Real Eyes – Intense Black Group MM

Real Eyes_MM Board_Sclera Intense Black Eyes

Aire of Real Eyes changed her group exclusive Midnight Mania boards!

Three MM boards are open for group members only to slap.
One of them features high gloss inky black system only eyes from her Sclera series.

The other two boards feature a scrolled face tattoo (shown) & elegant animated fireplace.
Only 20 slaps needed to lock the boards.

Group is free to join so get slappin’!

Real Eyes: Sclera Intense Black eyes & Dragon’s Breath face tattoo
Creator: Aire Xaris
Price: $0L (Group MM boards – free to join)
Nomine (MP): Nephilim – Opiate Opium skin
Creator: Munchflower Zaius
Price: $100L (last day of sale 8-25-13 – Reg. price – $500L)
Maxi Gossamer: Bridget’s Faith Heart earrings
Creator: Maxi Gossamer
Price: N/A (former Limited Bazaar item – usually re-released later on)


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