The Skinnery @ The Chapter Four

theSkinnery_Chapter 4 January 2014_Obscurity - 3 Eyes

The Skinnery has come out with new gacha at The Chapter Four!
These are very different from her realistic Lovers & Maple eyes.
They have a Barbie doll type iris, very simplified & toonish, combined with a realistic sclera.

Obscurity eyes gatcha chart

There are twenty colors, 17 common & 3 rare, with system & mesh versions in one iris size.
Gacha price is $50L per spin.
A little warning, these are only transferable after opening & removing the no-trans alpha eye mask.

Happy shopping & Good Luck!

The Skinnery @ Chapter 4: Obscurity – 3 eyes
Creator: Umazuma Metaluna
Price: $50L per play (Chapter 4 gacha)
New Faces @ Chapter 4: Ellona (ivory) skin
Creator: Gwen Aloix
Price: $300L (Chapter 4 50% Off)


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