MENstuff Hunt 2013

Just a couple of things from the MENstuff Hunt 2013 as I have not gone through it completely.
With almost 150 designers participating, it’s one of the most anticipated hunts of the year for men!

KMADD_MENstuff Hunt 2013_FROST - Pale Frost & Cold Sky Eyes

I can always count on KMADD for awesome hunt gifts!

This gift contains two piercing eyes in system only & one iris size & two full sets of hair & hairbases.
RUBY_MENstuff Hunt 2013_Sarge - Real Eyes Turquoise

RUBY Skins can be counted on for quality mature/older skins for those not afraid to show a little age.

This hunt gift features a rugged ex-marine Sargent avatar with skin, shape, patriotic boxers, & eyes.
The eyes are a dull greyish turquoise in system version only.

Oh yes, he comes with a smoking cigar & a marine logo tattoo on his chest, SEMPER FI!

I am sure I missed quite bunch but this gives you just a tiny taste for what you can find!

MENstuff Hunt 2013 Slurls & Hints

Hunt ends September 3rd, 2013 so pace yourself out there, guys.
Happy Hunting!

KMADD: FROST – Pale Frost & Cold Sky eyes
Creator: Maddox Dupont
Price: $0L (MENstuff Hunt 2013)
LaVie: Santino skin
Creator: Pompeja Rossini
Price: $0L (MENstuff Hunt 2013)
Jaryth’s Barber Shop: Rocker Chops facial hair
Creator: Jarythe
Price: $0L (MENstuff Hunt 2013)
RUBY Skins: Sarge avatar w/eyes
Creator: Carmella Ruby
Price: $0L (MENstuff Hunt 2013)


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