Step inSide is Stepping Out

Step inSide_Closing Sale_Deepness Eyes 20Step inSide_Closing Sale_Assorted Deepness Eyes

Seems every day, long established creators take their leave from Second Life for various reasons.
Sadly, it’s time to say farewell to Step inSide as she’s stepping out to focus on real life.

Lany is holding a “Farewell sale” with 50-80% off all her skins & apparel including these lovely eyes.
I’ve selected my favorites for close-up view so you can see the details.

Step inSide_Closing Sale_Deepness Eyes Display

The eyes have subtle highlights & streaks of color in system versions with one iris size only.
There are twenty colors to choose from with dark & light tones to suit any gender.

The sale with last til July 31st, 2013 & will be your last chance to have Lany’s wonderful work.

Wishing Lany the best in her new ventures! ❤

Step inSide: Deepness eyes
Creator: Lany Jun
Price: $30L each
Step inSide: Ceara skin
Creator: Lany Jun
Price: $400L each skin tone w/makeups pack


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