Maschinenheim – New Releases

Maschinenheim_Store Gacha_MechanEyezed - Lil' Gearbox - Dark Blood eyes RARE

I wish I could make a machinima to show you how neat these are by Maschinenheim!

These prim eyes have animated sculpted gears and would be perfect for Steampunk themes.
You need to play Stoif’s gacha that he has inworld to get a pair… or more for the gacha addicted.
There are eleven colors to play for, eight common & three rare.
They are transferable so good luck!

Maschinenheim_MechanEyezed - Broken Cemetary Eyes

If gears are not your thing, Stoif has a couple a gothic diorama eyes available.
These eyes have miniature 3D cemetery scenes inside, I’m showing the Broken one.
They are not animated but still very cool!

Be sure to drop by! Have fun!

Maschinenheim: MechanEyezed – Lil’ Gearbox – Dark Blood eyes RARE
Creator: Schdeuph Rosca
Price: $50L per play (store gacha)
Maschinenheim (MP): MechanEyezed – Broken Cemetery eyes
Creator: Schdeuph Rosca
Price: $96L
.daemora (MP): EVE – Bisque skin
Creator: WynXombii
Price: $199L
#adored (MP): Autumn Shadows – cranberry
Creator: Often Adored
Price: $150L fat pack
Glamorize (MP): L.A. Lips – Merlot
Creator: Yoko Leeeroy
Price: $22L fat pack
S*MESH (MP): Steampunk Gear earrings
Creator: Jupi Shinn
Price: $50L (formerly free)


D-Lab @ The Arcade June 2013

D-Lab_Arcade June 2013_Toy Cyborg Eye-Blue

Have you made it into The Arcade yet?
When you do, hit up the gacha by D-Lab!
You could win one of the toy Cyborg eye attachments & other parts.

While this sculpted cybernetic eye looks fairly normal, it holds a surprise!

D-Lab_Arcade June 2013_Toy Cyborg Eye-Blue animated

TA-DA! Click the eye & it extends into a scope & a little animated D-Lab critter pops out with binoculars!
How cute is that?!

Other parts move on touch: rabbit ears, ear covers, & hand claw.
The winged backpacks animate when flying & all parts worn & animated together looks very very cool!
There are five colors: blue, pink, yellow, green, and the rare grey.

Collect them all!

Join The Arcade in-world group to trade your gacha loot!
The Arcade Shopping Guide
Check out the yard sales to find items to complete your collections.
Unaffiliated Yard Sale List on Plurk

Buyer Beware when yard sale shopping & trading, scams do happen!

Event ends June 30th, 2013.

D-Lab @ The Arcade: toy Cyborg eye – Blue & other toy Cyborg parts
Creator: dazai Voom
Price: $25L per play (June 2013 Arcade)
Orc Inc: Blend skin – Grey
Creator: Nicole Twigvald
Price: N/A (not officially released yet)
~*By Snow*~: Cyborlyte – Teal eyes
Creator: Snow Frostwych
Price: $15L

World Goth Fair 2013

The World Goth Fair 2013 is a yearly event to support the Sophie Lancaster Foundation to stamp out hatred & prejudice from looking different than the norm.

Many designers from all over the grid are participating with donation vendors & special offerings.
I’m focusing on the donation vendors featuring eyes, of course!

Please use the links in the credits at the end of the post:

Beautiful Freak_World Goth Fair 2013_Eternal & Living Dead Girl Eyes

Beautiful Freak is featuring two eye lines, plus much more, at her stall!

Beautiful Freak_World Goth Fair 2013_Eternal Eyes

The Sophie – Eternal pack features nine eye colors with system & prim versions in one iris size.
The pack is a 100% donation item.

Beautiful Freak_World Goth Fair 2013_Living Dead Girl 2 & 1 Eyes

Two Chloral – Living Dead Girl packs are also available as 50% donation items.
Each pack has five colors with system & prim version in one iris size only.
Curious Kitties_World Goth Fair 2013_Gothique Queen Eyes

Curious Kitties has an exclusive special edition pair of eyes at the fair.

These are mesh only, rigged, and scripted to be compatible with CK Nyanotech Type B HUDS.
They are a 100% donation item.

Curious Kitties_World Goth Fair 2013_Gothique Queen HUD

There is also a matching Nyanotech Type A+B HUD to purchase separately with two texture choices.
*WARNING* Please make copies of any CK hair & the Gothique Queen eyes prior to using this HUD!
Use the Round buttons on the HUD to change the GQ eyes.

The HUD is fairly expensive for only two choices but goes to a good cause.
It is a 100% donation item, too.
Rue_World Goth Fair 2013_Pluto - Eyes

If you’re not in .{Rue}.‘s group for the Pluto gift, then here are the alternatives!

While not free, Ruina is featuring two Pluto color packs at 50% off!

Rue_World Goth Fair 2013_Pluto - Donation Eyes

Each pack includes five colors in system & mesh versions in one iris size only.
The Japanese Bobtail pack has ravaging reds & the Australian Mist pack has wicked whites.
These are 100% donation items.
Souzou Eien_World Goth Fair 2013_Peer into the Abyss - Blue Eyes

Souzou Eien is featuring a psychedelic fat pack in his donation vendor.

Souzou Eien_World Goth Fair 2013_Peer into the Abyss Eyes

The pack features eight animated vortex type eyes in mesh versions only & bloody tears makeup.
Thinking of whipping through trippy worm holes should give you an idea of what they look like.

There is a minor mistake in the animation script, in Line 4: change the 5 to a 6 then save.
You will have to do that for each eye but it will make the animation smoother.
Good thing the eyes & scripts are Mod!
Another 100% donation item.

The fair is scheduled to end May 31st, 2013

So get your inner goth on & go shopping for dark gothic goodness!

Beautiful Freak @ WGF 2013: Sophie – Eternal & Chloral – Living Dead Girl 2 & 1 eyes
Creator: Axi Kurmin
Price: $150L – $75L each fat pack (100% – 50% Donation)
Plastik @ WGF 2013: Rapture skin
Creator: Aikea Rieko
Price: $1,099L
ellabella @ WGF 2013: Division piercings
Creator: ellantha Larsson
Price: $75L (100% Donation)
Curious Kitties @ WGF 2013: Gothique Queen eyes
Creator: Ameshin Yossarian
Price: $100L (100% Donation)
The Little Bat @ WGF 2013: Sally – Raven Kiss skin
Creator: Drusilla Dethly
Price: $20L per play (gacha/gatcha)
Beautiful Freak @ WGF 2013: Nierika – Living Dead Girl 2 eyeshadow
Creator: Axi Kurmin
Price: $200L fat pack (50% Donation)
Curious Kitties @ WGF 2013: Gothique Rainbow Type A+B HUD
Creator: Ameshin Yossarian
Price: $500L (100% Donation)
.{Rue}. @ WGF 2013: Pluto – Japanese Bobtail & Australian Mist eyes
Creator: Ruina Kessel
Price: $75L each fat pack (100% Donation)
Nuuna @ WGF 2013: Khalida skin
Creator: Nuuna Nitely
Price: $300L (100% Donation)
Souzou Eien @ WGF 2013: Peer into the Abyss eyes & blood makeup
Creator: Draconias Timeless
Price: $200L fat pack (100% Donation)
The Little Bat @ WGF 2013: Sally – Monochrome skin
Creator: Drusilla Dethly
Price: $150L w/clothing (100% Donation)
Souzou Eien @ WGF 2013: Angelus Lapis Silence piercing
Creator: Draconias Timeless
Price: $200L fat pack (100% Donation)
Souzou Eien @ WGF 2013 gacha park: Angelus Lapis Circlet
Creator: Draconias Timeless
Price: $50L per play (50% Donation)

Twisted Hunt Spring 2013

Can you believe I completely forgot about the Twisted Hunt going on this month??
There is one week left for this year’s Spring edition!

Lots of eyes this time so let’s take a look!

The Attic_Twisted Hunt Spring 2013_Twisted Delirium EyesThe Attic_Twisted Hunt Spring 2013_Twisted Delirium mesh Eyes

The Attic has a great hunt prize!
It includes eyes with HUD, a female skin in two tones, and a male skin in three tones.

The eyes are mesh only and uses the HUD to change textures & resize.
Six colors with two pupil sizes & three sclera (eye white) choices.

Souzou Eien_Twisted Hunt Spring 2013_Spiral Eyes

The hunt prize from Souzou Eien may give you vertigo if you stare too long!

These animated spiral eyes are mesh only & come in two metallic colors.

Dare Designs_Twisted Hunt Spring 2013_Daring - Phantom Eyes

Dare Designs has multiple hunt prizes hidden!

One of the prizes contains these dark steely system eyes & a female goth skin with makeup tattoo.
The other prizes (that I found) have colorful makeups & a complete gothic harlequin costume.

Songbird_Twisted Hunt Spring 2013_Deliriums Spiral Eyes

Songbird channeled Tim Burton style swirls for her prize!

The black spiral eyes are mesh only & come with glittery spiral eyeshadow.

Adoness_Twisted Hunt Spring 2013_Carrot Teal Eyes

Adoness has two prizes hidden!
One for regular avies & another for Yabusaka‘s mesh petite avatars.

Both contain these lovely bi-colored eyes in mesh versions only.
Other items in the prizes include a mesh dress for regulars & clothing for petites.

The Twisted Hunt has a reputation for being the hardest hunt in SL so it’s not going to be easy!
No hints are given unless the store chooses to have a hint giver.
So get to looking for those spinning twisted boxes!
Twisted Hunt Participating Merchants List

Hunt ends March 31th, 2013.

Good luck!

The Attic: Twisted Delirium eyes & TwDel Shadow – Porcelain female skin
Creator: Blue Hoisan
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt)
Souzou Eien: Spiral – Gold & Silver eyes
Creator: Draconias Timeless
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt)
Anymore: Eleonor skin
Creator: luciana Button
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt)
Dare Designs: Daring – Phantom eyes, Elsbeth skin, black makeup, & Deliriquin mask tattoo
Creator: Dare Munro
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt)
Songbird: Delirium’s Spiral eyes & eyeshadow
Creator: Nimil Blackflag
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt)
BRAT[inc]/7DS: TwistedHunt01 skin
Creator: AzureFera
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt)
Adoness: Carrot Teal eyes
Creator: Cruella Pennell
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt)
Style by Kira: Kate skin 02 Twisted Hunt – Delirium
Creator: Kira Paderborn
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt)

Somali – Sharingan Gatcha

Somali_Sharingan 01_EyesSomali_Sharingan Gatcha_Eyes

Naruto fanatics, check out the Sharingan gatcha by Somali!

Nine Sharingan types, each are semi-transparent animated mesh overlays.
A grey system base eye is included.
The mesh eyes have a subtle glow, no mod/no copy, but are resize scripted.
If you wear both meshes, the resize scripting will size both at the same time.

Warning! The box says “Add Me!” to receive a folder but don’t!
You’ll get a folder without the eyes in it.
Rez the boxes out & open as would a normal box.

These are transferable so have fun & good luck!

Somali: Sharingan eyes
Creator: xxSOMALIxx
Price: $30L per play (gatcha)
Heaven’s Skin&Shape: Akira GP8000 SP skin
Creator: Heaven Sella
Price: $0L (Group gift – free to join)
KMADD: Naturale prim lashes
Creator: Maddox DuPont
Price: N/A (former hunt gift – check for availability)

TSG Sinners Wrath Hunt

One week left for the The Sinister Goth Sinners Wrath Hunt!

This is a group hunt, you must be a member of The Sinister Goth group to receive the hunt gifts.
Let’s take a look at the eyes in the hunt:

TLB_TSG Sinners Wrath Hunt_Wrath Demon Eyes

The Little Bat‘s hunt gift features an almost complete female demon avatar.
It comes with a skin, wings, horns, tail, clothing, and eyes.

The burning lava-like eyes are system only in one iris size.

Cyrious_TSG Sinners Wrath Hunt_Fire & Ash Eyes

The gift from Cyrious features a partial mesh pose prop altar, sculpted wings with animated textures, and animated eyes.

The eyes come with a dark eye base (not shown) & animated fire prim eyes matching the wings.

AI_TSG Sinners Wrath Hunt_Angelic & Arbiter Eyes

Archeon Industries gift features two system eyes.

One iris size only, one is a heavenly blue & the other a smouldering ember.

Hurry to join The Sinister Goth group & do the hunt before it ends!
Hunt Hints & Links
Hunt ends January 31st.

The Little Bat: Wrath Demon eyes & skin
Creator: Drusilla Dethly
Price: $0L (TSG group hunt – free to join)
Cyrious: Fire & Ash eyes
Creator: Nedria Cyr
Price: $0L (TSG group hunt – free to join)
BRAT[inc]: Wrath hunt skin
Creator: AzureFera
Price: $0L (TSG group hunt – free to join)
Archeon Industries: Angelic & Arbiter eyes
Creator: Prometheus Daines
Price: $0L (TSG group hunt – free to join)
Pysch0: Una (Frozen) skin
Creator: Psych0 Starship
Price: $0L (TSG group hunt – free to join)

Birth – High Voltage Hunt Gift

Birth‘s gift for the High Voltage Hunt is “magik”!
Two eyes in two sizes with animated prim eyes & a hud to control the spin & speed.
I zoomed in so you could see the magik runes.
It’s important to note the system eyes do not have the runes.
The hunt ends May 31st, 2012.

Birth: Horizon eyes – Magik Ethereal & Iceblast
Creator: Silent Alchemi
Price: $0L (High Voltage Hunt gift)
Mynerva: Cynthias Sister skin
Creator: Rhapzody Wilde
Price: $100L – $300L (Bargain room)
Glamorize (MP store): Starbright eye makeup
Creator: Yoko Leeeroy
Price: $12L fat pack