Chop Shop – Oh My Gacha! 2014

Chop Shop_OMGacha 2014_Little Angel - Iced Rare Eyes


Oh My Gacha! officially opened today and Chop Shop has a brand new gacha there!

I got lucky again with the Little Angel – Iced Rare on the third spin!
Each eye comes with system & mesh versions in one iris size.
Eight commons & four rare colors to play for at only $50L per spin.

OMG! Oh My Gatcha Items

Many more awesome gacha with wonderful prizes are at the event to win for the new year!
Good Luck!

Chop Shop @ OMGacha: Little Angel – Iced RARE eyes
Creator: Asylum Utherwurldly
Price: $50L per play
Mystic Canvass @ OMGacha: Hera Snow – Cyan skin
Creator: Lara Darkbyrd
Price: $70L per play
Keystone @ OMGacha: Lynthia’s Jewel – Silver x Onyx Rare
Creator: Aymee Monk
Price: $50L per play


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