The Wash Cart Sale Sept. 2013

Visit The Wash Biannual Cart Sale where everything is $10L or less!

A few eyes are available at the sale so let’s take a look:
Evilkyoot_The Wash Cart Sale Sept 2013_Aquamarine Splash EyesEvilkyoot_The Wash Cart Sale Sept 2013_Aquamarine & Amethyst Splash Eyes

Evilkyoot’s cart is featuring Splash neko eyes in multicolors.
Each has light & dark sclera versions in system only.
Colors are being switched out during the sale to check often!

Kirei @ The Wash: Nonami – Blue skin
Creator: Nya Alchemi
Price: $10L (Sept. 2013 Cart Sale)
Kirei_The Wash Cart Sale Sept 2013_Lumi - Blue & Green Eyes

Kirei’s cart has these two pairs of pretty system only Lumi eyes in green & blue.

Aeva//Heartsick @ The Wash: Lumi – Love Haze tone 4 skin
Creator: Amesha Jewell
Price: $10L (Sept. 2013 Cart Sale)
Krystal @ The Wash: Glorious Cross – Rose Gold jewelry
Creator: Krystal Jenkins
Price: $10L (Sept. 2013 Cart Sale)
la petite morte_The Wash Cart Sale Sept 2013_Clarity - Yellow Eyes

la petite morte’s cart showcases her Clarity eyes in yellow.
They come with system & mesh versions.

la petite morte @ The Wash: Iris t2 the wash edition skin
Creator: Voshie Paine
Price: $10L (Sept. 2013 Cart Sale)

Everything at the cat sale is only $10L!
Grab some awesome deals on mesh clothing, home & garden, accessories, & more!

Sale ends September 25th, 2013.
Happy shopping!


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