IM CaPPed @ Fecal Festival

IM CaPPed_The Fecal Festival_Soul Windows - Frizzante - Prosecco Eyes

IM CaPPed has a “stall” at the Fecal Festival!
It’s not about poop like it sounds, the festival celebrates colors associated with the bathroom.
So count on lots of brown and giant rolls of pink toilet paper!

IM CaPPed_The Fecal Festival_Assorted Eyes

Victoria has a selection of various brown hued eyes in different styles.
All are system eyes & many have have light & dark scleras included.
Most of the irises are large size.
They’re only $2L each, so if you’re a lover of brown eyes, add these to your collection.

Lots of jewelry, decor, furniture, and more are at this small shopping event!
Event ends January 24th, 2014.

Don’t forget to wash your hands! ;D

IM CaPPed @ Fecal Festival: Soul Windows – Frizzante – Prosecco eyes
Creator: Victoria Bazylinski
Price: $2L
Mercury Shop (MP): Alice skin
Creator: AlMercury
Price: $19L
Alaskametro (MP): Model Pout alpha & tattoo
Creator: Alaska Metropolitan
Price: $0L
Two Sisters Treasures @ Fecal Festival: Rachel’s Riches Topaz & Amber Garnet earrings
Creator: Arabella Bellios
Price: $25L


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