Dulce Secrets – Nocturn Eyes @ SYSP

Dulce Secrets_SYSP Oct 2013_Nocturn Zombie Eyes

Looky at these ghostly pale eyes by Dulce Secrets at this month’s Structure Your Skin Project!

The eyes come in two sclera variations, one whiter & the other with redder veins (shown).
In system & mesh versions, there are two types of mesh contacts.
The “mesh pupils” can be worn over a system eye base & “mesh eyes” cover the default system eyeballs.

They can look spooky or ethereal depending on what type of avatar you wear.

Happy Halloween season!

Dulce Secrets @ SYSP: Nocturn Zombie eyes
Creator: AnneAlyce Maertens
Price: $99L (SYSP Oct. 2013)
Deluxe Body Factory @ SYSP: Opal – Porcelain skin
Creator: Lutricia Roux
Price: $99L (SYSP Oct. 2013)
. a i s l i n g. @ FGC: Xanthe -N3- Black face chains
Creator: Druunah Esharham
Price: $50L per play (Fantasy Gacha Carnival Oct. 2013)


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