Twisted Hunt Fall 2013 – Part I

Twisted Hunt Fall 2013 hunt prizes!

Goth1c0_Twisted Hunt Sept 2013_Scary Eyes

Goth1c0‘s Twisted hunt prize is the evil clown makeup with a Victorian clown collar & tophat!
The equally twisted eyes & clown nose are part of the in-store Carnevil hunt, a Twisted Hunt extra.
The eyes come with system & prim versions.
The Attic_Twisted Hunt_Sept 2013_Twisted Carnie EyesThe Attic_Twisted Hunt Sept 2013_Twisted Carnie Eyes

The Attic‘s prize features mesh only eyes HUD & female clowny skin in three tones & two makeups.
The eyes use a HUD with three irises, four scleras, color tint selector, & resize options.
ODB_Twisted Hunt Sept 2013_Twisted Clown Eyes

Ol’Dirty Bastards, a mainstay for creepy clown creations, presents matching twisted clown skins & system only eyes for men & women!
Rotten Toe_Twisted Hunt Sept 2013_Zombie Eyes

Rotten Toe‘s prize contains these system only zombie eyes plus a bloody “harlequim” mesh dress.

Style by Kira: Giada – Sad Clown 01 skin
Creator: Kira Paderborn
Price: $0L (Twisted Hunt Fall 2013)

The Twisted Hunt Fall 2013 lasts for the entire month of September.
So get to looking for those twisted boxes til your eyes bleed!
Twisted Fall 2013 Merchant List

Part II will be coming up soon…
Have fun & happy hunting!


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