Silken Moon – KittyCatS Advent Eyes

Silken Moon_KittyCatS Advent 2013_Superbeast  - Forest EyesSilken Moon_KittyCatS Advent 2013_Superbeast Eyes

Today is the last day for most Advent calendars!
Be sure to hit on the KittyCatS Advent Calendar for kitty themed gifts!

Silken Moon has four dark cats eyes in her KittyCatS Advent gift.
They are system only & have large irises.
The gift also contains a tintable eyeshadow, eyeliner, & cute cathose.

This Advent calendar is free for all & filled with great gifts!
Past days gifts are still available but you can only get a gift one time only from each door.

Hurry to get your gifts & Merry Christmas Eve!

Silken Moon @ KittyCatS Advent: Superbeast eyes
Creator: Malicia Python
Price: $0L (Advent calendar gift)
.ploom. @ KittyCatS Advent: Maia – Frosty skin
Creator: Helyanwe Vindaloo
Price: $0L (Advent calendar gift)
Adore&Abhor @ KittyCatS Advent: Star Blush & Whiskers Liners – Pink Chateau
Creator: Sileny Noel
Price: $0L (Advent calendar gifts)


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