aii & Chop Shop! @ Enchantment

Enchantment will open to the public at 12 pm SLT!
The theme is “Little Red Riding Hood” so count on lots of red, hoods, baskets, & wolfy items from some of the best creators on the grid!

Aii_Enchantment Febuary 2014_Such Big Eyes - RedAii_Enchantment Febuary 2014_Such Big Eyes

I love stuff from {aii} & she doesn’t disappoint at Enchantment!

She has two pairs of wolfy eyes in red & yellow at her booth.
Each are system & one iris size only & come with three sets of glow prims.
The glow prims range from subtle to strong & make the eyes really pop.

My….such big eyes I have indeed!

{aii} @ Enchantment: Such Big Eyes Eyes
Creator: PrincessAii
Price: $25L each
.Birdy. @ Enchantment: Red skin – Dusk
Creator: nina Helix
Price: $599L (Enchantment limited edition)
Chop Shop_Enchantment Febuary 2014_Enchantment Eyes - The WolfChop Shop_Enchantment Febuary 2014_Enchantment Eyes

Chop Shop! has an awesome wolfy assortment at her booth!

Six pairs of fantasy eyes with system & mesh in one iris size.
These have very large irises & can be used for many different fantasy types.
They are also transferable so if you get the fat pack, you can give someone a gift!

All the better to see you with, my dear!

Chop Shop! @ Enchantment: Enchantment eyes
Creator: Asylum Utherwurldly
Price: $50L each – $250L fat pack
.Birdy. @ Enchantment: Red skin – Dusk (shown with included scar)
Creator: nina Helix
Price: $599L (Enchantment limited edition)

Enchantment is huge this time, you must not miss this event!

Grab your hood & basket & watch out for wolves!


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