firework eyes
Creator: Ameshin Yossarian
Price: $0L (Group gift – free to join)
Alchemy @ We โค Role-Play: Eladie – Pure skin
Creator: nina Helix
Price: $450L (August We โค RP – not open til 3pm SLT 8-4-13)
Krystal @ We โค Role-Play: Neshamah circlet – Rose Gold
Creator: Krystal Jenkins
Price: $99L (August We โค RP – not open til 3pm SLT 8-4-13)

Free Gifts @ SiruMaturi

Hurry to SiriMaturi to grab some free gifts, gachas, & festival shopping!
A lot of Japanese summer festivals have been happening so you don’t want to miss one!


Wooo fancy screenshot of the event above but on to the freebies!

no5_SiruMaturi Festival_Free 3D Glasses - Rising Sun

You can snag these neat 3D glasses by no5 in front of her table.
They are mesh, resize scripted, & can work with the texture change HUDs for sale.
Violetta_SiruMaturi Festival_Free Eye01 Violet Eyes

Violetta has a nice little gift of violet eyes at her booth.
System eyes only in one iris size & are nicely done.

Check out her eye gacha for $25L per play with eleven eyes to win.
ANOMALY_SiruMaturi Festival_Free Mesh - Hi Ge Bu Eyes

I have no idea what it says on these eyes by ANOMALY!
These anime style eyes are mesh only in three colors.
They are no mod, so know that they won’t fit everyone.

The booth also has a gacha for more eyes with sayings at $50L per play.

Many more gifts are at the venue along with gachas, lucky boards, & products.
I saw a good deal of men stuff too! \o/

I have no idea when or if it closes but you should stop by & take a look soon!

Happy shopping!

no5 @ SiruMaturi: 3D Glasses – Rising Sun
Creator: MiVidaLoca5
Price: $0L
My Ugly Dorothy @ Acid Lily Gallery: Berry4 skin
Creator: Sopha Portal
Price: $70L (til 8-17-13)
Violetta @ SiruMaturi: eyes01 Violet
Creator: ShopVioletta
Price: $0L
Violetta: Don’t Cry skin
Creator: ShopVioletta
Price: $0L (Reopening gift)
ANOMALY @ SiruMaturi: Hi Ge Bu mesh eyes
Creator: xSHIGIx
Price: $0L
My Ugly Dorothy @ Acid Lily Gallery: Berry4 skin
Creator: Sopha Portal
Price: $70L (til 8-17-13)

[okkbye] is saying Goodbye!

[okkbye] is retiring all her stuff!
Whether that means she’s closing for good or not, I don’t know, but what I do know is this is your last chance to grab her eyes as they will never be available again……ever.

okkbye_Closing Sale_Wild - Hazel Eyesokkbye_Closing Sale_Wild Eyes

The above Wild eyes come in six natural colors, one iris size, with system & mesh versions.
The mesh eyes are modify, which is great for resizing & fitting.

okkbye_Closing Sale_Incognito Eyes

Incognito eyes were her first eye release.
In thirteen colors, each has one iris size with system & mesh eyes.
The mesh eyes unfortunately are no mod so they won’t fit everybody.

The last eye in the above image is a wearable tester for $10L if you want to try them out.
The tester color is also included the fat pack!

okkbye_Closing Sale_Hypno Toad Eyes

My favorites of the sale, the Hypno Toad eyes! I love the Burtonesque spirls!
They come in four versions with system & mesh eyes.
The mesh eyes say no mod but you can mod them while being worn.

Everything is $60L (except certain fat packs) in the retirement sale.
Lots of freckle & mole layers, makeups, tattoos, cute clothing, & accessories.

You have til June 29th, 2013 to snag up the stuff before it’s gone!

[okkbye]: Wild eyes
Creator: Elisaokkbye
Price: $60L each – $330L fat pack
[okkbye]: Incognito eyes
Creator: Elisaokkbye
Price: $60L each – $370L 6-packs – $599L fat pack (all 13 eyes)
[okkbye]: Hypno Toad eyes
Creator: Elisaokkbye
Price: $60L 4-pack
Natural Beauty (MP): Sissy skin
Creator: Miah McAuley
Price: $0L
[okkbye]: imPERFECTIONS freckles & moles
Creator: Elisaokkbye
Price: $60L
Dead Apples (temp location): Lipgloss
Creator: Soleil Reid
Price: $50L
My Ugly Dorothy: Lovely Line03 eyeliner
Creator: Sopha Portal
Price: N/A (unknown if they will be available again)